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My first SMIDSY. Popped my cherry.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Siwagod, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Three and a half weeks riding and just had my first SMISDY. Well, was more of a "Whut."

    Coming into Epping heading home from work. Was in the left lane as coming down main street following a pretty nice blue Rex. I see some guy in a Merc in the bus stop area indicating right and leaning forward staring in his driver side mirror.

    Set up my brakes, checked my mirrors, moved over in my lane and went "Two bucks this dude pulls out."
    As soon as the Rex passed him he leaped into the lane as I was roughly passing his rear doors.
    Nose came right over toward me, was 100% expecting it so I was already over as far as I could be. Just sort of looked at the nose of his car as I passed like a cat staring at a stupid dog.
    Bout a couple inches from my shin.

    Stopped a bit further up, looked in my mirrors at him and tilted my head and he just turned his hand upside down rested on his wheel like "What you looking at."

    Rolled off and nipped through traffic happy I was so calm.

    Things I could have done better would have been to brake more and slot in behind him. Was concerned about the cars up my ass though as it's right after a pretty tight, downward sloping right hander and anything behind me would not have expected any braking.

    Now I just have to drop my bike, come off it, run out of petrol and crush my nuts; then I'll be a big boy.
  2. Try crushing your nuts on the filler cap as you're pushed forward by the weight of your passenger when you hit a pothole.
  3. Just
    the thought of that brings tears to the eyes.
  4. The event brought a little more than a few tears, I can assure you!
  5. One of my ex's tore my frenulum. Skin that attaches the foreskin to the backside of your knob. Sat there on the side of the bed cradling myself, hands overflowing with blood.

    Took surgery and 8 stitches to repair.

    Your move.
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  6. My gallbladder got infected. I spent four days in pain I was latter informed was worse than childbirth (by a woman who had four kids and the same condition) before seeking medical help. I then spent a week whacked on morphine and playing Angry Birds 20 hours a day (the stuff stops me from sleeping properly) while the IV antibiotics did their stuff.
  7. Thanks for the nightmares fellas (y)

    *slowly backs out of thread..*

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  8. c'mon. I cant be the only one that got a wry smile

    Glad you were paying attention and were able to avoid the car.
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  9. not a smidsy....old mate didn't acknowledge his fcuk up and say sorry for not seeing you.....cherry intact?
  10. As you approach this situation I would actually be in the left of the lane swerving half a meter either way. When you go out to your right you can decrease your visibility.

    Only move right when your a few meters from the hazard zone.

    The other trick for situations like this is to actually get right up the car in fronts arse where the merging car can't get to. This is a little more advanced road craft.
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  11. I discovered that Dettol needs to be diluted by giving myself comprehensive chemical burns.

    To the scrotum :inpain:

    It turned angry red and swelled up like a ball, then a while later all the skin came off as though I was moulting, just with some blood loss thrown in for good measure.

    Took weeks to heal up, and riding was not fun during that time. Although the existence of my ten month old son suggests that no serious damage was done :)
  12. Hnnnnnng
  13. I scratch my balls on a reasonably frequent basis. Can still ride normally afterwards, too.
  14. Try a butt scratcher. Good ball to scratch ratio.
  15. mistake. unlearn that behaviour. only look at the gap, your escape route.

    that was the purpose of checking your mirrors before braking right. you need to back them away prior to mercedes.
    if time permits you can pause the cars behind you prior to unfolding incident.
    makes them aware somethings up ahead to prepare for.
    you want to open the space/buffer behind you. or your incident could become multi vehicle. that's never good.
    your roll on, roll of acceleration is superior to any car. brake check them, pause and squirt.

    mercedes are exceptionally dangerous cars. they can hurt you without consequence. driver phones his lawyer and all is taken care of. he never has to hear of it again.
    black mercedes means foreign diplomat. they can kill whoever they want. no biggie.
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  16. another trick. switch to high beam prior to merc. lights up his rear view mirror.

    dirty tricks yes. use them. the selfish survive.
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  17. I really and truly didn't need to know that.
  18. Well done for surviving.

    There's no guarantee with this kind of wing nut that any move from you would have made him hold his position, so well done for maintaining awareness. What would you do differently next time? You've made a couple of suggestions, but there's still more to mine in this example.
  19. My 0.02. No need to ride in the lane where someone is likely to pull out (left). Could had just changed lanes and avoided the whole thing.

    Also the fact that the car pulled out right after the rex suggests me the bike was not visible. Maybe riding too close and/or in the right wheel track.
    What I would do if I couldn't change the lane is to sway left/right and then move to the left wheel, but prepare to move back to the right just before the car. Riding for advantage I think it is called.
  20. All good valid points you guys are bring up.
    Only thing with a few of them is that this bus spot is literally just at the exit of the 90 degree right hand turn, so getting visibility on myself there is hard. Not saying you can't do it, just I wasn't sure at the time it would be the safer option.

    I could definitely brake check the cars behind and get them to slow down, but in the time I was alloted, I'm not sure if I could have done so to the effect desired.

    I know the looking at his nose was a no no, just something to make myself aware of not to do.

    I'll try the highbeam trick next time, good note.

    I couldn't change lane as it is high congestion and just after the turn I have to join the next immediate left onto Carlingford road. If I had been in the right hand lane further back, say by the lights, sure, but not a good idea to move into the lane on that corner.