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My first (way too) close encounter....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bigchief, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. Boundry Rd, yesterday..crossing an intersection. 3 lanes of traffic. I am in the middle lane. Far left lane can go straight ahead or turn left. All the cars in the left lane are turning left - so on the opposite side, the left lane is clear. I indicate and move to the left lane on the opposite side of the intersection. Pass the first car (in the middle lane). Coming up to the next car (in the middle lane)...this car decides to turn left (without indicating) into my path as I was coming up right next to him.

    I slam on the brakes and swerved to the left...wheels lock...bike skids...and I could literally feel the car brushing against my right leg and right hand...I managed to keep the bike upright. Guy didn't even stop. Just continued on...

    Needless to say, I stopped at the next garage...took a few mins for my hands to stop shaking...

  2. Big Chief, that was a Big Save! :applause:

    Ok... reality check time.

    You've had and survived a near miss. What will you do differently to avoid a similar incident happening again???
  3. wehoo!...well done...and it sounds like you might have reacted instinctively the correct way, even though you may have been a little heavy on the rear brake.?

    Good save, and good idea to stop and take stock of yourself, get settled again, before continueing on.

    As Rob said...invest a little time in evaluating what you might have been able to do to avoid it in the first place - something may come to mind, and often does. (apart from giving the driver a knuckle-sandwitch) :)
  4. Bugger! :) Glad you got out of it ok, as the others have said - doesn't matter how retarded the other persons actions are, theres always something to be learnt :grin:
  5. Oh I have DEFINITELY been replaying the whole scenario in my head since then.

    One thing I now know I should have done or could have done was when I when I went into the far left lane, I should have probably moved further to the left (i.e. further away from the middle lane traffic) to give myself more space and time.

    Oh and the other thing...two lanes of traffic backed up with the far left lane just about clear... I should have anticipated that someone in the middle lane would swerve out...

    Definitely was too hard on the rearbrake as well - which makes the point for actually practicing emergency stops at the speeds you normally travel...

    In this case I am glad I was covering the front brakes... amazingly the bike didn't stall and once I let go of the brakes, I continued on to the garage... damn I needed a drink.... :LOL:

    Hindsight is a great thing...I'm thankful I have the opportunity to look back in hindsight and see where and how I could have avoided it.
  6. Get a louder exhaust too? :)
  7. Good thinking mate BC. Space and anticipation.

    In traffic, space is your friend.

    Ride well ahead or well behind, but afap, never beside. If you have to ride beside, quickly get level with the driver and look in and make sure he/she knows you're there - that's no gaurantee mind, but better than complete ignorance.

    A louder exhaust (*nods at Ktulu*) will definitely get their attention when you're level pegging with the driver window - especially when you blip for the hell of it. :twisted:

    Well done :)
  8. Atleast you were semi in control of your first near miss. :D

    Mine was not as much as a near miss... more like a MOTH#$ F&%KER could have killed me.

    I was turning right so I had to wait for the traffic line to move past (normally I avoid turning right at anywhere there isn't lights... but this time I broke the habbit). I had been riding infront on a white mini van for a while so he knew I was there. I indicated well before the turn and pulled as far to the right as I could (I was basicly almost ontop of the lines in the middle of the road). SO I have stopped, foot on the back brakes left foot on the ground (always stop in first.. never nuetral unless i am getting off) then a couple of seconds later I hear 2 small sqeeks like brakes before I turn my head the minivan flys past me so close I felt the air on my arm and leg. ... if he rear ended me there was only one place for me to go and that was into the on coming traffic. the fu$ker didn't even wave or anything just kept going and made a left turn. So now I no longer turn right unless there is a turning lane or lights :D

    BUT grats for surviving, Welcome to the frontlines.