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My first time!!! (pics added)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by stewy, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Well I can confirm it was my first time and it was all over before I really had time to enjoy it. For me, and I assume (most) we had always seen it in mags, watched it on tv, and I had been lucky enough to see some mates do it to, but to actually achieve it in real life was so much more rewarding then I ever could of hoped for. :grin:

    So this is how the day unfolded, and how I ended up being a very happy man by the end of the day.

    It started in dubious weather looking out side I saw sections of blue skies but unfortunately the temperature was still quite cool. No problem, packed some warmer gear. All packed up we made our way down Geelong where I had planned to met with some of our friends. Spent the morning out and about with her and our friends, this was nice. We spent time just building on our relationship, working though some different body positions before stopping for a coffee and a bite to eat. With all that said and done we parted goodbye to our friends, now by ourselves we stop road side to remove some articles of clothing to leave only leather exposed and the mind racing. Now this was what I was waiting for, some time alone with her.

    With the weather now starting to improve, things were heating up. Away we went down the G.O.R. by now those moves I was putting on her early in the day where now being applied at every chance I got. Upon reaching Apollo Bay, I was exhausted, but still no more satisfied then I was when I awoke. Well I thought maybe some fine food might encourage things along. One of Apollo bays finest pasta meals for a late lunch with a view to die for, blue sky and white fluffy clouds with her in the for ground. It was a magical picture. Well satisfied we headed back again trying those same moves really concentrating on how I positioned my body over hers. Well we tired for while with still no results, by now my frustration was growing, I seen it in the movies, I knew how it should look, I couldn’t understand it. What was I doing wrong?

    After reaching Lorne and now starting to feel defeated, after every move I tired on her resulted with no noise, I found myself slip back into a slightly more aggressive fashion. As I stood her back I gave her a fist full to feel her rear end squirm and her front come up, I was now past the point in being nice. I knew what I longed for.

    We followed the curves, now moving as one, I could feel every move she made, things were starting to happen. I felt we were close, and then wham, as I heard the my knee connect with road, to hear to lovely grinding noise but only for a few seconds, now over come with emotion no time to ponder that last moment more curves approaching at increasing pace, through the next two then back round another 35km left hander and wham touch down again, quickly switch to the right, for the 40km/hr hairpin and down goes the right knee not wanting to be left out of the action. Well as we straighten up I had a grin from ear to ear within my helmet now, clinching my fists in the air with excitement. :dance:

    The relief, the excitement. It was just as I had been told, when it all comes together there was no reaching for it (felt like the road just came up to my knee) and it was a unreal experience, it felt so natural and I felt so at peace for those few seconds through the turn, nice and relaxed, no panic, heavy, stiff body, just completely relaxed.

    So that’s how my Sunday unfolded.

    Would also like to thank Raven (john) as last Saturday after all the talk in the knee down thread he offered me, to take me out have a look at my style, see how my corner technique was/is. Now I consider myself a fairly competent rider whether that be a day ride, touring or trackdays in both wet and dry conditions and generally can motor my sv along at a pace fairly well.

    So I was very keen to head and get any further tips/input that another rider could offer me, so to any rider out there that thinks they know it all, just take a step back have a listen to what others have to say, some things people say will be utter bullshit but then sometimes you can pickup new tips and idea’s that will just make all the difference, and I am fairly certain John’s advice to really get my upper body even further across was the secret to yesterdays events, so thanks for spending the day out riding with me in the cold and wet last Saturday. It was greatly appericaited.

    So virginal knee sliders no more…… Woohoo…..I finally joined the kneedown club \:D/

    Cheers stewy :cool:

    Pics to follow tonight
  2. :LOL: Well done Stewy! :applause:
    I was wondering what was coming :LOL:
    I think I'll be staying in the knee-up club for a while yet. I'll leave it to you hoons to wreak havoc in such a way :p
  3. WOW !
    Congrats Stewy ! :dance:

    I've always watched in 'awe' at how some of you guys can get a knee-slide happening. Must be an awesome feeling.

    Good One mate !!!!
  4. Bloody Hoon ;)
  5. Congrats, always good to feel you've accomplished something in a day :cool:
  6. Yeah, pretty awesome stuff!!

    I was a bit concerned about some of the choice of words here though... for instance, "I gave her a fist full to feel her rear end squirm..."

    Yikes!! Bloody glad you were talking about the bike, here!


    Nah, he was pretty excited about it all... He called me from the roadside shortly after, and I could tell the adrenaline was still pumping ... The whole story about it fresh from the roadside made my own adrenaline run too :grin:

    I guess I got my knee down vicariously through him!!

    I was doing the sitting version of this: :dance:


    Then last night he kept telling me how knackered he was after the days events... so we decided to get an early night, and were in bed by 9.30!!
    But do you think he could sleep? :roll:
    He was exhausted, and I think the adrenaline still coursing through his veins was the only thing keeping him awake...
    He was like a tired, excited, giggly kid... It was sooo cute! LOL :)

  7. There ya go mate!...not only did you manage it, but you got there by just letting the road come up to you...OUTSTANDING!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Now, you can just ride, without the added distraction of "will it happen today", going through your mind. :grin:

    I'm glad our day out helped ya, Stewy.! :grin:

  8. Dear Stewy.

    You are a c*nt.

  9. where did you think it was going? I mean it was pretty clear what was happening :wink: :LOL:

    Yeah until yesterday i had only watched with envy too, and yes very good feeling

    yeah yeah.....like you can talk :p

    well yeah i always left with the hope of grounding but if i didn't i would of still enjoyed the ride....i mean twisties, no tourists, open road, how could you not enjoy it. :wink:
  10. yeah it did john, though i will admit, still feels strange being so far away from the center of the bike....though i am sure with some practice i will get used to it :wink:
  11. Don't worry mate...after a few full days of feeling like you are so far out there that, you could just "step off", it'll feel perfectly natural...then things will be the reverse...it'll feel weird when you are'nt!. :grin:
  12. :soapbox: [-X After reading the above I propose to the mods that this whole thread be removed and that in fact the poster himself should be shown the door. Totally not G rated. :deal:

    God help us when we see the pics. =;
  13. Good thing was i was so far behind i didn't have to see his antics during his morning warm up! :cool:

    Congrats Stewy.
  14. why what you you think i was talking about hmmm....geez, you woman have filthy minds :LOL: :p oh yeah had a bit of explaining to do to the missus last night, blah, she read this line and went :-s :nail:

    but then she kept reading and i am soo lucky she has such a great sense of humor, or else might of been :blackeye:

    piccies as promised....

    Dear Loz,

    here some pics for you, cos i know you sooo wanted to see em





    sorry they aren't great/huges skuffs, but i promise i will work on them :wink: [/img]
  15. Dear Stewy,

    Blow me.

  16. Onya Stewy! :grin:

    It'll start just happening by itself soon enough. Weight the outside peg and lock the knee into the tank, make sure your grip on the controls is nice and loose, relaxed. Get some sparkie sliders on there too and make all your mates think you're lowsiding :LOL:
  17. [​IMG]

    This proves nothing!!! Nothing I tells ya

    How do we know you didn't just do this to yourself?


    When you're ready to go and do it again, shout out and I will come and film it. (knees down that is, not touching yourself up with an angle grinder)