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My Gippsland - Nth East Trip

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by 2wheelsagain, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. Well, I finally did the trip I always wanted to do on a bike.
    Sale to Wangaratta, 400k over Mt Hotham and back.
    I almost did it a couple of times on the RF900R but things came up or I had to take someone else so the car was used. :(

    This time I was on Black Betty who only had 1500k on the clock and what an awesome ride it was on a 1250 that leaps out of corners and is not easily put off its line. The road it's self is very good at the moment. Joel organised three sections of roadwork's and for some reason I copped a red light at each of them, there and back. I enjoyed the return trip a little more. I think because I knew the road and the technical part was over quickly while I was still fresh and the rest was just flowing left, right squirt no cops squirt some more. For the whole trip there was only one car on the wrong side of the road in a corner :evil: . I think she shit as she didn't move so it was up to me to avoid the Landcruiser 100 series which I did with a little bit of stunt and motard work. :LOL: It's a shame I needed two hands on the bars though. :wink:

    Its a trip that should be done with someone on another bike but I don't think I'd like to do it two up. It would be very hard work. I fuel stopped in Omeo each way and photo stopped on Mt Hotham making it a five hour trip each way. The Bandit returned 5.3L/100K which I think is very good, as quite a bit of the trip is done in 4th gear and other stretches were done at ............ I past light particles, put it that way. :LOL: :LOL:

    For those who haven't done the trip yet the corner advisory speed signs are on the cautious side which is nice on roads you don't know.

    I cant recommend the Bandit 1250S high enough for spirited touring. Its comfortable, fast enough, one finger braking, confident and suites my level and abilities. The original Dunlop's have gone feathery on the edges which didn't happen with the RF900R Pilot Roads but they still feel good (dry).

    In tighter corners I still turn right with much more confidence than left and its really annoying me. :? Sweepers are fine.

    I'm posting this early as I'll be cleaning Black Betty for the rest of the day.

    Anyway I enjoyed a few days with my folks which was the reason for doing the trip.

    Other photos HERE


  2. Great ride report.

    That is a fantastic road - I did it from Bright over Mt Hotham, down through Omeo to Bruthen and back to Melbourne last week. Beautiful scenery and mostly a well kept road.
  3. Cool… I’d like to ride that trip sometime.. ;)

    nice ride too :grin:
  4. Good timing, 2wheels. Will be up there tomorrow and Sunday (along with Skuffy's crew, although not sure how far they are going yet). So I'm glad to get the latest on the conditions. Can you tell us where the roadworks are?
  5. Nothing on the Bright side of the Mt.
    2 sections almost right on top with 1 on a sharp bend!
    A couple of sections between Tambo Crossing and Swifts Creek.
    All very well signed and being a weekend they should be abandoned and dry (water trucks yesterday)
    I should have also mentioned a couple of small rock falls between Tambo and Swifts. Nothing "on line" but other traffic could move them about.

    There is also a wet section where water is seeping through the road, just on the Omeo side of Dinner plain (long straight'ish section below DP) on a very fast bend. Ok if you're going up, but coming down in the PM its in shaddow and "on line" and woke me up :eek: I remember saying to myself going up on Tue I'll have to watch out for it but I forgot and didnt see it early enough. I straight lined it as nothing coming and hit it at about $1.60 :)

    I'd love to do it with someone next time. Would be a hoot.

    Enjoy it :wink:
  6. Ta mate, all noted and passed on to all concerned :wink:
    Can't wait!
  7. This is a good ride, but by going to Wangarratta you ruined it!

    After passing through to Harrietville, take the turnoff to Mt. Beauty for an AWESOME stretch of road. Next head north up towards Dedarang but turn left onto the C534 (Running creek road). Some long stretches here but a nice short section of great twisties are in there.

    Next head through Myrtleford on the C522 and turn left onto the C521, and keep going past Whitfield and into Mansield. The roads around Whitfield are gods own motorcycling country.

    From Mansfield either go down the Maroondah Hwy to Reefton or Black spur. Or, you can take the C320 eastbound and turn right onto the C486/C511. At the intersection of the C486 and C511 you either turn left onto the C486 and head to Heyfield or turn right onto the C511 and take it all the way back to Reefton.
  8. Thanks mate. But where exactly would you like my parents to live?
    I agree with your suggested routes, and, I can absolutley guarentee I have done more riding around Whitfield and probably most of the areas you mention than anyone else here. I was born there (King Valley). :)