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my fzx is sick HELP!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by chickibabe, May 3, 2006.

  1. Hi there guy's Well I'm really ticked off now, after being out everyday riding for the last two weeks, went to go out today and my baby is blowing smoke :cry: . Can anybody give me a clue to what it might be. Hubby away so he can not help me. ( never home when you really need them :eek: ) The colour of smoke is bluey with a bit of black and it smells of fuel. When it gets up into rev range of about 7 it is worst than ever. I rang one place and they told me cant help but we have another motor for $800 for you. I'm sure that is a shella thing which pisses me off. :mad: So if anybody got any advise.Cheers

  2. Smells of fuel, or smells of oil?

    Oil would explain the smoke and it's almost certainly bad news. :(
  3. You know how to crush a girl don't you lol. but I'm sure it is fuel, like running really rich if you get what I mean.
  4. Chickbabe. Obviously get the bike to a mechanic as soon as you can. It might just be something as simple as the Choke mechanism not functioning properly, especially if you are getting black smoke and a fuel smell, then again it might be something far more serious. Could be Rings if you are getting more smoke when the engine is under load. Could be a combination of stuff! Can't know, like you Husband who might know (as was a Mechanic) is not home. Good luck with it.
  5. my fzx needs RINGS

    Well it looks like it is the rings. :cry: . So now looking for advise should I have the motor fixed or replace the motor or the dreaded BY A NEW BIKE. Which I didn't want to do until on unrestricted So that is my very last option and how much would I be looking at to have it fixed? Any idea someone. Cheers Be safe
  6. well advice... which ever is the cheapest...
    replacing the rings or whatevers busted would be your best option if wanting to keep the bike/engine together... a new engine aint gonna be cheap... same with the new bike...
  7. Changing the rings is not a big deal if the bores are ok. As long as you carefully mark all the valve train parts before you dismantle them it should be possible for even an inexperienced person. If need be, take it to a mechanic after re-assembly but BEFORE turning it over for a timing check. If the bores are shot, then that's a whole different (read expensive) ball-game.
  8. So how did we come to the conclusion it was the rings? Sounds a bit suss to me -fine one day & billowing smoke the next :shock:
  9. Well, i took it too a couple of repair shops, and this is what they said to me. The others told to ride until i kill it. Why the question over rings? may i ask. It was blowing a little to start with but now that I'm reving it out more, the smoke has got worse. I don't know the in's n out's of a bike so these guy's could be just pi***ng me about I don't know. Just after any advise.
  10. If the smoke was there for a while and had gotton worse over time then rings is the likely culprit. If the smoke is not so bad when idleing or crusing and is worse when you are accelerating, then the theory is strongest.
  11. Ahaa. Makes it bit more sense now. I thought it hapened overnight. Maybe you filled it with BP Zoom or something :LOL: :LOL:

    Oh some advise. Pull the motor out yourself. Most of the expense is in labour. Take the bare engine to whoever your heart desires. Save yourself a few bucks that way.
  12. At $800 a new/second hand engine is a good price... Most places charge $1000 chang over and about $500-$800 for the labor...

    Swaping an engine is not that hard especialy on a Zeal/FZR
  13. A compression test will indicate if it is rings.

    The blue smoke suggests that it may well be.

    If it were blackish, I'd suggest that you have a bit of shit under one of the float needles. But you would have noticed a conciderable drop of in performance.

    If compression is good and the float needles are clean then I would say valve seals.
  14. I think that she said she doesn't have a very good idea of how the bike works, etc..etc... so with that in mind, I would suggest that you just take the bike to the mechanic and get them to fix it for you, it isn't worth the hassle of pulling it out yourself... but that's the trick I suppose finding a mechanic that you can trust :grin:
  15. Blue smoke is the universal sign of burning oil.

    Nothing new really to add to what's already said except to add another voice to the definitely get the right problem diagnosed. As stated, a compression test will work out if it's a cylinder related thing [rings/valves]. A good compression test will point to something else.

    Regarding the DIY advice... if you're not confident in pulling a bike apart then the extra labour cost might buy a world of reassurance!

    Years ago, my first car (a '75 Galant - ahh the memories...) started to die with worn rings. I could have purchased a changeover motor for $700, but my old man convinced me to get the engine we 'knew' overhauled... well the bugger needed to be rebored and ended up costing more than twice the reco motor. Not happy Jan!

    How long till you're off restrictions?


  16. Thanks for all the advise, hubby is going to look into everything this weekend, we are going to have the motor completely looked at and fixed. with whatever it needs. my L's run out in August but at the rate I'm going I think I might have to redo them . So the answer robsalvv, is i go onto unrestricted when I do my P's test. Thanks all Cheers
  17. not sick anymore

    Well just thought I'd give you a undate on my fzx, we ended having a complete over haul done on it. Which has just cost me just on the $800, I think I got away with so cheap as I'm having it done by a netriderchanic on the side. I havn't been on it for about a month now and I'm itchen to get back out there. So I will for sure be sitting my L's again :( . Thanks for all the help And hope to get out on ride with you all soon :grin:. Hubby and I are going up the putty in about 3 weeks so that will be an experience and a half. it will most likely take me 5 hours to get to muswellbrook :LOL:
  18. Let us know the date, I would love to ride up the Putty yet again......
  19. Hay Paul you are game to come with a L plater it will be slow LoL but for sure would be great Hubby would like more company than just me lol. It will be on hte 8th of July.
  20. I don't mind riding with L platers, we all were L platers once (although in my case it was 32 years ago :LOL:)