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My ghost experience

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, May 18, 2008.

  1. For those unfamiliar with Melbourne University’s Old Quad, where I study,
    please take a look at these pics first
    http://flickr.com/search/?q=university+melbourne+quad&m=text I wanted to
    relate the closest thing I’ve had to a ghost experience, which took place
    this evening.

    The Old Quad is a spooky place late at night. Lots of convoluted dark
    spaces and a 150 year old history. It’s among the closest we have to old
    European castles and libraries. Often, if I have to leave my office and
    go for a walk through it in the midnight hours, I become acutely conscious
    of questions regarding the presence of the preternatural, however I think
    I’m rather sensible and I never really fear the appearance of any such
    thing (kind of). Tonight the building was empty, with a storm outside. I
    was studying in the common room, which is adjacent to the kitchen and
    which has a view of the entry to the kitchen. I began by making myself a
    cup of tea in the kitchen, noting a new sign about turning out the lights
    for the sake of the environment which was placed on the door. I
    consciously chose to leave the light on for I make a frequent
    back-and-forth habit for cups of tea while studying. Having settled down
    into my book, I heard the sound of somebody walking about in the kitchen
    and moving dishes about. I looked and noticed that the kitchen light was
    turned off! This person continued for ten to twenty minutes in the dark.
    “If they’re not blind then, what a freak!†I thought – it must be some
    extremist about saving electricity and emissions. The thing is I never
    heard or saw them come or go. I did wonder about my safety with such a
    strange individual fossicking about just there, but I figured I could fend
    any attach off with a chair; I did wonder if they were rather mice or
    rats, but this was impossible as I could hear their footsteps and they
    were moving heavy items about, and with the constancy of sound that
    accompanies somebody putting dishes away.

    At the end of my study I returned to the kitchen with my cup. The light
    was still out, I turned it on, and when I had finished washing I noted
    that the sign about turning the light out had been moved from the door to
    above the light switch. I felt confirmed that the freak was indeed an
    extremist greenie. In response to what was sensible in their concern,
    however, I very distinctly turned the light out at this point as I was
    finished for the evening. I walked back into the common room, placed my
    things in my backpack, and within a minute had walked out of the common
    room which meant passing the kitchen. The light was turned on!

    There had been nobody there in the minute I had been absent, otherwise I
    would have heard them. I quick-marched down the dark eerie halls of the
    building, down the stairs, and out of the Old Quad! I have no explanation
    for this and am determined not to impute this to some poltergeist.
    (That’s right – it definitely (I hope) could not be!!) All the same I
    will be a little bit nervous next time I make a late night foray into the
    halls of this building. Anybody who has wandered around this building at
    night will understand, but this takes it to a new level.

  2. How boring must the "afterlife" be...poor bastards.
  3. ok Fess up Matt!
    Whatya be drinking :LOL:
    Seriously though, they love playing with light switches & water. We've had some uninvited guests that hung around for a number of years. Never harmed anyone ..

    :shock: Damn.. did I just admit to THAT? :bolt:
  4. Matt would love to come wander those halls :grin:

    VCM next spanner nights at your place, you can provide the ghosts :p
  5. Yeh...the Netrider Ghost Ride! Cool!

    I couldn't sleep last night, I was a bit disturbed - this stuff runs in the family, but I'm agnostic about it all and want my experiences to back that position up! - today I'm assuming natural causes (I'm going to just ignore that seemingly strange almost inexplicable things happened); that makes me feel better.


    EDIT 1 hour later: I just went to check, assuming that rather than somebody moving a poster in the pitch black to above the light switch, that instead there were two posters - one on the door and one above the switch, and that I had not noticed that and had over-reacted.

    No, there is only one poster, with the same specific graffitti on it, and it was moved in the pitch black of the room.

  6. i've been known to mess with people in this fashion. it always gives me a laugh at what they might be thinking, especially when i dont get caught :LOL:
  7. IN the context of your avatar that worries me!

  8. Explain this one Matty

    Down at Port arthur last year I took a pic of the parsonage from the outside, when i looked at that window later there was that shape in the window.
    I emailed the pot Arthur people a copy and it's on their records as officially unexplained.
    the Parsonage is supposedly the most haunted place in Australia.
    Go figure.
  9. Freaky :shock:
  10. fook me smee !!
    thats scary shite !! :eek:
  11. We did a ghost tour that night but saw nothing.
  12. I just by chance happened to browse this particular forum, I normally stay in new riders and accessories and gear for now :p

    But I feel that I have to share my experiences with you and the reasons as to why I am not to hasty to take paranormal reasons out of the equation.

    A little quick history of the house I used to live in...

    we had done some renovations and we added a study and a loungeroom onto the front of the house and added another bedroom as well. So we took the old master bedroom and added a wall down the middle to form a bedroom and hallway that leads to the additional bedroom, and the old loungeroom became the new master bedroom.

    My room was the old master bedroom and one night when I was in yr 7, so I was around 11/12 yrs old I woke up to see a glowing green ball floating in my doorway, I was freaked out beyond belief about this and after about 5 mins of watching it I turned on my reading light and it was gone. I turned it back off again thinking it had gone away but it was back and flickering like a flourescent bulb that is about to blow or hasn't been put in properly, and I started calling out to my parents. I heard them coming down the hallway and they ran through it to turn my light on and it was gone.

