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My girl....sexy as hell :)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by jordy, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. had her for a few months now...still smile every time i look at her!


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  2. Is that not a generic Japanese Suzuki ?
    You obviously crack a smile easily.

    And by the way, it's butt ugly to my eye.
  3. dont listen jordy are those pipes strait throughs ?
  4. Way to rain on his parade, douchebag.

    Looks the goods, mate. That pipe must be bloody loud!
  5. hahahah...far from raining on my parade...once his head comes out of his ass he might actually be normal...butt ugly comment probably comes from mummy saying it to him...
    yeah they WERE insanely loud Mitch...however had a few of my engineering mates design some plates to go over the silencers I HAD to put on them...sounds a little quieter...dont know what else to do...love the look !
  6. nah mate...just slip ons...
  7. Jordy,
    I had the GP-1 slip-on on a former K7 Gixxer750, and THAT looked nuts... now your 'twin smoking missile barrels' are something else....
    I wish the K5 could have these fitted, alas, not suitable.
    Should I be fortunate again sometime in future to own a K7 and beyond, I'll seriously look into this arrangement. LOVE the sound...raw, brutal and very sexy !
    Enjoy mate :)
  8. The black/gold colour scheme suits the bike and I'm definitely a fan of the pipe(s) and their 'a little bit of rough' look, kinda like a bad girl in a ball gown ;)
  9. hahah...just the way i like them !!! thanks mate...
  10. Fixed :angel:

    Looks great, the swing arm looks horn. Enjoy it mate

  11. I gotta say fairings don't normally do it for me but there is something about these ones. Almost fluid like. Top looking bike.
  12. Nice Gixxer mate... just get rid of the rear pegs!
  13. i need a tissue and a change of pants...no,


    need a handful of tissues and a shower

    farken farken sexy bike.
  14. You sir, are a cock.

    Jordy - Nice bike mate, love the gp cans
  15. dont worry about him, typical spewzuki rider :)
  16. enjoy it!
  17. Really nice ride mate, you can see you take care of her :)
  18. Here here! The gixxers look fuggen sweet with the faired boot lid and no pegs - do it!!
  19. i love the bike, but that weird gold colour has never done it for me. then again, i prefer silver over gold. *shrugs*