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My first stalking incident

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tluong, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. i was riding home from uni and 2 cop bikes pulled out of a street next to a primary school on flemington road. one bike took the outbound lane and one bike followed me. i was certainly not speeding or doing anything stupid but this copper was tail gating me for a bit. He then kinda lane splitted and rode besides me for about 700m (i was on the right doing 60 on a 60zone and he was in the middle of the lanes). when it was safe, i changed lanes and he followed me. I was waiting to get pulled over but that never happened. he eventually turned off after another 200m.

  2. Get their plates??? Report them for dangerous behaviour...
  3. I've had coppers tailgate me in the cage at night trying to push me to speed, and I've known people driving late at night that have been pushed for so long that they eventually speed up to escape the person trying to kill them. And are in turn pulled over and fined. + Attitude of course

    Haven't had the problem in vic though, only in NSW. Nothing better to do I guess.
  4. maybe a bike matching the description of yours had just been stolen, or a crime commitied by someone/bike in that descrption and they were sussing you out..

    *cough* entrapment *cough*

    thats just not cricket
  5. Happened to me few nights ago going along the parkway but on bike. I could just feel their gaze it was REALLY offputting. They turned off randomly into a park for no apparent reason. They were way too close for comfort as well, and I wasn't about to wave them back.
  6. every time ive been tailed at night by em, they always hang their distance, untill i make it so obivious that i know that they are there, by looking over my shoulder at them, they then either pull out or rbt me. really though they are so obvious to spot, the head lights or bulbs are pretty distinctive.
  7. Oh come on!!

    You think you were stalked after what sounds like a couple of km's...

  8. Just do what you should do to all tailgaters, just gently slow down. I go tailgated in the cage the other day by a copper in one the VW vans they have here that they take to crashes to work out what happened. The dickhead was tailgating me hard at 80kmh, so at the 60kmh Ahead sign near some big roadworks I just took my foot all the way off the throttle and slowed down.

    He got the hint and backed off, then roared off through the heavy traffic. All that extra driving training isn't gonna do squat in a heavily loaded VW van so hopefully the asshat will only take himself out when he inevitably crashes the stupid thing.
  9. I nodded to one, one time & he did the fastest U turn I've ever seen, pulled me over did licence, rego & rudimentary RW check when he couldn't get me on anything he said it was routine & an opportunity to talk to riders about protective gear, but you look like you're pretty well covered! I asked if he didn't like riders nodding to him & he said no, it's not that he was targeting riders to make them aware!
  10. my personal opinion... just a c0ckhead copper. on my own bike i'd probably just pull over because he's making me uncomfortable, stop for a smoke or something... if i was on something hot i'd wait for the sirens, an appropriate place to stop, start doing so, and wail it down a corner. much harder to outrun a bike copper but i doubt many theives would boot it just on sight.
  11. Paranoid, do you have something to hide??

    It can take a minute or so for radio to complete a request for a transport, and licence check on the registered owner, also if your bike or you have intel or warnings this will all be conveyed by radio, hence why you may have been followed for a minute or so.
  12. nah thats absurd. i have nothing to hide and have never broken the law before. the bike is registered under my name. like i said previously...i had done nothing wrong. Anyhow, it felt intimidating to have a copper tailgating and then practially riding besides you. i guess some of them do these things to spice up their boring days.
  13. I had a cop follow me for 10km's once, and i knew it because he was following me the slow route to where i was going, when i finally turned down a side street (was dropping a mate home after hitting the clubs) sirens came on, rbt and roadside rw check. Then i asked them why they didn't do it earlier, they didn't answer and said they were going to have to fine me for an illegal park, being too close to a corner, and i said i didn't see them measure it (i was within 5m of the corner, but it was hard not to because the street was only 3 houses long), and they just took off.

  14. We do not have any allowance for entrapment laws in Australia.

    "Please do not drag-race the police cars. Thankyou."
  15. What dicks they are sometimes.
    Good job they had nothing to get you for! :wink:
  16. I thought there were laws against entrapment in Australia? A police officer can't come out and ask you for some weed, for example?

    Also, big f*****g woop, the cops followed you. They've all got to be somewhere. Their job is to keep an eye on people and ping them if they break the law. You didn't, congratulations.
  17. LOL seen Super Troopers?

    Smells like you've been... SMOKIN THE REEFER!

    Wow i thought i was just me but i nodded at a bike cop the other weekend and got nothing but a glare in return then he did a u turn and followed a few cars back for a while. Perhaps they are so used to being abused that when someone actually genuinely acknowledges them they think we're being smart arses?
  18. We don't have any law against entrapment as such (unlike the USof A).
    Having said that a police officer (unless specifically allowed to, for example they are allowed to exceed speed limits at times) may not break the law.
  19. Nope.
    & they can.

    Police in Australia are not supposed to break the law in the course of obtaining evidence, however if they DO: it is up to the magistrate whether to allow the evidence valid in court.

    ...and if they think the greater good is for you to get busted over whatever the cops did wrong: they'll allow it & you're screwed.
  20. Ditto what he said. The Judge or Magistrate has power to dismiss any evidence given that was commisioned by the police or informant breaking the law/using entrapment. However it is usually always outweighed by the crime committed.

    A bloke who was busted for speeding by undercover cops that 'egged' him on was let off when he defended entrapment. However, if he was trafficing cocaine, well, he would be fubar.