    Another occasion I had moved my bed against the wall that we had put through the old room, so my bed was in the middle of the old room if you get what I mean :p. This is how I justify this one anyway, the way I see it this is the position many parents have their bed, in the middle of the room so there is access to both sides of the bed. Well when I had my bed against this wall (the middle of the old room) I would feel something jump on my bed in the middle of the night and sort of snuggle up to me. At first I thought it was the cat so I tried to kick it off but I couldn't cos there was nothing there, again I called out to my parents and it started to pat me up and down, starting at my feet and coming up to my head, and after a 30 secs or so it would go back down to my feet, I would call again and back up to my head it came. This happened for about a week or so until I moved my bed. Funny thing about this was that I had no idea what it was/could have been until I thought about it again a few years back. At the time I completely forgot about it until my parents bought it up and then I remembered it happening.

    But it was after these things that I found out that these aren't the only experiences that were had at that house.

    I have two older brothers and when were little, I was 2, and my brothers were like 4 and 5 we all slept in the same room (at the time it was a two bedroom house, as this was pre renovations) and my dad said he thought he heard one of us kids running up and down the hallway playing with something, he came out to catch us and put us back to bed but couldn't see anything, he checked up on us and we were all asleep.

    One of my brothers (the middle child) said he woke up one night and saw something in the doorway to the room (this is the room all 3 of us were sharing). He describes it as the sleeve of a silver glowing jacket. kind of like someone just standing outside the door with only their sleeve visable.

    My mum said she had numerous "encounters" with it. When we were growing up my dad working up north in the mining industry so he wasn't home alot. And she said she often felt something jump onto the bed and snuggle up to her, you guessed it, this was the same room MY bed was in and presumably the same spot. She also said that she went into my brothers room once and opened the window, and then left the room, and came back in again and it was closed and locked. But the thing with these old windows was that when you opened them you snap a bolt into the arm or else the spring would slam it in your face, so if it was open it was staying open unless you pulled the bolt out of the brace, it is kinda like the door opener mechanism on the front screen doors.

    We also had a big heavy front door that didn't have a door knob, so if it was closed the only way to open it from the front was with a key, weather it was locked or not. And she said that often she would hear the front door open, then the screen door open, then the front door close and the screen door close (thats the order they would work if someone walked out of the house) and she would always go check it out and the front door would be locked, then when she would walk off she would hear the screen door open, front door open, screen close then front close as if some one came back in.

    I have more but they are all stories I have been told over the years that happened to other people but yeah that is what I grew up with so it is fair to say I BELIEVE :p

    Wow that turned out to be a longer post than expected, sorry for the wall of text but I hope it is interesting to some one :p
  13. geeez dude, do you still live in the house ?
    Or do you know the current occupiers and ask them if they have had any experiences.??

    Back to Smee's pic . . .
    Who rode with light-blue and white leathers and white helmet on a RG500 and who is not with us anymore ??? :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Kind looks like it !
    :eek: :eek: :eek:


    Anyone got any ghost cleansing stories ?? . . . or should I not go there. ;)

  14. that is some creepy shit!! cant say ive personally had any experiences, but near here we had a place known as borely rectory-supposedly haunted (been demolished now), my cousin micheal told me once he went there and something threw 2 glass bottles at him, but he saw nobody
  15. Started to read this thread after midnight, and frankly, f*ck that.
  16. You just wish for Stumpy's ghost story posts ! :grin:
    They were less scary, but more strange.
  17. My Grandfather is one of the old guard of Australians, massive bloke, did hard manual labor all his life and recently discovered that asian food, placed between two slices of white bread, makes it a lot more edible. Anyway, he's never bullshitted in his life and rarely speaks unless he's got something to say.

    A few years ago, he was in hospital for observation on his leg after he'd had a fall. He wasn't on any meds, and was full conscious when his brother, who died in a mining accident in the '50's, walked in one quiet afternoon, stared Pop straight in the eye and said;

    "Trust you to take all the f*****g attention."

    He'd be the first person to call bullshit on this sort of story if anyone told it to him, but it really rattled him. His brother and he were never on good terms, and the thought that his brother came back from the dead to abuse him really disturbed him.
  18. Now THATS creepy! :eek:hno:
  19. what you are seeing in that photo is directional motion blur coupled with slight bokeh from an object outside of the building. my guess would be a bird/moth or similar winged object. you can see the wing trace from the leading edge to the main body.
    If you give me your shutter speed and distance to the wall I could give you the rough speed & size of the object.

    i'm going to suggest a small object given that it is in front of the window. so unless you ghost is 10 cm long.... :grin:
  20. 24mm lens and that's a close crop of the picture.
    there were no moths in august in Tassie.
    Been through all those scenarios russ.
    1/60 sec f/8 200 iso
    Impossible for a moth or any other flying creature to do that at that shutter speed with a widish angle.
    Not lens flare either.
    Here's the full picture