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my first stupid stupid accident!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by livingstonest, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. just had an off bout 30min ago and am very annoyed with myself....although i am 100% fine and am grateful for it!

    been riding for bout 2 months now and i usually ride at night after work. today is my 3rd day ride cause i got today off work, beautiful day, riding, sweet, having fun. Then i enter a small quiet street with no cars around so i wanna do a U-turn. Because i'm only going at 10km/h my bars are turned and i'm not leaning......that's when i see a massive deep pothole so what does this idiot do?? i hit the front brake and yes the bike topples over and unfortunately its made alittle worse as its a steep downhill.

    after my 2 second slide my cb250's right indicator is busted, foot rest bent, mirror bent, tacho displaced. minor stuff.

    what i want to know is since i was thrown forwards my left chin hit the floor. It wasn't that hard and all i can see is a few scrapes on the left chin of my arai. the visor is fine. now even though i was going slow, it was downhill and so there was an impact..........should i replace this helmet??? the chin area is the only part which touched the ground. i dunno if because its a thinner area if its affected the integrity of helmet as a whole?

    thanks for any comments!

  2. I'd be tempted to take it to a shop and ask them, but my feeling would be that the helmet should be OK.

    Bummer of an accident though. There's no doubt about it, we continue to come up with innovative ways of throwing ourselves at the scenery, don't we?

    Good to hear that you're OK.
  3. In an ideal world where we can all afford to replace helmets we have small bumps with (dropping while carrying or something silly) then we would be repalcing helmets every 4 months.

    If it is a small impact and there does not appear to be anything structurally faulty, then maybe you could get away with it. But, to be 100% sure, take ti a shop and ask their advice........

    It is a tough call as only you can see the damage.

    But, any damage weakens the helment.... Just depends how much it was weakend
  4. I wouldn't be so hard on yourself, we've all done it and some have done a lot worse (I will of course name no names). :p Just use it as a learning experience as it's only stupid if you do it again.

    As for the helmet, this question always gets asked. Basically most people reckon that it will be fine BUT if you want to be 100% then get your VISA card out.
  5. It's not an accident, it's a lesson!!! As far as the helmet goes, apparently you should replace it even if someone looks at it long enough :) On serious side yes, if you had an impact with it, you should replace it.
  6. Is that you in the avatar offering helmet advice?
  7. yeah thanks for all your comments....just very annoyed is how i feel now is all.....but hey live and learn.

    by the way cordura pants suxxx!!! this was a minor off and there's a hole in my rjays alittle large than a 50cent piece above the right knee. the material's just shredded and there wasn't much impact there at all!! my spidi leather gloves however had quite an impact and went sliding a fair bit and i can't even tell its been scratched!

    i think the helmet should be fine then, its just got superficial scratches on the front chin, i can't see or feel any other differences. i just wanted to know cause i thought that the chin area would be a weaker area and so a minor bump there might affect the whole helmet, but i guess not. thanks again!
  8. Still wont' be as weak as an open-faced :LOL:
  9. Good to hear you're ok, and, let me guess, first thing you did was to check ON THE BIKE!!? You've already proved what gear you need to add to what you have already; knees and hands often hit the ground first. Like Roamer said, that's not an accident, it's a lesson; stash it away for another day!
  10. Hmmm, it's a tough call...

    I had a low speed off, and the only damage I could see to the helmet was a cracked visor. In my opinion, the visors are not very strong.

    I just replaced the visor.
  11. Yup that's me! But general taught still stands, if your helmet has an impact, replace it, no matter if I wear open face, closed face, straw hat or none at all..........
  12. There are different types of Cordura. The closer-weave (more expensive) types hold up a little better on abrasian. Still not anywhere near leather, but that is one of the trade-offs you get for increased versatility.
    But at least they did save your skin by the sounds of it. I bet if you had been wearing jeans and a T-shirt, you'd have a different story to tell.
  13. Refer to other thread on whether to wear protective clothing or not!!!

    8) 8) 8) 8)
  14. quite possibly true there........my pants were the highest grade of weave cordura....like 1000 denier? or something like that's what the guy in the store said....

    i'm goin leather pants next
  15. my codura pants are starting to show a bit of wear :( tears around the thermal lining .. guess thats what u get when everything is made in china or taiwan.

    leather pants next for sure

    keep youu head up living stone!
  16. have a look at Draggins first Dr Livingstone; only because you can wear them acceptably in most places when you get off the bike, and you don't feel so conspicuous as when you are in leathers!
    (mind you, leathers DO look better walking past shop windows....)
  17. I think most of us have all done it.

    The thing you need to do now is learn from it and practice it over and over!

  18. Bummer about the off, the good old front brake strikes again.
  19. haha your a classic hornet......you know everything and everyone on this forum!! i thought i was just a lurker....

    you contribute greatly to this forum.....go the hornet!!! :D
  20. Yeah, but ROAMER, if you had an 'off' like the one described in the first post of this thread, wouldn't you rather be wearing livingstone's full-face with it's sratched chin piece instread of the 'pudding-basin' you're sporting?

    It's all very well to advice people to replace damaged protective gear, but if it's not really up to the job then why bother?