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My First wiseman loop

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ralph, May 17, 2009.

  1. Did the wiseman loop today for the first time - normally i dont head across the punt. just head through dural out to wisemans, pitt town rd and out to richmond.

    It was an interesting ride. The wiseman road on the other side of the river is definetely nice and tight. Being virgin to the road i took it easy - especially without any signs indicating the degree of the corner.

    Was good fun though, i loved that minimal traffic and the amount of bikes that use the road. I had to stop nodding at one point i was passing so many bikes, need to see a chiro tomorrow. Part of wisemans rd was closed so had to detour a little.

    There seemed like there was a bit of a police operation today, 2 highway patrol cars doing laps and hiding. I got the warning from a couple of bikes that past me in the other direction. And then i proceeded to warn bikes as they went past... have to say it kinda felt nice, knowing that everyone looks out for everytone... on that... for how long do you normally warm people about a radar trap?? 2?3?5?10?km? not sure what the 'code' says.

    anyways back home via the pacific hwy and into hornsby and back home.

    An awesome ride. Took me a bit over 3 hours - i am a p plater so limited speeding, and with the cops about i took it a bit easy - especially when i had one sit behind me for a bit.

    This could become my regular ride.

    I am a creature of habit, and tend to stick to a similar ride most weekends, so changing it up today was fun, but also highlighted the importance of taking it easy on roads that you havent been on before.

    Next thing on the todo list... putty rd!
  2. i've always held that the standard 'warning' is a hand rotated above your head, mimicking a police roof-light, if that makes sense.

    A couple of years ago there was a tragic mototcycle-motorcycle fatality accident over the other side of the punt, and Police have (rightly) been patrolling the area for that reason.
  3. When i did my p test at rouse hill, the instructor was telling us about that and to be careful on road. I must say a couple of groups felt a bit close as they were hooting around a few of the corners. The police were more closer to gosford, and the old pacific hwy

    thats what i was doing with the signal to other riders... but how far past the pol pol should you keep signally other riders?
  4. Well, officially you are breaking the law by doing so, but to answer your question, there is no answer, because there's a good chance that unless you see the patrol car enter the road you are on, someone up ahead of you has probably already warned them, if you see what I mean.....
  5. Hmm, I did a similar loop on Saturday. Unmarked copper doing runs up the hill from the Brooklyn turn-off to Pie in the Sky. Shot past me going up the hill after someone who had also just shot past me on a bike.

    Orange SS.
  6. 1 of my favourite runs is wisemans, bells line rd is another, old pac i hate, the surface is crap and putty im not to keen on either, i prefer nice sweeping bends like wisemans, more enjoyable, ill save the knee sliding for the track
  7. I absolutely love the wiseman's Ferry run. You can also extend it a little if you cross the ferry and continue to the right to St Albans and take a right at the bridge to a nice little pub called "The Settlers Arms" for refreshment :)

    Sunday lunchtime at the Wiseman's Ferry pub is also a great time to meet & greet bikers of all kinds and have a good look & chat about bikes.
  8. Its a good relaxing run. Kind of strange there being police presense, I'd never have guessed they'd patrol that road considering its not exactly suited for hooning, much nicer to just cruise though.

    Its really only the 80 section that is crap on oph, the rest is fine (surface I mean, the pigs do ruin it). Wisemans has sweepers? Nothing compared to the ones on putty which are for the most part well surfaced and come in 55, 65, 75, 85, 95 recommended and many that aren't signposted so aren't really corners until you get up to speed. And theres alot more :)
  9. Never seen the boys in blue on the north side of the river,interesting info,
    you can push it a bit there but I dont go too hard with all the cotages so close to the road,it would piss me off if i lived there and bikes came by making lots of speed
  10. Yeah, they go north of the river on the old Pac. You don't see them quite as often as the section between Berowra & Brooklyn, but they're not exactly rare.

    On the other hand, if you're referring to north of the ferry on Wiseman's Ferry Road then I agree... never seen a cop car there either.
  11. I was talking about north side of Wisemans punt,never seen a cop out there,not including the local Wisemans cop in a 4 wheel drive and he is usually up at The Settles Arms at St Aubans,O yer I have struck them north of the Hawksberry on the Old Rd,make sure you dont shake your head at them,they dont like it and will react in an unpleasant way,got a strong talking to for my dissent,I think he had just started shaving,they also get out near Pete's Ridge and the Wolami Rd heading towards Dr Jurds.
  12. do what i do, give the cops a friendly wave when u ride past, shows we aint all that bad :)

    but in my mind im thinking, suck shit for not getting me u fcukers while i keep on waving
  13. I'd say it depends on the road.

    Up near where I live, there's very limited places for a speed camera to stop, and so when someone flashes you at the top of say, Old Norton Summit Rd, you know that down the bottom, 5km away, is the only place a camera can be, so slow down there.

    In the suburbs / city, I usually stop signaling once I'm two or so blocks away.

    Hrm, just out of curiosity, what law can they do you for if they bust you lettings other people know there's a camera? The way I see it, you could be signaling that there's a hazard up ahead. You're just letting them know they should slow down.

    Would it come under perverting course of justice perhaps?

  14. they will send u to the taliban to get your head chopped off :shock:

  15. :wink:
  16. Where in the road traffic legislation does it stipulate that it is an offence to warn oncoming traffic of Police? Nowhere.
    It is an offence to warn oncoming traffic by using your highbeams because it is an offence to activate your highbeams within 200m of oncoming traffic. It has nothing to do with Police ahead.

    Most cops don't care, we are there to slow down speeders, not to issue tickets (believe it or not!)