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My girlfriend is amazing.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cejay, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. I would say that, wouldn't I?

    When Lizzy lived in Melbourne, she once had a little 150cc scooter. She had a full licence, but didn't ride it much and sold it when she did a 3mth trip to S.E Asia. And when she did ride it, it was all suburban stuff around Port Melbourne. So not exactly a hardened rider then.

    Lizzy has always wanted to get another scooter and rides out with me and Scumbag as pillion wetted her appetite. Before she road on the back of Scummie's ST2, she'd never been on the back of a bike. The ST is comfy (way more than the Aprilia), but Scumbag is a nutter. We went on a tour to the Snowies for NY2007 and Scumbag doesn't do slow. We had an amazing time and despite being nervous about my lovely GF on the back of Scumbags bike, it didn't stop us riding like loons.

    We've done other trips, all using the armchair that is the ST2, but Lizzy, now with all the riding gear again kept talking about another bike. Living in Port Melbourne with no garage always seemed to be the problem.

    Fast forward to Cairns. We have a 4BR house with a nice lockup garage. No reason now not to get another scooter. Except price and availability. Cairns is a hot market for 50cc and 125cc scooters, but there's no way I'd want one of those around. Too dangerous for my thinking.

    250's and above are around, but rare. And Lizzy loves the traditional Vespa style, but these come at a price. So nothing happened until last Sunday. We were perusing the bike ads, as you do. And then we stumbled on a 2006 GTS250ie, 463km old! The bike had been bought for his partner, but she didn't ride it and so he advertised it. $6k was agreed, above book, but the market is small, so the deal was done (12mths rego included).

    But....the bike is in Brisbane. No problem, I'll fly down and ride it back. Worst case, we'll get a transport company to bring it back. But Liz thinks, hang on, it's a long weekend, she'll ride it. Yup, Brisbane to Cairns is over 1600km. In 3 days....gulp.

    Once Liz gets an idea, it's going to happen. So, despite not having ridden for over 3yrs and then, the experience stretched to Port Melbourne and 70kmh tops, it was agreed. We thought, worst comes to the worst, I can drive down and do the last bits, but this wasn't the plan.

    Luckily swine flu came to Cairns and Lizzie's school in particular and the school was closed and the staff and kids sent home. Flights were changed and the 3 day marathon became a 4 day long distance event. Schedules slightly changed, Lizzy flew off on Friday AM.

    First night stop was at Childers, 329km. Not bad for a late start (the 6am flight was delayed due to fog at Brisbane airport).

    Next night was Childers to Marlborough, that's 429km.

    Today was to Bowen, a breeze at 420km.

    Tomorrow I am driving to Ingham and will do the last 211km back. Liz is totally pooped and I am so amazed. That would be 1471km for Liz in just on 3 and a bit days.

    Now to book the 1st service in for this week....
  2. We are not amused.
  3. She's coming to get you Rog! Boots and all.
  4. Now THAT'S a baptism of fire!!!! Goodoner!!
  5. Good effort. I'll bet she's stoked with the adventure.
  6. Does she have those Spurs on?

  7. She is! There are hardened bikers I know who wouldn't do that trip, especially not on a scooter.

    Paul, you're right, a heck of an initiation!
  8. Oh yeah!
  9. Great Effort. :grin: Good read.
  10. I love that lady. Get the bubble bath ready for when she arrives you insolent swine.

    Seriously, 1400kms on a scooter? Homos who brag about 500km weekends on a tourer should be walked up your street, naked, with a sign - "Can't ride for shit!" around their necks.

    Tell her Mel and Jake thinks she's awesome :grin:
  11. give that girl an iron butt award.
    well done
  12. Full marks!

    Reminds me of my own days on Ls, doing Bristol to Newcastle on a C90 Step-Thru.

    Bloody good effort for a relative novice :grin: .
  13. The Bruce HWY is bad enough on a big bike let alone a scooter

    well done!!!!! :applause: :applause: :applause:
  14. That's quite an effort! Well bloody done!!
  15. What a trooper you have there, Cliff.
    A keeper I reckon. Just be aware of the consequences of a significant other that "Takes care of business" with such passion. ;) :p
  16. GIRL POWER!!! Awesome stuff!! :grin:
  17. Now you are getting silly.
  18. 1600km. In 4 days on a 250 Is a rough call…
    But on that little thing.
    It sounds like a back breaking ordeal.
    Full Points to Lizzy.

  19. or just give her the iron while your out riding :grin:
  20. well done Liz

    :moped: :applause: