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My First Stack.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jastel, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Well today a mate and myself went out for a ride to practise for the MOST test and everything was going fine until 3 blocks from home. Was totally my fault, I was going too quick for the corner and stupidly locked the rear up. It's a fairly steep descent into the 90 degree right hander and when I locked it up the bike gained momentum. I released the rear brake then re-applied and washed off a large chunk of speed before I mounted the gutter and got thrown over the righthand side.
    I'm certain that if I had more experience (practised more) at emergency braking I would've recovered it but I did what I did. Cutting the corner and taking it at speed was not an option I was keen on as the corner is blind, so it just comes down to my inexperience/stupidity/false confidence.
    The bike copped a cracked fender, cracked right side and front fairing, scratched muffler plus a few other minor scratches.... all in all the bike came out fairly good considering.
    I only have a graze on my knee which I got from the knee pad ironically..... not a mark on my jeans, boots, gloves or helmet.... and no I was not wearing a jacket.
    I didn't panic, picked the bike up and gave it a good inspection, popped the blinker back on and rode it home. I've gone over what happened in my head and will learn from it.
    Now I have to listen to my family nag at me for weeks on end......

  2. Apart from breaking Rule No. 1, you seem to be doing everything right. Good man.
    Go over and over and over it again in your head, until you will never forget the lesson.
    And get your forks checked for straightness, since you hit the gutter...

    Squidded, crashed, didn't die: fcuk you, ATGATTers...
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  3. Sorry to hear this, but at last you seem to have done no harm to yourself, and only little harm to the bike.....
  4. Similar thing happened to me, but I was lucky that bike actually made it up the kerb so I didn't come off :p

    Sooner or later you will realize that rear brake does fcuk all. Preferably sooner. I reckon because we all drive cars, we have that reflex to use our right foot to step on the brake as hard as possible. Front brake ftw.
  5. Coming from riding bicycles, I only ever use my rear when stopped at the lights :whistle:
  6. You've got the correct attitude - examine, learn and move on. You did however miss one vital point, were any kittens harmed?
  7. You have much to learn.
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  8. Nah I didn't harm any kittens, wasn't doing anywhere near 68kph.
  9. That should be an instant MOST pass right there.
  10. unlucky mate, glad to hear you came out okay! Couldn't hide the evidence of your stack from the family? That's what I managed to do :LOL: