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My friend drilled a hole in my girl (GPX 250)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by phedus, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone.

    Recently had a mate look into getting a snapped water drain bolt out of the engine block on my 1991 gpx ninja 250.

    Being in the awkward spot that it is with out taking the front when off, he has miss guided the drill for the easy-out and actually drilled a 3mm hole off to the side - all the way through.

    So now not only have a got a stuck snapped bolt in the hole, but an extra hole to the left of that!

    This is an old bike of mine and I'm looking to trade it in at a dealership for my new one.

    Is there a way I can safely seal this hole (permanently if needs be) no the next buyer wont have any leaks?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. there is, but yourself and said mate lack the competence to do it
  3. Share your infinite wisdom please MT1.

    Rather not drill out and rethread if Ii can avoid it - need a quick fix
  4. you have to drill out the hole, tap it and put a threaded plug in it with a crap load of locktite
  5. Hmmm. May as well do it properly and rethread for a bigger bolt if that's the case - sounds like rocket science though, not sure I'm competent enough to do this
  6. i don't think so either.
    but yeah, then just grind the head of the bolt off and no-one will know the difference.
    i mean it's ****ed anyway, so what have you got to lose
  7. I don't think tapping is very hard to learn how to do. Easy to learn, difficult to master?
    But yeah, add a thread to the hole, plug it with a GOOD bolt/screw with a f*ckload of RED locktite. And a crush washer for good measure.
  8. Well if she's the kind of girl that will let any slack-jawed fuckwit drill her, and not even in the right hole, I wouldn't be doing much for her...
  9. drilling a hole in the right spot is'nt very hard to do either.
    you give them too much credit kernel
  10. The head was already snapped off - this is why the douche had to use the easy out.
  11. true haha
    this reminds me, I have a stripped philips head screw that has been drilled part way, time to go finish it off
  12. whatever you do you're gonna need to remove the engine, disassemble, clean and put it all back together
  13. Another way to get bolts out where the head has snapped off is to weld a weld-pool on it, create a slot with a dremell and you can unscrew it with a screwdriver.
    Its quite easy, but like the others have said, if your mate couldn't even drill straight, thats a massive incompetence to go near a welder.
    Good luck man. Dont lose sleep over it. Its just a machine.
  14. Good luck welding to a bolt snapped in ally without blowing the ally to kingdom come.
  15. pfft i was hoping for a "member gave me dodgy advice and i blew a hole in my block" thread

  16. OK, I'll take pity on you and suggest a (relatively) cheap and easy bodge that might work, depending on the space available, how big the original bolt is and how far off centre the pilot hole is.

    See if you can work out how big a hole you will need, centred on the off-centrer pilot hole, to remove all the seized bolt and have an approximately round hole at the end of the process.

    Go to the tool section in Bunnings and find a tap (as in thread-cutting tool, not bathroom) that requires the size of hole you worked out above. The tap will have the necessary dril size written on the packet (all the ones I've seen in Bunnies do anyway). Metric thread or Whitworth thread doesn't matter much except for the next step. If you haven't got a drill the right size, get one now.

    While you're in Bunnings, go to the fastener section and find a bolt or a length of threaded rod that matches the tap you've just found. Get a nut or two that matches it.

    Back home, use the drill for the tap size you've bought to open up the existing off centre hole out into the surrounding ally. It will wander and chatter and generally be hollible and the hole is likely to be raggy but hopefully it will be approximately round and will be small enough that the tap will bite and cut something resembling a thread.

    Put a nut on the end of the threaded rod/bolt you bought and spin it on maybe 30mm or so. Slather the exposed thread with Araldite.

    Carefully screw the rod into your newly tapped hole as far as it will go, then lock in place by GENTLY nipping up the nut you put on the rod.

    Leave for 24 hours to set, then cut off the surplus length of bolt by whatever method you favour.

    Given a little luck, this will give you a bike that is rideable but which should not be sold to unsuspecting third parties unless very cheaply.

    Alternatively, take the engine out, take it to a proper engineering company and let them deal with it. This is the recommended course of action.
  17. A little luck? I don't think there's ever been, or ever going to be, enough luck in this world.
  18. Moral of the story - don't ever let your friend drill your hole.
  19. I've got this friend, and he's got this rash.........
  20. Au contraire, I've done this (in desperate circumstances) and it worked. Ugly as hell, though and effectively renders doing a proper repair impossible, or, at least, impractical.