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My first solo experience.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Griff, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. I know Show off but i'll edit a pic later.... it's a second hand virago. Nothing special guys.

    Got my bike yesterday after only have the Ls 2 day experience. So rather unsure about it all. Then i'm told I need to go to the servo to get air and petrol. Greeat I thought. Wasn't going to go at rush traffic so thinking... I can wait 2 days for the weekend. Go down early with little traffic (Granted it's only 4 blocks but on a bad busy road).

    So 10:30 my housemate says "go on". Can anyone truly argue a statement that has such conviction in it? Knowing they'd be bugger all cars I went down (Used a reflected fluro vest). Awesome thrilling 15 minutes.

    Hour and a half later I was itching for more. So two hours later in finally got home. Footscray, Yarraville, Williamstown beach, home..... Sunshine, Ardeer, home.

    and my hat is tipped to Stay Upright. They taught me evasive maneuver although it's not on the L test (not sure if all places to that), which I had to put into practice when a beer bottle rolled on the road.

    Before I get told off I know 12-2am isn't the best time for a first time but with little traffic it gave me tremendous experience in gift change and breaking at higher speeds. I feel 10x more confident (not cocky or overconfident!) and even rode to work today.

    Guess i'm starting to feel like part of the gang and will be sure to physically see part of the gang soon enough!
  2. Congrats and well done.=D>
  3. Fantastic effort !! =D>
    You are more then ready to get down to Sat practice ,
    put a message up on the sat thread an someone will be more then happy to shepard you there :)
  4. From my little experience thus far I can say the best time to ride as a beginner is when you feel alert and confident, yet relaxed. It doesn't matter what time of day or night it is as long as the traffic and conditions suit you.