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my first sportsbike, a mint 01 R6!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by JimmyD, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. hi all, just picked this up this arvo. saw it in the paper and decided hell, i need to learn to ride a sportsbike.


    its an 01 R6, 14,700km, yoshi pipe, radiator guard, gearsack rack thing, tinted screen, came with 12 months rego and rwc and near new pilot powers with 3 inch chicken strips :D

    i've done about 80km of riding on a sportsbike (my old mans 09 cbr1000rr) and just from a quick spin up the street i can say this is easier to ride.

    i'll hit up the twisties after my exams and after i figure out where to put these stupid p plate things haha.

    it will be my long range touring bike + PI practice bike.

  2. LONG range touring bike? There definately has to be some way more practical bikes for touring long range.

    Beautiful bike though, I hope you enjoy it, and it does look great!
  3. Well, to those who proper road bikes, long-range touring on a sporty might sound ridiculous, however, when compared to the range and comfort of a motard, it's a different story :p
  4. haha yeah, the motard has a fuel range of around 120km if i am very gentle, a seat like a plank of wood, ultra harsh suspension, no wind protection and no ability to carry stuff.

    so this bike is like a goldwing to me ;) will be able to do 1000km + days on it. totally different riding style to the tard so that will take some getting used to. so smooth on the road, no massive vibes and i can actually use the mirrors without having to hold onto them to stop the vibes.

    but i gotta do a few things to it first, bleed the brakes and just go over it all. new link plates for the rear shock and raise the forks through the tripleclamps (dude lowered it) then check out the condition of the cooling system but engine/gearbox/clutch wise its all sweet.
  5. Well done JimmyD and congrats on your new bike..looks the goods mate, especially in the fiery swift red colour scheme !
    Enjoy riding her mate (no pun intended (y))
    PS - I have taken my Gixxer K5 for MANY long road trips and actually found it very pleasant and dare I say, 'stylish' ;) With a gel seat and your bags loaded, you're ready for some great riding adventures.
    Onya bud.
  6. Nice Jimmy!
    They're a pretty good all-rounder.
    Don’t let the motard see it or there will be trouble in the shed.
  7. Congrats, looks like a good way to celebrate the end of exams!
  8. Looks great, mate. But where is the P plate.....you hide it so well
  9. A nice little present for y'self after your exams and studying. Enjoy!
  10. enjoy the new beast mate!

    i just drilled a hole in the mudguard thingo and whammo, p plate holder (with a nut and bolt of course!)

    enjoy the tours! :D
  11. haha yeah havent got around to putting the p on yet, might order a fender eliminator for it (cops down my way are easy to get along with, just don't ride like a nutter) and maybe an integrated tail light.


    and once these pilot powers are done i'll try the new pirelli diablo rosso corsa's. i could put bt003rs on it like my motard but i wouldnt mind trying something different.
  12. Looks good mate! I hear alot of good things about the R6! It'd be on the top of my list when I get to upgrade (in like 15 months rofl)
  13. moar pics


    massive strips lol got rid of them today, still got a tiny front one though, dont trust pilot powers.
  14. i have 6 year old pilot roads on mine, which i also dont trust!

    what are you looking at in terms of new tyres?
  15. something more grippy, maybe pirelli diablo rosso corsas (they would wanna be better than the diablo rosso's, they just get cooked and go hard), or serious tyres like qualifiers.

    i just cant get the confidence in the front, not too worried about the rear, as long as it lets go predictably.

    i got the hang of backing it in today, alot different than the motard as theres less engine braking.
  16. Congratulations on your purchase!!! This is the bike I wanted to upgrade to when I get to my fulls, but unfortunately I think its the tallest 600 and being a very short person, bordering on being a hobbit I don't think I can ride this :LOL:

    Love the Yamaha bikes as they're so skinny. I think I'll have to make do with my Ninja.

    Are you allowed to ride an R6 whilst on your P's?
  17. yeah i can, i'm off LAMs but still on my p's if that makes sense. i still have to display a p plate because i have a p plate car licence.

    its not a bad bike, even if its a bit old. you have to keep it in the right gear to keep it on the boil. but thats pretty fun.

    i wouldnt call it very tall, i'm not quite 6 foot and i can flat foot it both sides easy enough. you can lower them if you really needed to.
  18. It is the 06+ R6s that are very tall.
  19. well, went out to the shed to grab the key so i can get another one cut, and noticed that the battery had leaked all over the swingarm and a bit on the shock reservoir.. ****.

    not happy at all, lucky it didnt get on the fairing.
  20. Looks great, congrats (apart from the leaking battery).

    Next stop: R1!