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My Gixxer 6ixxer

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by MelbourneMick, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. My new 2011 GSXR 600
    Purchase from - Byrners in Seaford
    Mods and bling by - Sixty Degrees Motorcycles Notting Hill
    Ridden by - a short fat bloke with a grin as big as Luna Park


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  2. a few more

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  3. Very very nice! How much did that set you back?
  4. colour me jealous. Nice choice
  5. 3 Donkeys, my brothers first born and my left testicle

    Let's just say Byrners will do a good deal and provided me with excellent service when purchasing. They gave me a good trade in price and were actually the only bike shop to walk outside and look at my trade in bike. The other 5 bikes shops weren't interested.
    Other things worked in my favour, like being a 2011 model and the 2012 are out plus it being end of financial year...it was a buyers market.
  6. Nice lookin toy Mick, so wheres the missus sleeping nowadays?
    Now let us in on it, is it true?
    Once you have black you never go back? lol
    Noticed in pic 2, left mirror, you were only in your t-shirt, dude let the bike be comfy within its new surrounds before 'pouncing' on it lol
    Congrats again Mick, enjoy :)
  7. What you have never taken pics of your bike seminaked?

    well she has already nicknamed the bike T.C. (The Competition) hahaha

    ,mate there were far too many new white bikes stinkin' up the joint so Ultram and myself have taken it upon ourselves to balance the universe.
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  8. Love everything about it......good job MickyBoy
  9. Point 1. All naked or nuthin [dont be such a pussy]
    Point 2. TC, The C*#t could be another translation, but we wont go there :)
    Point 3. Good to see, innovators not imitators :)
  10. cheers fella. i like shiny things
  11. Nice! congrats :) looks sick in black :D
  12. Nice one Mick, and I know it looks awesome in the flesh too (y)
  13. looks like a bigger bike in black, or is that just me?

    nice anyway (y)
  14. Well done Mick, welcome to the wonderful world of gixxers :D. Looks pretty good and like the shorty levers.
  15. Woo Hoo... NICE Choice there MM! Congrats again! (y)

    As said before - Black is BEAUTIFUL! :D
  16. Could be just your but the tank does make them look bigger than what they are.
  17. great bike mick
  18. Yeah i got Pazzo levers put on as i don't have a massive hand span and the stock levers are like driving my old 1974 XB Falcon Column shift.
    The are well worth it.
  19. I would 'Nod' all of you but my helmet not button thing seems to have gone. Done this mean once you get a Gixxer you are considered a SQUID and the Helmet button is removed? hahaha
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  20. Mick tell me that XB Falcon of yours isn't a ute ! I LOVED my XB ute !

    Well I'll swap that bike of yours for these shiny beads....