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my future bike list....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by edgelett, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. I thought I'd gone through every 600-700 cc bike & compiled a "final 3" list of the bikes I'm most interested in for when I get my "big girl's licence" (i.e off restrictions) which won't be till this time 2007.

    I'd decided I loved the look/feel/everything of the Honda Hornet 600.
    I also really liked the Kawasaki Z750 - wicked looking beast.
    The Yamaha FZ6n was on the list too - looked great.
    All that remained was to test ride em next year to finally choose which one felt best TO ME.

    However my dad rang me on the weekend raving about the new Kawasaki ER6n that he saw at Bolton's Kawasaki on the weekend. The phrase he used was "it's shit hot!!"

    so I looked up the specs - on paper it looks awesome. will have to sit on it to feel if it's the right height & weight FOR ME.

    but for now, it's on the list. looks like I have 4 to test ride in a year now!
  2. I Lurv the Honda Shadow 750
    and the

    Harley 80 Cubic inch

    yep one extreme to another :grin: but mine will be a cruiser with a Tad A grunt

    X ed fingers for Dec 2006 :grin:
    (off restrictions Cant Wait / Busting for MORE Power ) :biker:
  3. the Z750 is a great toy but i found it to be missing something and i thought after a while it actually would become boring. The ER6 is just as disappointing as the E5 was but still always worth a test ride.
    Lists are great, walk into the bike shop with the list and tell them straight out this is what you wish to play with :)
  4. My list at the moment is pretty much down to choosing between a YZF600 Thundercat or a TRX850 - simply going to be a matter of test riding both and deciding whether I want revs or torque. (If I had the money to buy new the choice would be between a Triumph Thruxton or Daytona 675).
  5. If you end up leaning towards a V-twin, take a look at the SV650, SV1000 and VTR1000.

    Lotsa good bikes out there that IMO are better than the TRX.
  6. This is from someone who owns a 2005 CBR1100XX Super Blackbird....of course everthing else is gonna be boring!!! :LOL: :LOL:
  7. The TRX is a parallel twin though, not a V :p. And yeah a SV/TL1000 would be nice but the one advantage the TRX has is that it's cheap (have seen good examples for 5~6 grand)- guessing it should also be fairly reliable given that the engine's not that highly stressed.
  8. DOH!!! So it is. :?

    Even so, my post still stands. Just alter it to say "If you end up leaning towards a bike with character......."

    :LOL: :cool:
  9. Same here. I had on my list as well the zx-6 . But then I thought I should really look at the zx10 and then since I'm up in the thou range maybe the zx12 which is probably just a bit too big and heavy and then , in a moment of carelessness , I thought maybe Honda as in super Blackbird.
    The en6 is just toooo ugly at the front I think.

    Then again I bought the zzr250 with the conviction I'd be getting a zzr600 so maybe I should stick to that. Still, that blackbird does look good and I best go and sit on it. Looks like a sports tourer to me.

    <sigh> another ten months of indecision and impatience.
  10. I definitely like the looks of the new Triumph Daytona 675 triples. I'd gladly put one of those at the top of my "next bike" list.
  11. How are the bikes classed?

    EG is 600 a Super Sport and 1000 a Superbike Where do 750 and 900 fit?

    If you are looking 600 then is a 750 comparable or 750 is more comparable to1000 ?
  12. Generally speaking for racing purposes:

    SuperSport: <= 600cc 4cyl, <= 680cc 3cyl, <= 750cc 2cyl
    SuperBike pre-2000: <= 750cc 4cyl, <=890cc 3cyl, <= 1000cc 2cyl
    Superbike post-2000, HyperSports, Open Class: 750-1000cc any # cyl

    Unsure where something like the Kawasaki 636cc ZX6R fits. It gets called a super-sport bike, but it is not eligible to race in super-sport races.
  13. the cat is a grouse bike, not a compromise in any sense. my zx7r is quicker and handles like its on rails, but theres something about that almost perfect balance of power, comfort, handling and looks that makes me miss my one every time i see one :( deadset ripper of a bike. (having said that tho, i wouldn't trade back. too scared that i'd have the same regrets again :LOL: )
  14. Either a BWM K100RS (85ish model) or ZZR1100 for this not-so-little chappy.
  15. I was also looking at buying one of these 3 bikes. I think that the Suzuki GSR600 is worth waiting to have a look at, it will be here soon and an overseas test I read rated them as superior to the FZ6n