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my first spill

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Blu-Grl, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. well it had to happen eventually at nearly 12 months I had my big fall yesterday

    after a goodbye to the old building lunch at the Casino yesterday for our section (work is moving from Bourke st to Collins st to start Monday)
    and no I wasnt driinking :LOL: I came up onto the citylink trying to blend with the start of peak traffic and looking behind to make sure I would clear vehicles and looked forward and the car in front of me had a car jump in the lane in front of him and slam on its brakes.

    He slammed on his brakes and I did a classic emergency stop and I was sure I missed him but next thing I know the bike is sliding out from under me and I am watching the truck behind me coming closer.

    Luckily he stopped :shock: as thats all I was thinking of..'please dont hit me'
    I jumped up and straight up went to turn off the kill switch and the ignition
    and then sort of lost it for a bit, I think I was in shock just not knowing what to do with myself

    Then the truck driver jumped out and the guy who was in front raced over and while he checked me over the truck driver picked up my bike, put it out of gear and helped me wheel it over to the side of the road. well I guess it must have been already out of gear as the bike was still running when I got up :?:

    anyway the big lessen for me was the only EVER one time I wasnt wearing proper full gear. I came straight out and jumped on the bike with just my dririder jacket, gloves and helmet. But only had my work slacks and knee high boots. yes the goodess was re-reminding me of a lesson I learnt years ago when I had the wire brush experience after a truck accident.

    I just wanted to say thanks to all those riders who saw me standing on the side of the citylink waiting for Phil to come out to check the bike over for me and waited for me to nod or wave that I was ok before riding on. You are all great people and it reminds me why I love the bike fraternity. Also the truck drivers who did the same, I remember the truck fraternity well too.

    so 5 weeks before upgrading from the kwaka it has its first drop :cry: and slide
    BUT there is no panel damage at all on it only a bent gear level and a cracked indicator band.
    to myself I have a sore lower back, massive bruising on my right inside knee (no damage at all to my work slacks :shock: ) sore left knee and left arm and shoulder and right hip around the rear.

    I am extremely lucky and thank the goddess for the very gentle reminder

  2. Glad to hear you're ok.. bet it shook you up good!

    A similar thing happened to me about 12months into my bike-riding experience. I came off gently in the twisties (more my fault than anyone else's though) and although I was fine the bike copped a bit of a scratch-up. I feel it was actually a very good thing to happen to me! I was pushing harder than I should've, riding beyond my ability, and it was a wake-up call with only financial consequences thankfully.

    Sounds like you were riding more responsibly than I was! Still, the reminder of the danger is always a good thing in small doses...

    Hope your bruises heal quick!
  3. It sounds like you got off lightly from something that could have been nasty - the traffic around that area is horrible!
    not in full gear due to the work function huh? lesson learned i think - at least you didn't have to learn it the hard way (paid in skin)
    Hope you aren't too shaken up and feel better soon...
  4. gee Tracey, thats a bit of a bummer.
    glad to hear you are OK and can tell us about it in here.

    Peak hour on the citylink/westgate is seriously caotic.
    it never used to bother me, but I have changed my tune and now avoid riding on the freeway especially through the tunnel, in the peak times, I can't always avoid it, but I make doubley sure now that if I am in heavy congestion I put on my thinking cap and pay double attention to whats happening around me.

    I have not had an off on the road yet, only during the scooter race, but I have had a couple of close moments, one on which I actually got hit from the side coming into the tunnel on the way to WSBK earlier this year.
    Doesn't everything suddenly become surreal and seem to happen in slow motion. All I could think about as I got tossed about even though I stayed upright was oohhhh no... my new leather jacket :oops: and gee wizz, I hope there is no car following that truck I am about to crash into.
    I don't know how, but I managed to get the bike back on track and saved it from turning ugly, although I still suffered injury even though I never came off. Some how I slammed my ankle into the engine casing and my whole foot and about 2 inches up my leg was black, blue and purple within a matter of 36 hrs, I still hobbled about PI the whole weekend though....
    Bundy was my friend :LOL: I even burst the stitching on my boot from the pressure. If the boots didn't hold up well in a near off, I hate to think how they might have been if I did come a cropper. And they are A* to :cry:
  5. Glad to hear you came out ok, and there's little damage on the bike.

    Every accident, slow or fast, it's a lottery.....

    Good to hear you won this time around. Buy yourself a tatts ticket.
  6. Glad you're ok mate.. Let me know if ya need any bits picked up for ya bike. I work around the corner from Race Replica, and as i only live in tulla would be more than happy to drop them off at home for ya..
  7. I think it could have been a lot worse with all that traffic around. Glad you are ok.
  8. Good to hear you're okay.... *hugs*
  9. hey everyone thanks for the wellwishes

    yup could have been ALOT worse and I am so thankful it wasnt
    it also didnt deter me any as I went and ordered the upgrade on Saturday morning :grin:
    1 Suzuki V-Strom coming up
  10. did you get a funny feeling before it happened?
  11. Death to the cut-in-and-brake bastards... may a B-double sort you out.
  12. I knew from the minute I took off in the wrong pants and boots that I was pushing my luck. Thought to myself, knowing my luck......

    Just goes to show it wasnt just my paranoia

  13. so it starts again, when i had my off there was a number of NR memebers having offs afterwards, in fact i even jinxed a mate saying he was next, god i felt bad when he had his

    glad to hear you ok, and the bike as well, least you got it out of the way before the upgarde, nothing like having a shiney new toy slide down the road, ask me :shock:
  14. Bugger Tracey, sorry to hear...damn Murphy's Law huh? :?

    I hope you are going to heal well and quickly.

    All the best :angel: