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My first Tarmac Slide

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by duckula, May 26, 2009.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    So my vent, although in this case I am afraid all my fault. I am in new zealand at the moment and have hired a bike over here, anyways in a strange city (dunelin) and while a bit lost in the city and not paying enough attention managed to clip a car (who told police he was stopped when he was still moving) with the right hand pannier.

    Well of course the whole bike went for a slide and me with it although I did let go straight way. Damage: engine casing cracked and oil on the road, broking clutch and gear lever. I am ok although have sore ribs, thank god for my jacket and pants armor.

    Anyway happened very fast as of course they all do but am in all one piece except for a fine from the police (thanks, 150NZD) and excess on the bike. Silly mistake I was looking for road signs and not at the car in front of me.

    Take care out there.....irgonically just came across the west to east coast with the warnings about possible black ice!

  2. Ouch. What was the excess?
  3. do you plan on ever going bac to NZ? might not need to pay the fine :twisted:
  4. ah the excess is only 500 thankfully and my travel insurance company should cover it. Turning into a expensive trip but I better pay the fine you never know when I might want to come back. The roads on the west coast as fantasic.
  5. better pay that fine.

    Chances are they'll try to find you here to give you the fine AND a penalty.

    Happened to my uncle visiting from overseas a number of years back, he had a parking fine when he was here, decided not to pay it as he was going back the next day.

    1 month later he got the fine and a penalty in the mail as well as admin charges for finding where is lived overseas.
  6. NZ and Aus have tightened their cooperation with crime including traffic infringements.

    best pay it.
  7. they will find you. mate of mine had a $700 bill turn up from canada for the rescue chopper from when he landed on his head
  8. Thanks everyone, yes I have paid it but it turns out because the accident is my fault the rental insurance may not (still waiting to find out) over the damage! I swear I can't win one moment of inattention while looking for a street sign.....

  9. if thats the case :mad:

    that sucks.
  10. lol, thanks hornet..that was such a cool cartoon. Still waiting on the insurance would you believe it hoping no news is good news.

    By the way I ended up with torn muscles/cartilage in my chest and it bloody hurts....
  11. that sucks. so the insurance only covers accidents where the other driver is at fault? or only covers damage to the other vehicle?
  12. I'm not trying to be a smart Alec but where you went wrong was you came off;)