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  1. What a clean machine!! Little do they know the power that is about to be unleashed :)
  2. So has it been Ivanized?
  3. Honestly I'm not sure. There is the possibility the previous owner had it done as it didn't suffer from any popping when I got it and it had the exhaust on it then.

    I'm waiting to hear back from Ivan if he keeps any records of the ones he does.
  4. Popping has nothing to do with Ivanising the ECU. Blocking the AIS takes care of it. Ask me how I know. :)

    Oh, and welcome to the white FZ1 club. Mine's an S.
  5. Nice. What pipes are these?
  6. Honestly not 100% sure. Think they are just the standard pipes painted badly.

    There coming off soon to get heat wrapped so with a bit of luck I might find some markings on them.

    Muffler is a Vance and Hines CS one though, if that's what you are asking.
  7. I think that's what I meant. :p

    Vance & Hines CS1? How's the sound?

    I got the V&H on my XVS650 and they're awesome. :)
  8. Seems fairly loud to me. But then again my last bike was very quiet by the time I had changed the exhaust multiple times.

    Will get some video of this one soon enough so you can hear it.

    Induction noise is more awesome than the exhaust though.
  9. That's ok. Youtube probably has hundreds of videos of this.

    Thanks Anyways.

    Bike looks awesome.
  10. Ive only ever seen one FZ with this exhaust on youtube.
  11. Exhaust video.

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