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My First Track Day - I'm hooked!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by slideways, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to do a quick thread to say to anyone even remotely thinking about doing a trackday - do not waste anymore time! get into it!

    A couple friends of mine have been talking about doing a track day at QLD Raceway for a while, I always declined because my road bike is an old cb600 (with 85000k on the clock!)
    - which I think wouldn't be much fun on a track.

    But they planted the seed in my mind. I really wanted to go, so I ended up finding a cheap track bike for $2k off ebay to try things out.

    I have to say, arriving at the track for the first time is a bit daunting! Seeing all of these amazing bikes, with slicks and tyre warmers, etc etc, makes you feel a little out of place!
    Luckily though it was a busy day - so there was a good mix of novice and pro.

    Because this was my first track day (and also my first time on my track bike!) I went in the Red group, which was great - the no undertaking rule is really handy, once you're in a corner;
    you know no-one is going to come up the inside of you - which really helps you to build confidence.

    .... up until the 3rd lap of the first session... cold tyres, cold brakes, and still getting used to my track bike and the track, i locked the rear into turn 3 and ended up in the gravel - I stayed upright though!!
    Getting out was tough, I manged to stall 3 or 4 times trying to get the bike out. the 5th time the battery had had enough and wouldn't start it... So I had a long walk of shame back to the pits..

    Put the charger on - and put the first session behind me, and got out there for session 2! from there on the day just got better and better.

    I'm just a regular rider - I commute daily to work, but after I bought my track bike - My one goal was to slide my knees... I never thought it would happen on my first track day! It's such an amazing feeling!!!!

    I stayed up watching California Superbike School episodes the night before - I tried to apply as much of that on the track. I think that, plus a sunny day, and new smooth tarmac surface is what got me to that point.
    In my final few sessions, the only corner I wasn't getting my knee down was turn 1!

    Now I can't wait to go back again! I learned more about riding in one day than I probably have in the last 2 years... and I really wish I did this sooner!
    Next time I'm going to watch all of the CSS videos again, and try and work on getting my body a little lower I think ?

    Some pics of the day are shown below, if anyone else here was riding in the Red group on the 21st Jan at QR, let me know what bike you were on - I might have some pics of you!


    My bike on the right (TT600)

    Me getting ready for the first session

    The Walk of shame

    Trying to go lower and lower

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    Aww man I'm jealous. I want to do a track day, good on ya man and some good shots there - nice job of getting the knee down on your first try
  3. props to you mate....glad to hear of your being able to get your knee down on the first track day, i've been told by a much older cousin who's an obscenely experienced rider compared to myself to get myself down to the track for some 1on1 training as it's worth a world more to you in experience than a good few years of riding on the roads...
  4. Awesome! We got another one hooked.
  5. Nice write up, good to see you enjoyed the day out, might have to locate the CSS episodes you mention and get myself drawn closer to the hook lol
  6. Look up "superbike school uk" either in google or YouTube. It's 6 episodes and follows 3 riders thru the California superbike school.

    Was filmed in 2005 but still very relevant.
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  7. cheers slideways :) will do!!
  8. I actually saw that bike recently when I was browsing trackies, and liked it - glad it's worked out for you...
    I'd love to do a day but I'm in a similar boat to you: my bike is nice and shiny and my only means of transport to work...
  9. I took a 21 year old K100RS with 250,000 on the clock and cast iron tyres to the track and had a blast. It's surprising how much fun you can have given unsuitable machinery and the right attitude :D.
  10. I must have a real warped sense of what makes riding fun, as the less suitable the equipment, the more fun I have. He he he. I've done track days on an old mid eighties Yamaha 750 shaft drive, single disc Virago cruiser, and had an absolute blast. Certainly wasn't the fastest there, but was also a long long way from the slowest. He he he
  11. I think the wobbles, scraping noises and trails of sparks probably act as a deterrent to overtaking :twisted:. That and the fact that, according to a mate who knows more about such things than I, not caring about the machinery is worth 5s a lap :D.
  12. $2k for a track bike? Damn, I'd buy that too.
  13. I paid $4k for mine, but then I'm hoping to race it as well...

    Glad you had a good time. It sounds like you'll be back - which is great. Knee down on the first day - awesome! I didn't do that until my 3rd ...
  14. Great Story! I have been willing to go on the track for quite a while now... And you convinced me. I am booking a track day tonight!!! :)
  15. those superbike school eps are gold!
  16. Grab Twist of the wrist II, great to watch.
  17. Yeah got pretty lucky , for some reason no one else bid on the auction :)
  18. what did you buy?
  19. an '03 R6 track bike. Suspension sorted, race glass (rough) and that's about all.
  20. What a great write up, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself so much. You've just made me want to have a crack at a track day EVEN MORE! :)