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Featured VIC My "Girls only" Track Day Experience

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by PSYKC, Oct 2, 2016.

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    So, my perceptions of the day!
    1 Oct 2016 BroadyGirls only a Track Day
    (Hope you enjoy the read jonnymacjonnymac and PetesulPetesul and anyone else whose bored on a Sunday night and of course any girls considering a track day!)

    Headed to Broady nice and early! There by 7.30!!! Since I didn't really know where to go, having only done a training day at the track previously I headed straight to Shed A which is how it rolled on the Honda training day!

    Not sure that was the best move! Think the pro's were located here, complete with trailers, track bikes and tire warmers!

    Tried to fit in! Lol, that was never gunna happen so headed off to get registered!

    Second newbie mistake. While registering I didn't realise that I had to pay cash on the day ( No Card / Eftpos facility! WTF??? It's the 21 century isn't it?!? Anyone know that everyone's phone is now capable of basic transactions!!!?!)
    Anyway no room for negotiation and I was swiftly ordered to head to the nearest ATM and return with the necessary cash, or the day wasn't not gunna happen for me!

    More oops, more nerves! And the Duchess roared off in all her glory, like I needed to attract more attention! When heading off there was the tiniest voice in me that said, hit the road babe and don't look back, this is not for you! Luckily I had my support crew coming and knew I couldn't let them down so I had to keep my game face on!

    Ok, back to shed A, all cashed up! My partners in crime (Fr33dmFr33dm and GoldenberriGoldenberri)still nowhere to be found and it's now 8.30! Squeak! (The voice that goes off in my head when I feel like a little mouse poking her head out into the big world!)

    Time for a pee and a stiff coffee and a check to see if I could find my girls! Ahhh, coffee in hand I spot them! My face lights up! Sooo glad you are here ladies! No hesitation in bringing my bike down to Shed B on invitation! The Duchess once again roars into action and beetles off to the the minions below! Here things seem slightly less tense with kids running around and everyone seeming to take the day in their stride! Lots of people happy to offer advice and wishing us well!

    Ok, I'm ready! Time for briefing! A bit light on in my humble opinion but hey, what do I know I'm just the new kid!

    Finally it's time to get on the track! That's what I'm really here for afterall right! And was it worth it! Fuk yeah!!! That track is awesome! Just me and the bike! Like a private dance and a beautifully smooth dance floor! The more in sync we were, the better the dance! There is no better feeling!

    Roll back into the pits first round down and you can't wipe the smile off my face! It was unreal! Amazing! And you really need that break to let the adrenaline leach out of your muscles before doing it all over again!!!

    And I'm really trying to keep this post positive because I really did love it! But was I a little surprised by the day?

    Sadly yes! I think what struck me most about it is the difference between how men and women seem to handle such activities! Yes, there were absolutely lovely and welcoming ladies there but for the most part each lady had a crew of MEN helping them out! Now, I don't want to climb on the feminist bandwagon but surely if I gunna be a chic on a bike I should learn how to get my bike on an off a trailer! And sure there is a weight difference, so why aren't women helping women get each other's bikes off trailers! Honestly I had the feeling that if I'd have asked for that kinda help I would've been given the greasy eye!!! Is that the case with boys too! Really? Don't believe it and just don't see it! Boys are just much better team players IMHO.!!!

    Well unfortunately I am not going away! Tracks are gunna be a part of my life and somehow I will fit in, just not sure if I am gunna do it by recruiting my own trusty support team who look bored as batshit while the girls take to the track, or lead the charge for a little more inclusivity and let's face it ladies, a little more independence from the boys!!!

    Thanks to my pit crew Fr33dmFr33dm and GoldenberriGoldenberri for a great day and who provided heaps of laughs, great food and I'm sure would've had no problem negotiating bikes on and off the trailer with me, taped their own bikes and fitted their own tire warmers!
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  2. Fantastic write up! Interesting that you almost kept riding AWAY when you had to go get cash!! Not you, PSYKCPSYKC, I couldn't imagine you doing that!

    I loved that we knew how to remove our own mirrors and get our bikes ready. I loved that the shed Fr33dmFr33dm and I landed in was full of really helpful people to show us newbies around and give us tips and you found us. I loved having you and Fr33dmFr33dm there as my riding buddies. I loved that we knew our limits, and that last session when I was sure there was going to be a scraped peg involved I remember thinking..."That's enough. You're tired and getting over confident." :sneaky:

    We did ourselves proud. The chicken strips prove it! :cat: xx
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  3. Lol! Leaving was only the briefest of thoughts! Imagine what I would've missed out on! Had a ball! Got my crew in the two of you so hope we can do it again! :)
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  4. Sometimes if we help and do things we are patronizing, then if we don't help we are misogynistic bastards, can't win either way, if you would like help then please ask, otherwise we might find something else to do, we will take the lead from you ladies, hints often don't work as we do not wish to offend(or tangle)with feminists
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  5. I think it's more a dig at the ladies and how we really ought to get more involved with our own bikes and not simply rely on the fellas. Guilty as charged o_O
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    Sorry, was taken to task by a "lady" a little while ago for holding a door open for her "as being a lowly female she obviously couldn't open it all by herself" some days you don't quite know what to do especially with female Gen Y uni students
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  7. This is absolutely not aimed at the guys but I did expect someone to make the comment!

