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my FZR 250 street fighter project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by davey_charlie, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. I got the bike running all good, so cleaning it up at the moment and figuring out what i will need for my build

    my list at the moment is:
    crash bars
    left & right 3ln fairings
    08 cbr 600 race tail
    alloy custom under tray
    dirt bike handle bars
    stubby exhaust
    stiffen the front forks
    twin dominator headlights
    digital speedo
    some sort of tacho that will read up to 20k rpm
    digital temp gauge
    led indicators
    strip, bog and repaint tank white
    repaint rims gloss black
    white strip around rims
    65 tooth rear spocket
    14 tooth front sprocket
    new chain
    alarm system

    progress so far:
    I stripped down the carbies and cleaned them out, new oil and plugs and new ignition. tail is apart, under tray, wheel, chain, sprockets are all off.
    lots of degreaser and rags..

    bike rear end pulling apart, stripped abit of the paint off the tank using verious wood chisels :oops:

    few parts off

    most cactus rear sprocket teeth i have ever seen in my life

    chain and brake bracket rubbing on tyre has chewed out the side, tyre is abit wide. will put lock washers between the wheel and rear sprocket to stop the chain rubbing on the tyre. gonna have to make up some custom bracket for the brakes, was thinking of bending up some alloy?

    Im not too sure how im going to fit dirt bike handle bars, should i drill the current forks and attach some random dirt bike clamps for the bars??

  2. started bogging the tank, need some more just to get the shape right

    resprayed rear rim gloss black

    ordering some white rim strips for the rims
    im going to have to drill the dirt bike clamps onto the forks as i cant seem to find any small enough for the existing holes
  3. 14 tooth front sprocket, 65 rear tooth sprocket and 428 pitch chain ordered. sourced it all from the US for $204 express shipped :D
  4. got a chance to do a little more, its starting to look much better


    made a straight through shorty exhaust to give me some ideas what i want to do with it
    both wheels painted and white vinyl strips on


    i over came the problem of the rear caliper bracket by cutting one side off and moving it over, you can see in the pic above where it has rubbed and chewed out the edge of the tyre


    cant wait till my big sprockets arrive so i can take it for a ride! im going to check out some tail sizes at the wreckers, im looking towards
    a 08 cbr 600 tail if its good

    front fender is painted, waiting to dry
  5. Good luck dude, I'm rebuilding a 3LN1 at the moment. If it's any help to you, the FZR was actually a parallel import, the Zeal came here officially.

    The engine parts are all the same, so you can source piston rings and gasket sets under the 1HX part numbers at a Yamaha dealership (1HX components will fit the Zeal, 3LN1-3 and the 2KR models).

    I've used these guys for a few OEM bits and bobs, they are familiar with the FZR250s:


    Almost forgot, part numbers are gotten only from the Japanese manuals:

  6. sweet thanks for that part list, hopefully i wont need it though! would zeal headers fit onto a 3ln? mine are pretty crusty the the zeal ones almost look titanium.

    im going to drill the current forks and attach some pro taper rubber handle bar mounts, unsure if i should do this until VIV inspection is passed though
  7. thats alot of bog on the tank. I never seen that much used before, how much your reckon the project costing you till up and running?
  8. If you've got a gas axe and an angle grinder you can make anything work.

    Never tried the Zeal headers, could work. Shares the same engine and casings so it would probably come down to length/diameter of the pipes and whether or not you are running exup.

    Get your inspection done with a car mechanic. They just turn the engine on and check the lights (I've gotten a bike through with duct tape and a prayer before and it worked out fine).
  9. haha yeah used a whole container of k&h bog, lots there.
    hasnt cost me much yet prob about 250 so far, i expect about 500 more for the fairing and tail and electric bits.
    i recived my sprockets the other day, 65 rear tooth sprocket and 14 tooth front. went for a ride and found out that now the clutch slips and it also runs horribly of 91 octane, so new clutch and fuel. still does some sweet wheelies with a slipping clutch though! top speed is about 130 now though lol!

    il get up some new pics of the chain and sprocket setup, now got to fish around for a cheap tail..

  10. yeah because i think they are titanum? would look alot nicer. i currently have the exup removed and exhaust wired open.
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