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Discussion in 'Showcase' started by jisk, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. I picked up my new ride on Friday - a FZ1N. Man, this thing is sexy.

    It's definitely not stock. Anyone who thinks an FZ1N isn't "responsive" hasn't seen what these are capable of.

    The real reason I bought it was because of the skull decals, though. (Seriously).

    Okay, shut up and upload the pics:









    And a dyno chart for those interested:

  2. that better live up to the punisher logo or i'll be pissed!
    not really, it looks hot as all-firetruck!
  3. Damn I want that exhaust. My FZ has the stock behemoth.

    Can't seem to get em now though :(
  4. nice ride.
    if it was mine, i'd ditch the mirrors in favour of the MT01 mirrors.

    Milkshakaman.... Two Brothers make an awesome can, for the FZ1.
  5. The punisher logo doesn't lie - 65ft lb from 4k RPM :)

    MilkshakeMan - Leo Vince also have a GP exhaust for the FZ1. It doesn't have quite the same lines, though.

    Caz V1 - what's different with the MT01 mirrors - just blacked out?
  6. Hellllls yeah man.
    I've got one of the 50th anniversary yellow ones.. Theyre great bikes.
  7. Fender elimination required.
  8. Rode an Fz8 yesterday, they're no slouch either.

    Enjoy the ride :)
  9. I got an S model recently and yeah, they go like stink.
    Took it out for a good twisty run on Sunday and the sucker corners and stops well too :D
  10. Love the bike, love the sounds of that exhaust too but hate the look :( Such a damn sexy bike!
  11. nice looking machine
  12. Thanks guys. Its hard to resist the temptation to open the throttle and feel the surge in acceleration. I love this bike.
  13. Just dynoed at 150hp today. Woohoo!
  14. I've got the 09 model and see that yours has the fly screen (by Puig perhaps ??) where as my does not. Am curious on it's effects, any chance you could give me a test ride by proxy with it off ? I'm finding it hard work to ride the bike at higher speeds and was hoping the flyscreen might deflect airflow just enough to give my shoulders a bit of a break.
    Appreciate it if you're willing to help out.
  15. The MT01 mirrors are a bit more angular, makes the bike look a bit more aggressive, I reckon. instead of the oval smooth look silver ones.

    Attached Files:

  16. Hi sharkuss,

    The fly screen is an official Yamaha part.

    Ripoff Aussie price

    Reasonable UK price

    I'll take the bike for a spin with it off to see what it feels like. Might not be for a while though, as its been raining like mad in Brisbane for the last week... and predicted to continue.

    Okay, those look awesome. I'll have to check them out \\:D/
  17. Nice ride. Love the tank badges.
  18. Thanks Jisk appreciate it, Caz those mirrors look the same as my standard ones, guess they're a uniform design ?
  19. Love the bike..

    It has something sticking out of it's ar$e though... :)

    Next purchase, fender kit I hope. :)
  20. Always liked the FZ1N, one of the sexiest looking nakeds around. You need a fender eliminator for that rear end though, pronto! :p