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My first slide

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by neogeo, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. So over the weekend, I decided to give my bike a wash. Everything was fine until I forgot I had sprayed my tyre with some 'wet look tyre shine".

    20 minutes later after I wiped my bike down, I went out for a ride around my house, took the first right turn with a relatively small lean angle and low sided on to the ground at around 10-15km.

    The bike slid about 1-2 meters. Guess the Oggy's really paid off.

    A. Rear break pedal (Bent)
    B. Oggy knobs (Indented)
    C. Stock Exhaust (Scratched)

    Lesson learnt?
    A. Tyres lose serious traction after having chemicals sprayed on it.
    B. Big reality check and a minor dent in confidence
    C. I really need to enroll in a motorcycle training course , perhaps here ?

    Rider Info
    A. I'm 25, On my Red P's and have 7 Months remaining to my Fulls.
    B. I lean more towards the non-aggressive rider style
    C. I commute with this everyday to and from work about 50km return each day.
    D. I'm not mechanically saavy. I write enterprise software and build basic computers.

    1. Should I get my bike checked out for any internal damage?
    2. Should I get my break pedal replaced? (it seems fine to ride, but refer to the pictures) If so, how much would it cost (super rough figure)?
    3. Should I change the exhaust? Perhaps to an after-market, I was thinking maybe an Akraprovic ? ( more for the safety the louder sounding noise brings as opposed to the performance)
    4. How should I deal with the single Oggy Knobs that has been damaged? (refer to the pictures)

    5. Which course should I take ? Would the handling dynamics course be beneficial? What are some of your experiences?

    Below are some pictures..




    Rear Brake Pedal

  2. Just bend the brake lever back.

    You could take to the oggy with a dremel tool to smooth it out but I wouldn't bother. I wouldn't bother about the exhaust either.
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  3. Get the brake pedal replaced, don't mess around with stopping hear.

    Anyway, why would you put tyre shine on, makes it look like plastic. I prefer that nice dull black (and maybe white walls/letters).
  4. I never put that stuff near the tread of my tyres. I spray it on a rag and wipe the sidewalls so it doesn't get on the tread.
  5. OoOooo.. never shine tyres man!

    At least it wasn't anything serious aye. But still.. I feel your pain
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  6. .. you wanted to get a new zaust anyway .. right :grin:
  7. Dunno, cos it's usually what I use to clean the car, so I automatically thought well, why not use it for the motorcycle?

    Lesson learnt i guess :-(
  8. haha.. kinda! I do prefer the stock exhaust for the highway roads, and perhaps an aftermarket for city traffic..
  9. Should of thought about that.. What do you use to spray on the rag?
  10. Just tried. Perhaps I'm weak but it didn't seem to move... :mad:
  11. No, no, no, no, no, NO! Louder pipes will not make you safer in any way whatsoever. - By all means, install aftermarket pipes if you wish but don't be deluded that there will be some sort of positive safety aspect.

    Also, Oggy Knobs are one step down from wearing a neon sign that says "I can't ride."
  12. I Use CRC so easy wet look but only spray it on a rag then only on the sidewalls of the tyre. Never on the tread
  13. Yup. You're weak
  14. But they're great for bikes prone to falling off stands (eg. '07 ZX10R). Or for when inconsiderate people knock your bike over. Which reportedly happens quite regularly if the gripes in this forum are anything to go by.

    My 2c.
  15. I just had to fix some stuff on my Ninja, a new brake pedal will set you back somewhere between $50-$75, if you can't get someone to help you fit it, it will probably cost you total of between $100-$150 depending on which workshop you go to.

    If you change the exhaust to something lighter, it will significantly improve your handling, but bear in mind depending on how loud it is, it might make your bike "cop bait".
    I personally use a Two-Brother's carbon fiber slip-on exhaust and I would highly recommend them.... however it is a BIT noisy. I ride with earplugs anyway to help reduce damage to my ears caused by wind noise, with this exhaust it becomes a necessity (Particularly when it doesn't have an optional sound restrictor installed). :]

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  16. What about the life of the rabbit that was thinking about crossing the road until he heard my Harley coming and decided not too? Saved his life, and possibly mine too since I would have had to use the front break if he jumped out in front of me.

    I know it's not a matter of if but when, but loud pipes definitely increase my safety by warning other road users (and soon-to-be-road kill) of my rapidly approaching open-faced, fingerless glove wearing badassness, thereby allowing me to live to ride another day.
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  17. All too true...but they also make you look like the kid who still wears Water Wings when he's 10 years old.
  18. Replacing oggys is still cheaper than damaged fairings.. If it saves a knock that would have otherwise done damage to the fairings, it's a good investment.

    .. Although I don't have em on, not because I think they look like training wheels, I can't be arsed fitting them :grin:

    Two Broz zaust - damn light, damn loud.. but I've got the sound suppressor with mine (I live in an elderly area)

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  19. Did you have to pay extra for the sound suppressors?
  20. [​IMG]

    Yeah it did, cost an extra $25 from the states. Very easy to install, and it does suppress the sound while idling and low revs, but the grunt is still there and opening the throttle is still very loud. ear plugs still strongly recommended while riding.

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