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My girlfriend just got her L’s and I am looking for a bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by lord nykon, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. She is 152 cm tall and she wants a sporty bike.

    The problem is she hasn’t really ridden much and I want some thing for her to lurn on I did find a little pegsta that she was interested in but that was mainly cause she could easily touch the ground on it.

    So what would (you) suggest as a first bike for a short girl????

  2. Cbr250 easy for short people to ride, if the bike is still to high you could lower the rear a bit.
  3. Or Sculpt the seat.

  4. Your GF is the same height as mine. She has two bikes Bowell MIO 100 cc scoot & her touring / country run bike, Aprilia Sportcity 200cc.

    The MIO 100 she can get both feet touching the ground, balls of her feet.
    The Aprilia is still too high for her. Tip of one toe,one foot only toughing the ground at anytime. We'll be getting a complete seat mod done soon for this bilke.

    The smaller bike will do 80K comfortably without going in to hemorage mode, although not so stable at this speed due to the small wheel size, less gyro effect.

    The little MIO 100 is a good cheap starter for sure. What did she do her test on?

    The Aprilia looks sporty front on. It looks good in Black. But both are scoots therefore sporty might not be exactly in the equasion here.
    Not withstanding all of this both are bludge amatics.
  5. get her to sit on a kwakka GPX250, it's thin, light and fairly low and is able to hit highway speeds if she decides she likes it after her p's. If need be, she can get it lowered somewhat.
  6. your GF is only a couple of cm's less then my height

    I ride the GPX250r and I can easily put both feet flat on the ground and stand up as well

    great bike for learning, very Maneuverable and light enough for her to not worry too much about dropping it due to size and weight

    Phil just upgraded to a V-Strom 650 and now my GPX looks really really tiny beside it :shock:

    I love my GPX

  7. What about something like an nsr150?
  8. my gf is about the same height and she rides a suzuki gsx250f..

    nice bike to learn on, and can be handled very easily....

    shes selling it actually.... if ur interested... :LOL:
  9. The best thing is to go out and sit on as many different bikes as possable. We spent months looking for Nadeen (148cm) and the only bike she felt comfortable on regarding ground height / weight etc was the 250 Virago. So thats what she got.
    Now that she is alittle more experianced and wanted to upgrade, we hit the same problem, being able to hold the bike up at lights with those short ( but sexy little legs ), so after alot of looking the only option again was an upgrade to an 1100 virago :twisted:

    Ps: the 250 is still in mah garage waiting for a new owner

    :LOL: :p
  10. Hi,

    Yeah I suffer the same problem being only 5' nothing.. never before in my life has it worried me being short, til I started riding. :( Anyways I ride a Honda Spada.. great learners bike. Being a naked sports bike, trust me, they can take a bit of abuse too.. :shock: and no fairings to damage if they are dropped! I can touch the ground comfortably with the balls of my feet, and I find when I am stopped at lights I can get one foot flat. I can manoever her quite well in car parks as long as I don't have to back her uphill.. :shock: And she travels along easily at speed limits (hehe and a bit over too! :) shhhh!).

    I am looking to upgrade soon and have pretty much accepted the fact I will probably have to get my next bike lowered :(.. I have sat on quite a few bigger bikes, can get them off the stand ok and balance them well, but it is the manoevering them when they are not going that will be the issue.. :(

    Good luck..
  11. I'm ten cms taller than her & can hardly touch the ground on my NSR150.

    CBRs are actually shorter, funnily enough!
  12. Congrats to your g/friend on getting her learners.. :grin:
    i'm about the same height as her and find my gpx 250 an awesome bike.
    Have no trouble with getting my feet on the ground when i'm sitting on it, also find it good to manouver when i'm in traffic or parking it...... :grin:
    :moped: got my learners on one of these......now it's :biker: love my bike...... lizzie
  13. I put up a mates GPX in the FS section

    I would say she's about 150cm tall and doesnt have a problem riding it!
  14. Get her to go out there and sit on and try as many bikes as possible.

    My better half is five foot nothing and found no sport bikes were comfortable for her to touch flat footed, even the virago was heavy and "tall" (wide seat).

    The ones that came close for her were the CBR,FZR and RS125.

    Then you go to scooters, only looking at 100cc scooters they were a struggle but possible.
  15. i have an RS 125 and had a gpx250 as well...im only 5'5 n i found both were just right for my height. both are light and easy to handle and can reach the ground fairly comfortably.
    if you're interested in a RS 125, im selling mine as it's time for an upgrade.