    The guys were great! Really supportive of their wives, enthusiastic, helpful and friendly but it just seemed like they're was a reliance on everyone's own team rather than the girls learning from one another! Just one chic's observation! What do I know, maybe the boys are the same! Although I'd be surprised to find a guy turning to his wife and asking for bike advice!
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  8. Great work ladies, sounds like a cracking day.
    You can't beat the buzz of those first few sessions / track days. Glad you all had fun. i'll give you all 12 months before you're in Shed A .......................:whistle:
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  9. Excellent write up PSYKCPSYKC, I'm still pinching myself that I did a track day :woot:! I totally agree, it was amazing, thank you so much for making it happen, without your and GoldenberriGoldenberri's encouragement and support I wouldn't have done it.

    I found it way too laid back. When GoldenberriGoldenberri and I turned up, the place looked dead, and we didn't know where to go, so we rode "to the left because we could". And then after the briefing we were left with more questions then answers. What I did find great was the support of other riders. Everyone was so helpful and forthcoming with info on anything from housekeeping to "that corner".

    I think once you know your way around, it is a well organised day, and everything makes sense. And you are right, once you get on that stunning strip of tarmac, you are in motorcycle heaven.... All anxiety and self-consciousness melts away, and you are left with a clear mind, your bike and that brilliant corner..... I never imagined that riding on a track can be so...so exciting and liberating!

    I learned heaps, I discovered what a beautiful machine my bike is and felt how much more it is capable of! And I know how lucky I am to have such amazing friends and my "pit crew", you both rock!!! Wish I lived closer.... If stars align just the way I planned, I will halve my distance to that track. I look forward to having another go.
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  10. Heaps of fun. The only reason I don't do it now is that I can't afford to replace the Z if I throw her down the track.

    I've been fortunate that I've had help when I've gone. The guys helping me have been great. I'd never get the bike back on the trailer without them. I'd have to "drive" it up, and that's fraught with peril for a klutz like me..

    If I had my own trailer, I'd get a really low one made - one like the Citylink recovery guys have. Managed to roll the bike (VTR back then) up onto that really easily by myself.
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  11. Tried to find a name for us!

    Settled for "pit crew"! Lol!!!

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  12. Cheap track bike?
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  13. OH i am SO pumped now for the 9th !! Thanks for the write up ladies Fr33dmFr33dm , PSYKCPSYKC & GoldenberriGoldenberri read with much gusto :ROFLMAO: . Glad that it all went happy as larry for the day and it sounds like you guys got so many learnings out of it. You'll have quite a bit of percolating to do and many skills to now put down onto your own everyday riding :) :woot:(y)
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  14. You're gunna love it!!!

    Expect to hear all about it! ;)

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  15. Well aren't you ladies just awesome!!!!!

    Great work out there, I'm super glad you all had fun and came home in one piece. That must be the difference between boys and girls I crashed on my first track day.

    My ambition outweighed my talent.

    For me personally one of the major things of a track day is it allows you in a safe environment to learn their bikes capabilities and regardless if you do or don't turn into a track junkie it makes you a safer road rider.

    As far as the whole scenario of the rider briefing was it an MA day or Champions. From the relaxed atmosphere you speak of I would call MA I think you'll find a Champions or Mega ride day would be more informative and structured.
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  16. Congratulations, ladies!! Next time we ride with you you'll be rounding us up round the outside of the corners, dragging your pegs in the gravel!!!!
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  17. Awesome, great to see some more lady track junkies in the making. Sounds and looked like you all had a brilliant day out and all credit to you for taking that step, as initially it's quite a daunting decision to hit the track.
    Will have to say hi the next time I see you all having a blast there but I'm a lot on the shy side. Just glad you all had an awesome day, it really is a huge buzz. :)
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  18. Just picking up on that......
    Stay Upright now do classroom information sessions between track sessions. I think it's a great idea, especially for any riders who haven't got the coin or inclination to do CSS.
    They round up white and yellow groups, run through body positioning, gear selection, lines, etc.

    Not sure if Mega or Champions do that, but i'd certainly be pushing for it. My mate who came down from Qld to do SMSP the other week for the first time found it very informative and helpful.
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  19. That RVF looks familiar MouzeMouze , were you there on Saturday and if so, didn't I (and PSYKCPSYKC) ask you about the bike as you were loading it up on the trailer in the car park?
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  20. Oh cool, yes I was there and did get to talk to you both. Just as well you were talking about bikes or I'd have probably clammed up otherwise. Nice to meet you, you're the first Netriders I've met. Next time I'll definitely come and say hi then. :)
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