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my first vector image.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by flexorcist, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. It may not look much to you...

    ...but today I completed my first vector drawing. For those saying "Vector? Huh?", google raster vs vector.

    It took me a very long time, may not look like much to you, but hey... I'll send you a copy of Adobe Illustrator and you try.
    I've had no training whatsoever, (for most of you looking you'd go pfft that's fair obvious but fn have a go in, I dunno, paint, paint.net, (great free program), photoshop, or illustrator), left school in year 10, and work in a warehouse pushing buttons.

    The intention was for the lines to be simple, I'm still working on curves, maybe I don't have the patience to perfect. This wasn't meant to be a spot on drawing, basically a rough comicy/cartoony thing. If you want a simple way to cartoon something, find a tutorial, and photoshop or paint.net have a Filter called posterize, which cartoons an image.

    Simple to some, harder than you think to most of you, but my first attempt at drawing with a mouse.

    I took this...
    and made this... (yes i know the teeth line is opposite but it looked shite when i did the trace and paste so i changed it.

    If anyones good with this sort of stuff, or can recommend me a graphics tablet, or a good place for drawing classes, let me know. I wanna be a tattooist but my grasp of perspective is too far out of order so I muck around with photoshop, and this was my first day with illustrator. When I get home I'll scan some sketches and muck about with those. ME LOOKIE FORWARD!!
  2. Good effort. Get yourself a hi res tablet (ebay) and its much easier.
    You may even score PS7+ cheap too. I ue a combo of PS7 and PaintShop Pro.
  3. i've got PS cs2. I was oging to ask for the new one when boss was OS, ($4 for a "copy" lol), but seeing as the price of the orig I thought, hmm that'll get me in trouble.

    I'm hanging for a tablet, or a screen i can draw on :grin:
  4. Hmm dude, you wanna be a tattooist and looking at drawing. You do know that some places, the staff can't DRAW FOR SHIT but they put out (bad/seni good/good/great) tattoos. Tattooing is almost nothing like drawing, especially if you "only" do flash work. All you need to know is to "join the dots/paint within the lines" to at least be able to do basic work. Tattooing is an art form that even tho being able to draw would be a MAJOR advantage, it is possible to be a damn good tattooist without being able to draw. Not sure if you have heard of Tony Cohen, one of the "biggest" Aussie tattooists showed my old boss/owner of where I was at for 16 months how he can draw tatts but was "crap" at being an artist with regards to drawing.

    Even through you won't (or maybe won't) put out AMAZING work, tony is one of australias old pioneers with tattoos. http://www.theillustratedman.com.au/tony/tony.html

    I do recommend you get as good as you can with your artwork but don't let too much "real life" time get away as you could be getting say 200-300% better if doing tattoos as opposed to "only" doing/trying to brush up *boom tish* on your art drawing/brushing/comp work. IN other words, try to get an apprenticeship ASAP and do actual tattoos or at least get a (good) gun and practice on either orange peels and/or human skin (your own, mates?) as that will also give you a "leg up" for getting an apprenticeship at a tattoo place.

    I'd prefer if you gained/had GREAT artwork skills but I am just showing real world examples where people who have professed their lack of "pen/pencil" art work yet can get "big" in the tattoo world. Doing tattoos is actually quite easy once you get the hang of putting ink in "fruit peel skin/human skin", you just wouldn't "rise to the top" of the tattoo world "quickly" so to speak.. Of course the moral choice is yours, to either get good/great at art skills (on paper/compter) and/or at tattooing :)
  5. Go buy yourself a nice wacom tablet for a few hundred. They start at 200 and go up to alot more, depending on the size of them.
  6. bennos - re tattoo work, are you prepared to work in a "club" owned environment? many places are owned by clubs, and if so, i may be able to find someone down your way that may be good for a chat :)
  7. ken oath i am. eyyyy, i can practice on pig skins if i need to. at least i know you get good colour by circling with orange/yellow, strokin hard up with blues.

    my tattooist does fantastic colour. i just don't like his choice for my left arm. lol shoulda chose that shit.
  8. once again, a trace. but i'm getting better at curves, and made my own comic-style brush to use to do this with. i'm proud of it so just thought i'd draw attention to it coz noone in real life cares, but net people like stuff. hehe

    i may get em to tattoo this on me...