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My first tank slap!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thecptn, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. And it scared the beejeezus outa me! gassed it hard from the lights as you do, but failed to keep in mind the road was in a rather bumpy condition, hit a nice section of bumps under heavy acceleration, which than caused the tank slap, if you haven't experienced one, imagine a 400 pound gorilla trying to ermmm dry hump the front of your bike :grin: at this point, my handle bars are wildly going side to side, I instinctively backed off the throttle which brought the front side down and thus putting more weight on the front wheel, which than resulted in the tank slap vanishing, quite scary but luckily I'm alright, cant say much about me undies though lol

  2. I think I would have needed to change my underwear too after that.... lol
  3. Yep, would have to definitely change the knickers :oops:

    Glad you got past it okay, scary stuff hey?
  4. Lucky escape, and quick thinking, well done to stay upright. A slapper can easily enter a 'feedback oscillation loop', getting wilder and wilder until it spits you off. Now be a good boy and don't do that again eh.....
  5. did you slap it back? :grin:
  6. Sounds like a tiny tank slapper/head shake, cause if you let off the gas it could have become alot worse. What i do when im in a tank slapper, i will pull a wheelie so i can straighten the front wheel and get rid of the tank slapper/headshake.
  7. just a power on mono?? 'cause them 2fiddys rip it up :p
  8. Man, I hate it when they do that :LOL:
  9. Tank slappers are very scary. Thats why i installed a steering dampner. I remember a quote from a superbike racer, that if u fell a bit of a head shake, keep the throttle on and just loosen up the arms and it should sort itself out.
  10. Cleverlie can lane split a ZXR250 at 300km/h on one wheel. He posted it on the internet, so it must be true :p
  11. Man i can remember my first tank slapper, was on a KX250 half way through 4th gear, clipped a rock or something with the front wheel. It shook that voilently i thought it was going to rip my arms out of their socket and felt i was going to get thrown over the handle bars, i dont know how i managed not to crap em that day.
    Since then ive learned how to react in that situation, lean back and more gas, on a dirt bike thats the golden advice that will get you out of trouble nearly every time, well except for a wheelie gone to far lol.
  12. I've gone over this a few times already i don't have a zxr250, Hell i've basicly told everyone what bike i ride but i don't think anyone was smart enough to work it out.

    I want zxr250 though.
  13. heh, i know what you ride ;)
  14. whats a tank slap?
  15. A tank slapper is when your handle bars go from lock to lock. A head shake is something like that but alot less.
  16. exactly the same thing happened to me when i was on my 250. under full acceleration across the intersection. didnt know it was bumpy and shit yea.... massive tank slap but i kept powering on and it settled it self. man was i scared after that
  17. My brother's NSR250 had a bad habit of tank slapping. Did it to me twice and both times were scary as. First time I got control a bees dick before I went into a gutter. Was a very close call.

    My current bike likes to head shake a little but has always been fairly easy to control.
  18. Early this year my Spada tank-slapped at 120+kph when it hit a couple of very hard bumps on a straight section of country road. At that speed the oscillations were instantly lock-to-lock and out of control and in about 1 second the bike was goooone. Not a hope of controlling it. Scared the s%$t out of me to learn about tank-slapping like this :shock: . Both me and the bike were lucky. Come upgrade time I will never own a bike without a steering damper as I never want to experience that again!
  19. Hehe, Steering dampners are for amateurs! Nah, nah good on ya for wanting a steering dampner, it'll save your bike one day. I've had a tank slapper at 200km/h and it had me laughing after it.