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My first time down the GOR....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Sweeris, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. I went dodwn the GOR yesterday and it felt good going down it. I liked the trip between lorne and apollo bay. I seen alot of bikes doing that part of GOR.

    At lorne I stopped over at Aran for breakfast. At first I didnt think to stop there until i passed it and saw a bike parked out front so I parked there and had something to eat. Then other bikes pulled up and had something to eat as well.

    Other than that I had a great day out. Almost stacked my bike round the corner from my place in the morning though.. :( I got 400km ride at the end of the day....
  2. how lucky are you to be living near such a great ride?!

    Vic Roads released a free dvd last year about the GOR highlighting the 'do's and don'ts', it's worth a look but won't really change your life. it's more to highlight some of the more dangerous aspects of the road - namely the other traffic!
  3. You did it, Anak - well done!

  4. Today woulda been a good day for it too. Acutally if the forcast is correct, next few days would be good. Ashame as I work nights and have to sleep through most of the day.
    Will have to make an effort to go for a good ride while weather is good.
    What is the condition of the GOR still having road works? Lots of pot holes still?
  5. nice work, i'm abit jealous thats one nice stretch of road, i had a pretty good ride myself though pulled in 200km's awesome day for a ride, driving down the eastern freeway was :D, to bad most of my mates had work.
  6. The GOR seems pretty goos now. Between Lorne and apollo bay is really good. I didnt recall any pot holes on my ride. There were no road works on GOR. The road is also pretty clean I didnt see any gravels. Had I really good day.

    Coming back I came back on C119(I think) heading north to get the A road. There's road work on that road and very loose surface. Lots of gravel too. I can feel my bike loosing grip even on a very little lean. Bad road to go on if anyone is planning to use it....