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My first track day coming up! Hints, Tips, etc??

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by SHEPPO, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Hey guys/gals,

    Got my first trackday this Friday at Sandown as part of the Honda Ride Day or whatever it's called (i got invited by a honda riding mate).

    I'm really looking foward to it, but have a few questions:

    1) tyre pressures, what's the go? i wont be charging hard, simply riding spiritedly around the track as i do on the twisties. is there any need to alter my tyre pressures?? FWIW i run SuperCorsa's on the bike (R1).

    2) should i prepare the bike in any special way? i am riding it to/from the track, so i have to keep all the lights and mirrors, etc on it. should i run a low fuel load, or a full tank? we have a car coming with us, so i can bring a jerry can full of juice if needed.

    3) myself, anything i should do before hand? i plan to drink plenty of water, stretch before hand, and genrally warm up, but anything else? I will be in full leathers that have a fair bit of venting.

    Basically i'm treating the day as a big, long, twisty ride, not going out there to push the limits of tyre grip, my ability, etc. The aim is to have fun, and see what the R1 can do when i let the right wrist have some fun :)

    Oh and what's the go with pulling mono's, etc?? I dont plan on being an idiot, but if the front end lifts under power, can i keep it up for more than a split second, or is that frowned upon??

    If any track day experienced people, or people who have done these Honda ride days, have any hints, tips, etc, for me, i'd appreciate them.



  2. 1. 30 to start with - there's usually a tyre mob there, have a chat to them or to someone who's done track days out there.

    2. No, standard is fine, just some tape to cover your mirrors - or fold them in.

    3. Water is good, don't forget a back protector. If you're not trying to set lap records then fill it up......saves messing around.

    4. At every track day I've wheelies are a no go. Power wheelies out of corners or at crests are ok as long as you don't continue them through the gears.

    5. Take a folding chair in your support car. You won't regret a sit down.

    5. Have a good day :)
  3. take tyre gauge (i am unsure at sandown but P.I.) the recommend you set tyres to 30psi, but i am sure they will let you know at the rider's briefing. Not sure if you have to tape up mirror/lights at sandown but again maybe just take some tape down with you..... (i normally trailer it down so i disconnect brake lights/headlights (and tape them up) remove mirrors.

    Make sur you have plenty of pad left on brakes, good tyres, and bike is in good shape.

    Take a few bottles of water with you, and a stool/chair if you can fit it in, it's more for comfort, in between sessons. Sun block, for back on neck and sunnies.

    Imo the track is the place to push your limits, you will be shocked at just how much grip actually have, well i know i was :shock: riding at the track has helped me no end, it gave me a great idea of really far current bikes will lean and the a idea of grip levels.

    In saying that i am keen to get out and do one in the rain for the same reasons.

    Have fun and i reckon you will have a blast :)
  4. Cant offer any advice mate, but Enjoy & Stay Safe !!
  5. There's wheelies and there's wheelies. The idea of safe track riding is to be consistent and predictable, whilst lapping as quickly as possible. Stick to that and you won't get any grief.
  6. The guys above have already said most of it.

    I personally pulled off my mirrors as they're quick to remove and put back on, but are always the first victims in any slide at any speed. I also removed the rego plate for privacy reasons.

    Low front-wheel skimming power wheelies are fine. They're concerned about people who pick the front wheel right up to the point that rider vision becomes compromised. Basically it's a common sense thing. You know when you're showboating a wheelie down the straight, and it's obvious to everyone else when you do that too, and that's what they're talking about.
  7. thanks for the replies fellas.

    i didn't even think about a chair/stool. now that u mention it, i'll definately pack one. thanks for that hot tip! :)

    i definately wont be showing off (probably due to lack of skill) doing wheelies, but i do want to learn how hard i can give it before it lifts the front wheel under pure power, no clutch-up's, etc.

    the basic aim of the day is to learn the bike a bit more, since i've only owned it for a few weeks , and bring it (and myself) home in one piece with a stupid grin on my face! if i can achieve that, i'll be wrapped.
  8. Take it easy for a few laps to get familiar with the track

    Let your tyres warm up before you push hard, even if you have tyre warmers. This is just a precaution. usually 2 laps should be enough.

    You are not racing anyone. Go and have fun.
  9. Advice yes...........take someone elses bike!!!
  10. HRCA days require your bike to be road legal and registered, so leave mirrors on, plate legible etc...

    HRCA days are fun days. They do not separate or grade the groups, so expect to be both passing and being passed.

    It's supposed to be fun, so relax, take plenty of fluids with you, try to avoid the turps the night before. If they provide food (can't remember for Sandown), avoid any stodge, it'll sit in the pit of your stomach and make you lethargic at a time when you don't need to fall asleep.

    Lastly, resist the urge for one last final lap. If you're feeling tired, better to back off and go back to the pits and call it a day rather than trash you or your bike. Accidents tend to happen either in the first session (or lap) or the end of the day when people are bushed.
  11. Don't crash. Sandown is a shithole.
  12. Back protector, GOOD tyres, and oh that chair.
    Take it easy, there are better tracks to try out.
  13. I wasn't going to mention what a shit hole it is, but Rog is correct. Sandown is a total dump.
  14. really what makes it so bad? Is it lack of run off? Track surface? or just a boring track to ride? :?
  15. It has a long straight with a 90 degree left hander at the end. Run off here is just a sand trap and then a fence.

    The entrance onto the front straight is bumpy as hell. It's very stop/start and not flowing.

    Check out the track map

  16. i dont think sandown is much chop in a car, yet to go on it with the bike but i'll know what i think of it come friday!

    i dont rate it highly myself, but since it's local, and i was asked if i wanted to go along by a mate... i thought, why not? day off work to fang around with mates at the track, not the worst way to spend a day.

    i believe the track (sandown) can flow, but it's by no means "flowing" when you compare it to the likes of phillip island. but we're spoilt to have such a high class track (PI) so close to home, and be able to ride/drive it.
  17. practice sharp lefts :)
  18. Well i'm happy to say yesterday went off without a hitch (well for me anyway). I had possibly the most fun ever, and was grinning like an absolute idiot after every session.

    I took most of the advice in this thread, and found it to be helpful. I did end up taking it very easy the first 5 laps, whilst others around me didn't and ran off. I also sat out the last session, as i was physically stuffed, and going out once more may have resulted in a mistake that may/may not have caused an off.

    Coupla pics (i have over 4GB to sift thru!):

    onto the front straight:

    end of the last session, i was stuffed, but stoked:

    rear tyre after it all:

    Thanks for all the helpful hints, tips, etc.

  19. Good work!!! The track is an awesome place to be with a motorcycle.

    Be careful thou, its addictive and it tends to eat through your piggy bank pretty quickly. :cool:
  20. Sounds like you had a blast
    Well Done mate !!!