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My Gearing/Speed/RPM Calculator

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Kranzy, May 10, 2009.

  1. My Gearing Calculator Check it out and let me know what you think. It's a work in progress and probably not worthy of the Sticky thread just yet, but with a bit of feedback from my test subjects *i.e. YOU* I hope to make something useful to everyone.
    Thanks for checking it out! :)

    It's a 2007 Excel Spreadsheet.


  2. Doh!
    Looks like I've password protected the whole file! :( I'm at work and even though (after downloading a compatibility pack) Excel 2004 opens it, it's not as pretty and doesn't look quite right... I'll try and fix these couple things tonight.
  3. Ok, it's now a 1997-2003 version Excel sheet, not passworded either.
    Though it doesn't look as pretty, it's still pretty functional (I think all the calculations transfered ok!!

    Let me know how you go :)

    Gearing Comparison Tool

    475k, so it's only small.
  4. Umm, I don't know exactly what you were trying to achieve, and good on you for having a go, but . . .

    Have you had a look at http://www.gearingcommander.com/ ?

    If not, take a look. It does pretty much everything I want it to, and already has all my bike dimensions and so on in the database. It doesn't produce graphs, but it produces tables that could be used to produce a graph.

  5. I know, thanks. But this way it's on my drive, I can add as many vehicles as I want to compare and see multiple combinations at a glace.
    I know there's plenty out there, but by doing it myself i've got what I find useful :) handy when i'm always changing stuff on mates 4x4's and when my next project is building a custom one. This way I can test multiple transmissions and diffs and tyre sizes and save them for quick reference etc (and i've got another that i'll be using that take transfer cases into account). Gearing commander is probably all 98% of people need but hey, since this is what I wanted I figured i'd share and maybe it'd help somebody.
    But, if it's not useful to people, that's fine too. I made it to what I wanted anyway, and as I go and want more functions and features, I'm free to do so, so, use it, use gear commander, throw any combination on with a guess. But, this is an option now, just in case somebody thinks along my lines :)
  6. Oh and things like being able to put in RPM and it spits out what speed you'll be doing, while most people won't bother with it, it's handy for me when i'm trying to figure where my peak torque will be with different combinations :)
  7. No problem. It's the sort of thing I would do as well, hence my interest. :grin: If you want to use it for 4x4s and other vehicles, Gearing Commander isn't going to help. It is a motorcycle only tool.

    You can get Gearing Commander onto your hard disk though, using the Stand Alone version. See menu button top right. I haven't bothered with that, and it does require a small donation, but that seems fair.

    I noted that your were putting in variations of the same bike's gearing and comparing on a graph, which Gearing Commander can't do, so fair enough as well. Of course it is pretty easy to enter a Blade, and see the effect of "Blade Std", "Blade -1" and "Blade -1 +2" in the second table, for each gear.

    It is also pretty easy to put an RPM into the first table, and it will show you the speed in each gear for that RPM, and for a range of values up to the Maximum Power RPM.

    Spreadsheet feedback:
    In the "Speed at Given RPM Per Gear" section of the "Comparison Charts" worksheet, some columns are not wide enough to display the numbers on my screen. Specifically, in the red section 6th gear is hashes, and in the yellow and orange sections 6th and Rev are hashes. BTW, my screen is an LCD running at 1920x1200 pixels.
    As you still have a password on the WorkSheets, I can't widen the columns to make the data visible. You seem to have removed the password from the Wookbook, but not the individual Sheets.
  8. Yeah, I left the sheets locked so i'd definitely hear about any drama's with it because it couldn't just be fixed on the spot. :)
    Thanks for your input on it roderick, but as it seems it's not really going to be of use to anyone i'll just keep working on it and playing with it for myself. Maybe when i've got more useful stuff on it, it may surface again, but for now i'll leave it as it is on the net and update it whenever i've improved it by a reasonable amount, or if anyone asks about it.
    So, back to the board to complete my version with more 4x4 oriented support, hopeful integration of some more complex other features (instead of just gearing), and probably a neater, non-excel version when I get round to it. Cheers mate :)
  9. Gearing Commander does Flash graphs

    Yes we can ! :cool:
    www . gearingcommander . com has been updated to version 6 and now has several flash graphs.
    In these graphs 3 bike setups can be compared for speeds, RPM and shifting points. And it also works in the stand alone version.

    Regards, ItalFreak
  10. Excellent. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to check it out. :grin: