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My Gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ddmoore, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. Hi, just wanted to make a post to tell you the gear i got and its price.

    please tell me what you think of the gear and if you have experience with them tell me you opinions of them.

    I am yet to buy boots and a helmet so this will be an updating post.

    Helmet - tba
    Jacket - MotoDry Duo Black - $210 on special
    Gloves - Motodry Black Ice Gloves - $75
    Pants - Draggin Jeans - $230
    Boots - tba

    total - $515 so far

    My mum said she would be interested in chipping in around 50% for a helmet, she wants me to get a good quality helmet. which is a bonus.

    I havnt completely decided on what sort of helmet im after.

    im looking for a reasonable one maybe 350 - 600 range. some helmets that do come to mind are shoei and shark what others?

    opinions much appreciate. thanks.
  2. As every time a helmet question is asked. Just go and try as many helmets as you can and find one that fits the best (doesnt hurt but is very snug on your noggin) as it will bed in a bit as you wear it so it will 'loosen' up just a tad. Don't forget ear plugs as you will get wind noise no matter what helmet you wear :)
  3. Shoei and Shark will be $600 plus. Shark is a little cheaper but will average around the $650 mark. Shoei is a little more expensive around the $700 mark. Arai are also great. Personally, I would stick to those 4 as they are quality brands.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention AGV and the fourth of the four. They would be similarly priced to Shark.
  4. I've personally got an AGV GP-Pro

    There were 2 reasons i got it
    1. Out of all lids i tried on it was THE most comfortable. Better than the Shoei's i tried.

    2. Is a brand with a good reputation.

    Go check out Helmet Warehouse or whatever its called in Vic Park. Its down the road a bit from Total on the left hand side as your heading back towards the city.
  5. Ive got a KBC helmet, a bit cheaper, but having researched their techniques they are actually very good helmets, even better when you consider the price.... According to the writeups i read (cant remember what mag it was) the shark actually didnt fare very well.... They said they used old technology, cant remember that that entailed (this is about 2 years ago)....
  6. Yep me too same reasons!
  7. Hey thanks for the feedback guys n gals.

    Duffman, agv looks like a really nice helmet. what did that set you back?
    whats it like weight wise? is it a heavy helmet? whats it like size wise? (meaning is it chunkier than other brand same size helmets)
  8. i think they are about $550, so not real cheap but not the most expensive either. They just fitted me better than the $800 shoei. But as the others have said, dont really go by what is good for others, you just have to try heaps on when your out looking and take the best fit.

    The GP-Pro is very light. Its also got tinted or iridium visors available which is cool. Pull out liner so you can wash it is also good.
    Yes it is a bit "chunky" due to vents and stuff out the back, but that didnt bother me cause i dont have to store it anywhere, i just take it with me into the office so its not a problem.
  9. Personally, I recommend the Shoei XR1000. Not cheap, but a great lid with excellent ventilation.
  10. Check out Rossi boots - they have a pretty good reputation for comfort and quality, not too expensive (see http://www.mcas.com.au/_products.php?subcategory=177 for example - $176 for the basic ones, $249 for the more flash and waterproof ones) Also, unlike many other 'Australian' products, they are actually made in Australia.
  11. Cheers duff,

    One thing which i havnt delved into either has been boot sizes. does it run off the same concept that shoes do?

    im a size 11 shoe, will i be after size 11 boots? i presume so.

    sorry if im asking all newb questions, im just trying to get a general understanding of everything there is.
    i probably should have asked these quesitons when i was at the shop earlier today, but i didnt think of them.