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My First Track Bike - TT 600 :)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by slideways, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, just thought I'd post up some pics of my first ever track bike.

    I've been super keen to get into track days, but my current ride - 99' CB 600 would be pretty useless on the track - so I started looking around for a cheap trackie :)

    Found this one on ebay.

    - 2002 Triumph TT600
    - only done 5500 km's - But is an ex-race bike - the previous owner had the engine and gearbox rebuilt only 700 km ago.
    - Power Commander ECU
    - Ohlins Suspension
    - Carbon Fibre Exhaust
    - Near new tyres
    - Braided brake lines
    - New Pads
    - spare sprockets with different teeth arrangements

    It was listed in Adelaide, and I have to say - for bike transport - "Bikes 2 U" were awesome! They picked it up on Thursday and had it here Tuesday!!! and were the same price as all the others (which had 1 month turnaround times)

    For some reason the owner didn't really list much info on his ad - it wasn't until I talked to him that I got all of the info - and I think that's the reason I got it so cheap - I waited until one hour to go on the auction - put in my bid and no-one out bid me :)

    First track day is booked in for Jan 21st at QR - Can't wait!
    I've got the xmas break to give the bike a full service - and setup the levers etc to my liking :)



  2. Nice find! I'm booked it at QR on the 21st for my first track day too. Looking forward to it. :D
  3. Great buy mate, once you go track you'll never go back!!