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My First Street Race

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tbass, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. On the way to work this morning, I’m stopped at a red light when I hear a faint voice to my left. “Excuse me Mr Motorbike man.” I look over to see two kids standing on the footpath. “Can we race you?” Now the little one I know I can take, but the bigger one looks pretty fit for a 10 year old. I give a nod and a few revs and the three of us are lined up and ready to go. The lights change and the kids are off. Unfortunately for me the cars in front don’t seem to be in a hurry today, so the kids get a good head start. It’s not long until they get going and I can unleash my 250cc beast and within a few metres I’ve past them and won my first ever street race!!!

    I spent the rest of the journey to work happy in the knowledge that while I may not be smarter than a fifth grader, I am certainly quicker than one.

  2. Hehehe. That's cool.

    I had a similar thing happen a while ago, gave the little guy a head start and you could see the sheer determination on his face. He knew with all his heart he was going to win. Even when he lost you could see the stars in his eyes and the dream of one day being as awesome as us. :p

    Ah... I remember those days. ;)
  3. watch it mate cops patrol this forum.

    theyll crush your bike.... and probably the kid for that matter:shock:
  4. That true, it may turn your day back:moped:
  5. hoons.... putting your's and others life in danger :)
  6. this has made my day. thanks. better when they are on pushies.
  7. Hoons, the lot of you!

    They should crush your bike and their legs for this dispicable misuse of public roads and careless endangering of others.
  9. Great effort. Glad you taught them a lesson. Now for a cyclist with training wheels!!
  10. winning is everything.
    childred are the devil.
    should have flipped them off after you toasted them.
  11. That was funny,
    I had a similar experience many years ago on my way home from work,
    Sitting at the lights on my Bonnie, A very little motorbike pulled up beside me,
    He makes it very obvious he wants to drag me. Okay, no Problem, I will be in that, He scorches off from the lights, winds it out in all gears, untill he is flat chat in top gear, He throws his hands up in the air in knowing defeat, I laugh and I open up my Bonnie, which is still in first gear and he knows it, and then I change into second gear and I was gone, what a scream, but it sure was funny sitting beside him in first gear while he was cranking it out, what to him was his most powerfull beast, and all under 100klms per hour, Hahahahaha
  12. bahahahaha!