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My first time!! What a feeling :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Insan3, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Sorry if this a bit basic for all the experienced people here, but I'm so happy - I got through my first ever riding experience (relatively) unscathed!

    I had my first QRide riding lesson this morning, having never ridden/started a bike before. Was all excited, went out on the weekend and bought my gloves and helmet (KBC VR2 Airforce) and took to it on the supplied GS500.

    I started the bike OK (Step 1 Done!!), and in 2 hours, was riding around on my own on the test track, using all gears, brakes (only fronts for stopping). Never thought that would have been the case!! Spent 60mins idling around, doing U-Turns and Figure-8's - with only 2 mistakes, both times grabbing a big heap of throttle (not good when you have only been going at 10km/h) and shooting 50m down the track/onto the grass, but always kept it upright, calmed down and got back on track.

    Very tough to dip the bike in for a sharp U-Turn on the bike at idle speed, (or do the straight line tests) but got there in the end - with not too much wobbling :).

    As you can tell I am very excited and still washing off the adrenaline!! Roll on Lesson 2 on Wednesday :)

    Thanks for sharing in my moment with me!!

  2. Congratulations. A big step it is.... one day closer to being a rider.
  3. Way to go Matt. :dance:

    And you never lose the excitement of riding :grin:
  4. Damn straight.

    Enjoy mate!
  5. Yeh, the smiles just get wider. Welcome to the world of motorcycling.
  6. congrats and welcome to world of motorcycling!
  7. Well done mate, unfortunately I still have to wait another 4 weeks till my license test due to the back log.

    I'm very envious!!! :wink:
  8. Doesn't the wait suck, I had to wait a month after i booked to do mine, and I only got it so soon because I was willing to travel an hour both ways on the train to get there, but it was well worth the wait :D
  9. One great thing about QRide is that you can walk into Qld Transport on a Friday to get your L's, do QRide on the weekend and go back to QT on Monday to hand over your certificate and get your Full, Unrestricted licence.
    I'm spreading my lessons over 2-3 weeks, but still reasonably quick.

    That said - there are many negatives that can be derived from this speedy training system as well... :) Maybe a little too much trust placed in the hands of Joe Public to make sensible decisions on their general safety and riding choices.. The fact you can go from ZERO experience to a Hayabusa (etc etc) in only a few days is a little concerning.