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My first service...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Meph, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. ... ill say that first impressions, im not really that impressed.

    I don't know what goes on in a first 1000k service other than an oil + filter change but now my idle is lower (just over 1000, but before i thought it was a tad high) there is slack in the throttle (which the guy there noticed himself and made a comment that he wasn't happy they didn't fix that) and finally the bike vibrates something shocking.

    I rode there on the highway fine, but on the way home, down the highway i felt as if i was holding onto a whipper snipper, small very fast vibrations, it was making my hands painful!

    Throw all into the mix that they called me when it was done, and as i walked in the guy admitted it was done earlier but they just forgot to call.

    what's going on? Should i take it back (its about 50 k's driving away and i work overtime...) and if i do should i pay the labour for repairs or is this something that they should do for free considering it wasn't like that when i took it in?
  2. Take it back & explain what the issues are. If they are a half decent company they will do it for luv. I'd be pretty peeved if they charged me for it.
  3. yeah take it back, now depending on the bike a first servixce is at minimum oil + filter, a full once over to check everything, from there on it can include carb balence(or flow rates in efi systems) restricter removals and some (used to anyways) were jet or mixture chances.

    but yeah i'd take it back, be cranky (but stay polite or nuthen will get done :p ) then i'd consider finding another dealer to do your services.

    Ohh on the last bit, hell yes it should be free if it wasn't like that before, but as i said up there ^ you can use the cranky and ticked off voice,but dont aim it at them if you get what i mean,point out the inconvinence caused, the dissapointment and dismay at the experience, BUT DONT start yelling at them directly, cause they will just start the yes sir we'll fix it ...(when were good and ready you XXXXX ) :p If your less then 100% satisfied with the end result from them, start ringing other places up (or better yet go into them) and tell them you problem ( breifly) and experince with whoever it is now ( and you dont have to mention names) and how your looking ofr someone else that can do the manufacture services, and judge from there reactions if they might not be better to look after your pride and joy :)
  4. Who did the service?
  5. Worst comes to worst, and they don't want to fix it for free, take it to another place, get them to do it, then charge the first company with the bill. IF they contend it, get legal advice and threaten to take them to court. Then charge them for the legal advice as well.
  6. Give them a call and ask to speak to the mechanic. Explain what is it and isn't doing compared to pre-service.

    A good shop will tell you to bring it back in for them to look at again (at no charge). :)
  7. hmm i paid 150 for my first service... as far as i know... i got ripped off. check a few nuts and bolts, change filter, oil, wax chain, clean airbox. they didnt even clean the bike. "they werent allowed to" oh well...paid 150 to get the service book stamped.