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My first vent...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Lilbec383, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. It's 1:15am and I can't sleep, so I was having a look through the forum, when I came across this. I felt like I had something to contribute... I apologise for any language beforehand.

    As I mentioned on my welcome thread, I got my learner rider license at the start of May. I'm doing well on the bike, only had a couple of drops, at very low speeds or stationary, no lowsides. I'm feeling fairly confident, but I'm still very careful, especially around corners in adverse weather, or when the roads are wet.

    My vent is towards the ARSEHOLE who was behind me on the main road around the corner from my house on Wednesday, who felt it necessary to get so close to me and honk their horn so loud behind me I nearly fell off my bike as I was taking a corner... Apparently I was going too slow for the idiot. Who, mind you, was going straight ahead, while I was far over on the left side cornering. They had plenty of room to go around me. I fail to see how a motorist can have such little respect for a learner rider, clearly displaying an L plate, that they would not only tailgate said rider (and I'm talking centimetres!!) but would honk the horn loudly and scare them while they are trying to take a corner!!

    So that's my vent, feel free to share similar (or worse!) stories if you have them :)

  2. welcome to riding....i couldn't believe a female friend saying she's never had a issue with car drivers around newcastle...then i went there and realised it's much more of a rural feeling place than i remember...what you've described happen's a hell of alot in the larger cities around australia....i remember in my earlier days of learners thinking "yeah the L plate is there so i dont need to worry about people getting up my ass they'll acknowledge that im only a learner rider and dont have a supervisor blah blah whatever" ....had that thought hammered out of me quick smart living in western sydney...HOON OR BE DEAD I SAY - nearly got cleaned up by a cop tailgating me 4 weeks after getting my license...A COP ...it's life...you learn to ride accordingly/defensively.

    /end absolutely pointless reply to rant.
  3. Careful with your lane position; you want to have lane presence and awareness of what's happening around you (which you had as you noticed them tailgating), then start braking early (very early if they're tailgating, and gently) and smoothly so that the car anticipates you slowing down. They can get out of the lane or sit behind you and deal with it. And it's similar to how no one likes learner drivers. Ever noticed eeeeveryone overtaking the Suzuki Swift with the L plates on the motorway?
  4. Lane presence is always something I try to have. I do try to stay as far to the right in the lane as I can (buffering and cornering position permitting), as we were taught in the pre-learner course. And always try to make myself known. DEFINITELY aware of my surroundings at all times. There was plenty of space between the car and myself as I'd started braking, as I'd just made a right turn out of the previous cross street and given the bike a bit of throttle to get moving... Apparently I was just taking too long to take the corner and the driver didn't want to go around me. Just thought it was very silly and inconsiderate of them to honk the horn at me.
  5. I do understand what you're saying in this regard. Although its tedious at times, I have a great deal of consideration for L plate drivers. After all, we were all in that position once upon a time...

    Having said this, I had the bejesus scared out of me the other day when I'm cruising along maitland rd through sandgate, on my bike (in all honesty going a few k's faster than I probably should have been) when all of a sudden I'm overtaken by a ford wagon with L plates easily doing 110 in an 80 zone, who then proceeds to start traffic dodging...
  6. being on a bike is a instant magnet for nutcase driver's apparently.
  7. I know how you feel/felt. I was riding home from the bike shop after picking up my first bike recently. Sitting in right wheel track as taught, going at the 70 km/h speed for that road (single lane each was with parking/bike lane at left). I hear a roaring sound and find some idiot in an old commodore wagon passing me on the left, up the bike/parking lane. Then he almost immediately turned right up a side street. It was unnerving and one of the more ridiculous things I've seen on the road.
  8. Tossers will be tossers.
    Don't matter how much faster you go or how much further you move over.
    You are on HIS road !!! He has the right, you only the privilege.
    Well this is how they think.
    Far too many think that it's their god given right to be on the road.
    Actually it is a bureaucratic totalitarian privilege.
    You pay to use it.
    Sometimes with your life!
    The best thing you can do in the situation your were in is pull down a side street and stop.
    It may dent your pride but it's better then loosing skin and blood.
  9. that's no good darling.
    unfortunately even complete bastards are allowed to hold a drivers licence and no-one really cares.
    take me for example. i just don't give a shit.

    but moving on. you cannot fix the cause. however, you can fix the effect.
    my meaning is your reaction. you need to train yourself never to flinch from assholes and react accordingly.
    there is no room for fear. there is no room for panic. there is no room for indecision or hesitation.
    you have to be cool as ice at all times. relaxed and flowing. emotionless cyborg.

    how you react will decide the outcome.
    a cyborg dose'nt get scared. it dose'nt get angry or flustered.
    it simply enacts according to input like an efficient well oiled machine.
    train your inner cyborg. leave your human brain at home.
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  10. very, VERY good advice (y)
  11. how you react will decide the outcome.
    a cyborg dose'nt get scared. it dose'nt get angry or flustered.
    it simply enacts according to input like an efficient well oiled machine.
    train your inner cyborg. leave your human brain at home.[/QUOTE]

    Cyborgs seem to be very good at killing,I like it.
  12. watch and learn

  13. Dont stress Lilbec,their just trying to intimidate you,keep your eyes on the road and the idiots behind you and enjoy your riding.
  14. Taxis do that to me when I slow down during wet weather :eek:)

    Regardless, what a douche bag motorist to tailgate a learner and impose unnecessary risks on everyone involved. Put your safety first. I like the previous advice about pulling to the side and let the douche bag goes past.

    All the best with the riding :eek:)
  15. Keith urban & his own special brand of boy kissing country ,taking a mini dump all over rage.He was doing great till he played his own music
  16. Head up Lilbec.

    I'm a learner (but not particularly slow i think...) and I had a red P plater overtake me last night on a suburban st at 70+ in a 50 zone waaay too close. scared the crap out of me!!!!

    just keep your wits about you and don't do anything dumb like I did trying to give him to bird whilst still riding and sounding horn.
  17. well firstly welcome to the world of a nsw l plater

    secondly i find that no matter where you ride big city's or small rural towns you always find some dick head that will try to push you

    my story: about 1 week after getting my bike i when for a run down the hight way i think i did about km on the day so 250 there and 250 back most of the riding was double lane highway so riding along this stretch of road doing probably 85-90k's l plater in a car so rather then sit up her ass i when to go out and around i do everything right head check and the rest of it move out into the next lane was in no hurry to overtake so was just slowly passing her when a car decided i was talking 2 long to over take and thought it would be a good idea to drive on the other side of me so i have got an l plater on one side and some dick head on the other know he decides he in no hurry to over take and try to sandwich me in between the 2 cars

    moral of the story car drivers are mostly dick heads
  18. because that's not how you overtake on a bike ever.
    that's how you do it in a car.

    overtaking on a bike is >
    ensure it's safe to do so.
    know what happens next.
    commit and just ****ing GO. light speed jump through the blind spot.
    so fast that the car could'nt merge into you if it tried because you'd be past before it did.
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  19. and in some but not all cases, it's a good idea to do a wheelie when you overtake.
  20. i wasn't in the blind spot of l plater and the way i tell it seem to make it long but it only toke like 1 second