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N/A | National My first track day ... PI 01/12/12

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Kitt, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. So I've been riding for a little over 3 years , been to many a track day with my partner as his pit crew but never had the 'guts' to do one myself .... that is till B booked me in for my very first track day ... not just any track day ... this was a day at Phillip Island !!!

    My nerves where shot even before we got there ,
    We arrived early ( Mainly due to lack of sleep from the storms overnight )and were about 6th inline .... At the sign in window it was interesting that the official assumed I ws pit crew , not rider o_O
    Get in , set up in a garage with ARC .. my bike goes down for scrutineening and I get my ride day bracelet ( a piece of paper wrapped around your wrist for session ID )
    8.40 was the official riders briefing ... 160 riders , 4 sessions .. 40 riders in each session O M G :shock: !!
    I struggle to do group rides with people I know ... this is going to be interesting :facepalm: ..
    The novices ( that have never ridden PI before ) were asked to stay back after the briefing , we were told that the usual first timer classes would not be held as the coach was unavailable :woot: oh great !! I've never done a track day EVER !!
    They did offer to have one of the staff lead us firsttimers around the track for our first lap ... spose it was better then nothing at all :geek:
    Watched the first group go out ... WoW they're quick ...
    Next group .. even quicker ... then it was our 5 minute call .. I was thinking .. I can't do this :nailbiting:
    Geared up and out we go .... I went last as I didn't want to be in anyones way .. A snake trail of bikes cruising aound the track ... this was ok ..
    Unfortuantly once the pace picked up and the faster race bikes caught up .. I felt the need to continue to look behind me every 20 seconds or so .... not much fun without mirrors ... oopsie..
    A few laps in , I didn't head check as often and felt rather comfy , even with bikes wizzing past .. I didn't spook as easily as I thought I would ..
    The straight was awesome !!!! Bike slightly lifts the front wheel as you power into it .. so I back off a little and then hoot along:D
    7 laps ( 20 minute session ) was over so quickly .... silly me even indicates to pull in to pit lane :sorry:

    :D :D :D < was me , even after the first session ..
    2nd session was better and by the 3rd session I didn't look behind me at all ..
    I think I enjoyed my 4th session the most ... finding the lines and actually overtaking as I'd been to :chicken: to do it earlier ...
    5th session wasn't long enough ( still 20 mins , just seemed to go to quick )
    By the final session I was feeling a little tired so I took it easy and finished my day with the biggest smile and so proud that at my age and with my injuries I could say I did a track day at PI, got to the very edge of my tyres , kept my bike rubber side down , felt at one with my girl and thoughly enjoyed myself ..
    I was actually hoping that a vacancy would come up on the Sunday so I could do it all over again :angelic:

    I'll say I was disappointed that we didn't have a coach though , I was looking forward to the info sessions and I feel I could've achieved so much more with the right advice ... attempting to learn a track like PI on your own is difficult but I know what to do next time :p

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  2. very nice! wish I'd done this but cest la vie.

    are you going to leave the GSXR in race trimand just keep the RSV4 for the road now?
  3. U
    Ummmm nope .... She's too much fun not to ride on the road as well :)
    Had her out playing today :p
  4. Just noticed your post Kitt.

    Well done! Sounds like a lot of fun.

    I hesitate to do a track day somewhat. Preffer tuition to improve my riding.

    Why there were no coaches on the day? Did you book the tuition but no one was available or how did it work?
  5. When you check the PI website , it says there's a coach available .. But only if it doesn't clash with other ride days elsewhere ... Our coach was apparently not well on the day ... Hence not having one ... Never the less it still was an enjoyable day and I learnt heaps .. Even followed a few of the race bikes out there and observed their lines .... I think I'll do a Broadford day soon ... Hopefully have Johnny O out coaching :)
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  6. congrats on the successful day. only ridden PI once myself and it is such a beaut track to ride around! lots of awesome sweepy fast corners and a whole stackload of fun. Our local track is Mallala which is very Stop/Go and hard on the arms because of the hard accelleration followed by hard braking all the time. PI was such a pleasure to ride after doing mallala as it's much easier on the arms and nowhere near as heavy on the brakes (not a dustbowl either!!)
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  7. Great work Kitt! Great to read your write up. I'm super keen to have a go at PI this year.
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  8. Mallala is crap,needs to be closed
  9. Great OP Kitt.......fantastic effort.......
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