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My first track day

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by pennybrain, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Yesterday I had the day off to work to head out to Wakefield park for my first ever track day. It was a reasonably early start to the day and I was considerably nervous. Having only had my licence for 3 months and not having heaps of confidence in my riding ability I was crapping myself. Especially seeing all these R1's, R6's, GSXR1000s etc and full race bikes pulling up.
    Anyhow after all the crap was over and we could finally get out there and ride I was quite slow and steady on my first session. I couldn't beleive it when they were waving the checked flag indicating that group C's session was over and it was time for Group A again.
    I met quite a few really cool people. There was this really cool dude on a Ducati who had pulled his car up near mine and he was in group C as well so were talking all the time. He was super cool!
    Anyhow after a few more sessions i was getting more and more game. My tyres were waering down on the edges more and more each session. I even scraped my boots! It scared the shit outta me the first time my boot scraped!
    Unfortunately on one of the sessions the cool dude on the ducati came off. I really wanted to stop and see if he was ok but the rules at the beginning stated that I couldn't stop. Anyhow at the end of the session I came over to him and he was fine but his fairings weren't looking as pretty as they were when he showed up. And he said his pride was hurt. The good thing was though that after his crash he went back into the pit to let someone look over his bike to make sure it was still good for riding and then he got the all clear and came straight back out. All heart. His bike was fine though, all cosmetic damage.
    I didn't get my times at all cause the guy who was running it was a d!ck. He was so up himself. I asked him to help me out and give me some pointers (he said at the beginning of the day he is happy to help people out as he runs a race school too) and he didn't even watch or give me any pointers once.
    All in all it was an awesome day (aside from the guy who ran it being a dick) and i'm looking at booking into my next track day.
    I was by far the slowest person out there. And i had the smallest bike. There were 2 other honda RS125s but they were race bikes!! I could keep up with some people going round the corners but then on the straights they smoked me. When some of the bikes went past me they scared the shit outta me. Damn some bikes are so loud!
    Anyhow sorry for the long post.
    I have to wait 2 weeks for the professional photos...Will post some when I get them.
    So much fun :grin: :grin: :grin:

  2. Sounds like you had fun and learned a lot.

    I know how it is when you start out and some more experienced people act like their top shit. They started not knowing anything too so dont worry. You will notice they are always petty and insecure. They dont deserve your time!

    Don't worry about being the slowest they all had bigger bikes just mould and perfect your technique and you will transfer those skills to a bigger bike later on.
  3. Most riders out there were really nice people and didn't act better than anyone else. They were all out there to have fun and enjoy the day and thats what we all did!

    There were a few exceptions though. I think one guy was sponsored cause he was really really good and he had all matching bike and gear. He was a bit cocky.
  4. I definately agree that the majority of motorcyclists are friendly and willing to help out
  5. Congrats on popping your racetrack cherry. Many happy returns.
  6. u got to ride home. Thats what counts the most.

    I hope to do the same on my first track day.
  7. Well I put the bike on the trailer and drove home!
    I would have been so sore and tired if I had to ride home as well. I was really sore and tired and I didn't have to ride home.
  8. That's what counts, any D!ck can ride in a streight line, it's teh corners that prove you are getting better
    Grats on a day of fun
  9. Awesome story man! Reminds me of myself at the start of this year, except i was at eastern creek for my first time :p

    I've got a RS125 too so i know how you feel on the straights, little thing pumps round on the corners though! pity i blew it last time i went to the creek.... been meaning to fix that. :)
  10. Trackdays are sure fun. Doesnt matter how slow/fast u are. As long as u havf fun.
    The aprillia rs125 is a good bike. It handles well and goes pretty quick. the suspension is on the pretty soft side. so if ur over 70kg then it could be a little bit of a prob. According to a mate, dropping the front forks by about 5mm makes a huge difference.
  11. Glad to see you enjoyed your first track day, don't worry about the lap times tho, mine are so slow they use a sun dial.
  12. I'm not over 70kg so I should be right.
    The RS125 lives for cornering but doesn't like the straights so much.
    I am looking at going to wakefield park again in october. Hope there is roughly the same amount of people there cause it was perfect the way it was. Not too many and not too little.
  13. sounded like an awsum day... i just got my l's and i already want to sign up... first things first.. i need to buy a bike :cry: ... should have one within a month or two and hopefully a track session by end next year?

    how much do these days normally set you back? is there a need for a full license as well? like CAMS for cars?
  14. Does anyone know how Wakefield compares to the Creek? I've been on both in car but not on the bike. It seems like Wakefield is designed mainly for cars while the creek seems like a good compromise.

    Anyone done both?
  15. During the week at Wakefield it is $110 plus $50 for 12 month wakefield park licence. On the weekend a track day is $140.

    You don't even need a bike licence to ride out at wakefield park. There was a dude there who had lost his licence and the only way he could ride was if he came to the track.

    Here are some pictures.




  16. Pennybrain please, only 3 piccies per post in future.