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My first spill...or How ATGATT saved my skin

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Djamba, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Hi all.

    Well it was bound to happen I guess. I'm currently still on my L's (taking my test in a couple of weeks) and been riding every day for the last month or so. Am pretty confident on the bike and don't take silly risks.

    I've ridden in a total downpour (On my first ride home with the bike) and didn't feel too worried this morning when there was light rain. I was going round a simple round-about, not cantering, no speed, nice and gentle, when the bike just slipped right out form under me. I had a nice little slide for 5-10 feet across the bitumen on my lower arm and my arse cheek. Really glad I was wearing my proper trousers and jacket...padding really helps!

    A friendly driver pulled up ahead and walked over to check I was Ok. He even said he rode bikes and couldn't see what more I could have done in the corner.... apparently speed was good and I looked safe when the bike went.

    Guess all there is to do is keep riding and get more practice in the rain....

  2. I ride a fair bit in the rain. Slippery roads are always of concern. Glad you came out relatively unscathed. Hope there's not too much damage to the bike.
  3. Just had a look and seems that one on my Oggy Knobs has been bent a little. Might pop up to the bike shop at lunch to get it checked out...
  4. Great to hear you're OK from you spill on a wet day.
  5. Good to hear you're ok.
    Roundabouts are quite notorious in the wet; especially when it's a light drizzle. Just enough water to wet the dried off slippery stuffs, but not enough to wash them off.

    I once did an accidental drift going straight at a roundabout under similar conditions. Had my inside foot down and it just slid along the bitumen. That slippery :p
    Moral of the story: Half-arsed rain can be scarier than full on downpour.

    Ride safe
  6. That sounds a lot like oil mid roundabout
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  7. Glad to hear you're ok mate! I despise roundabouts in the near wet.. as said above - not enough rain is sometimes worse than a full on trorrential downpour.

    Let us know how you go with your bike.. hopefully there's no major damage.

    You're relatively new on here, so please don't be put off the forums when the somewhat "unsupportive of ATGATT" comments start dribbling in.. because they will (if history says anything..)
  8. Thanks mate... wont bother me. Simple fact is I have a friend who is an Ambo and regularly picks up people who dont wear the gear. I've seen pictures and frankly, balls to that thak you very much. I appreciate if I hit a lamp-post at 150Kms my gear wont save me but the reality is on small spills and slides along the bitumen they are brilliant. ;-)

    Thanks a lot to everyone else for their comments. Much appreciated.
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  9. Wearing a jacket in the wet when you're learning isn't exactly ATGATT. Wearing it on a hot sunny day when you are going up the road to buy some beer is ATGATT.

    Glad you're OK. You might have been able to lean more (so the bike leaned less) and maybe see road condition better and follow tire tracks more...
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  10. Glad you're ok! Could someone tell me what ATGATT stands for? I'm assuming it has something to do with gear?

    I also agree it sounds like it could have been oil on the road. I always go slower when it's raining or wet, particularly at round abouts / corners.

    One thing you might also want to keep in mind: I learned this (the hard way) while going for my full license on a day of non stop rain - the painted lines on the road are very slippery! Make sure to avoid braking on them or turning on them whenever possible.
  11. painted lines, oil, diesel, cow shit, ice, so many things can take u down in the wet
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  12. All the gear, all the time, but we prefer you dont preach it to others
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  13. I've found riding in a light shower more treacherous than riding in an absolute down pour. Why? Well in a down pour all the crap (oil etc) gets washed of the road, whereas a light shower just mixes with it and makes it really really slippery.
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  14. ATGATT - All The Gear All The Time. As opposed to ATGANFI - All The Gear And No fcuking Idea.
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  15. In a far away land, far far away from here, there lived many shepherds. One of the shepherds, Joe, always carried around a big staff, and although his fellow shepherds always joked the big staff was clearly compensating for something, Joe insisted the big staff was to protect him and his sheep from hungry wolves.

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    And so the shepherds protected their flocks with their staffs, and they continued to meet up and recount tales in which they lost only one or two sheep to the wolves. Surely they would have lost more if not for Joe's ingenious idea. They even told horror stories of new shepherds who, without a staff, had lost entire flocks. And yet a small handful of shepherds refused to listen to them and their stories. No matter how many tales Joe told them, no matter how he tried to instill sense into their heads they refused to take up the staff to defend their flocks. Joe and his followers labelled them irresponsible, foolish, some even went so far as to say they were not real shepherds since they clearly cared very little about their flocks.

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  16. Nods Deadsy
  17. Trust me I know this one...I've done the sweaty 5 minute ride...still worth it IMO.

    Btw GOZ - Not preaching just stating my preference.
  18. Very very good. Love it. But will they understand it.
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  19. didn't say you were bud :)

    by the way, remove that link from your sig, not allowed, thanks bud
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  20. Classic! (y)