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My first solo commute!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Marie, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Have had my L's for almost three months now...going for my P's on the 9th of October.

    Kids are on school holidays so don't have to drive the car to work to get them after school. So I thought...what the heck!

    Got up at 5am....geared up and rode to work for the first time by myself! I've done plenty of rides in my 3 months of riding...but have been so protected by my hubby (he's wonderful).

    But I just needed to get out by myself. I'm not going to learn the 'mind skills' if I'm just following his lead through traffic. At some point in time I need to learn them for myself! Risky? Yes! But these skills are crucial!

    So I did it! Campbelltown to Wetherill Park! 30 minutes! It was awesome.

    Now...the ride home at 3pm this afternoon...
  2. Congrats Marie!

    I know how you feel, was exactly the same way.... well not the husband bit, but the riding to work the first time. sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.

    Did you go the freeway then the M7 or did you brave Camden Valley Way?
  3. It makes being at work so much more fun because you know theres a ride coming up that very same day, twice!!!
  4. Thanks Pete. I was going to chicken out and go Camden Valley Way then M7. But there was very little traffic about.

    So I went Camden Valley Way & Cowpasture all the way into Wetherill Park.

    I'm amazed at how much more alert I was! I realized that following my hubby, I'm letting him do all my thinking for me. Was really good!

    And your right Ametha, I am looking forward to the ride home. A bit nervous the traffic may be busier, but I'll get there! lol
  5. +1 for this
  6. Well Camden Valley Way really is the weak link now..... well once they finish upgrading that bit of Cowpasture it will be a tops trip in for you! and at that time of the morning it is good as there would be not much traffic.
  7. Marie, I used to ride only with hubby, now I get out and about on my own a fair bit, its a great way to build up riding skills.
  8. Exactly Pete. It was the upgrade section and the big intersection at Elizabeth Drive I was worried about. Car's hoon through there to try and get ahead.

    That's why I was going to jump on the M7 at Hoxton Park...to avoid it all. But given there were not many cars about I did it!

    The trip home may be different. It'll be busier for sure. But if I just stay in the left lane (except at the Elizabeth Drive intersection...I'll move to the right for that one) and stick to my speed limit, I'll be right. I'm in no way inclined to take on a car, so I'll let who ever wants to go ahead of me through! I'm happier not holding people up!

    I agree Ametha! Hubby has been wonderful. I really couldn't have done this with out him. But there's a time to get out on your own...to learn those really valuable skills.

    I am, in all honesty, very nervous about the trip home...but I'm sure I'll be okay. May take me twice as long to get home...but I'd rather be safe than on time!
  9. well done marie :D

    must have been an incredible feeling
  10. It really was LC. I was quite proud of myself.

    4 months ago I was sh*t scared of bikes due to an accident when I was 12. Never sat on one since. Now I have my own bike, going for my P's in 11 days and riding myself to work!

    Tis a wonderful feeling!
  11. I really think you would be safer on the main roads than doing 80 on the freeway (m7) considering it's a 100 zone
  12. Suggest avoiding motorways; cars zooming past you with a speed differential of 40km/h is disconcerting.
  13. Yeah...you are both right.

    I just thought it would be easier for me to handle the difference of speed on the M7 than trying to negotiate my way through three lanes of traffic on Cowpasture!

    But....I DID IT! WOO HOO!!!!
  14. +1000
    When I got my bike and made the commute home down the F3 I discovered something that I hadn't encountered while taking the cage: drivers are mental all because THEY"RE in a hurry to get home for beer#1. There are a truck load of difference's between our situations but the important ones are; I have an unrestricted license and the bike was a big 'un and it didn't stop the idiots getting up behind me and trying to push me.
    Save yourself the grief, find a nice pleasant road within the limits of your license and skills and make the most of it until you're ready and able to upgrade both.
  15. Fantastic advise J3st. Thanks!
  16. Congrats Marie!.... :grin:

    ... each step is an achievement. I ride practically all the time alone now.. and enjoy the freedom.. but I remember my first tentative rides on my own :eek:hno:

    I hope you have many more safe and happy rides :woot:
  17. Thanks Tweetster.

    My rides to work are limited to the school holidays...which is fine as there's less than half the cars on the road then!

    Did I mention I love my bike? lol
  18. Good on you. Glad to see you learnt something and made it there in one peice.
  19. Okay...leaving work in 15 minutes...getting nervous....lol
  20. Lucky you ... I still have 1.5 hours to go ... I'm looking at my helmet and its calling me lol.