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My first service experience with Peter Stevens

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by ArmpitsAhoy, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. So not 100% sure where to post this but thought any aussies might like to know the kind of customer service i got during my first service on the GSXS-1000.

    I took my bike in for its first service at Peter Stevens Ringwood a week after it rolled off the showroom floor and was informed i had a puncture in my rear tyre. No big deal i had tyre and rim insurance so it was replaced for me while i waited.

    I paid and went home, did somethings around the house then had a look over the bike to find this on my rear wheel:

    20160715_145628 — Postimage.org

    20160715_145632 — Postimage.org

    20160721_115128 — Postimage.org

    From what i can tell they smashed the rim against the caliper taking it off and the machine has also chipped and scraped around the outside of the rim.

    I went straight back and they admitted it was them and offered to have their mobile spraypainter respray the rim. I have stated this is not good enough as i am convinced the paintjob will not be the same as factory.

    I have met with the service manager who told me this is "something that happens all the time" and if they ordered me a new rim it would just happen to the new one putting it on. He also mentioned he had a hundred suzukis in his fleet that had banged up rims! He then went on to rub a bit of polish on my bike and say see look at this and then point out scuffs on the foot guards as though the rim damage was equal to normal wear and tear!

    I have told them i wont accept anything less then a new rim, am i being unreasonable? Suzuki have washed their hands of it and said "not our problem".

    They are refusing to replace the rim, do i have any rights in this case or should i just accept a subpar cover up paint job?
  2. What fcuking morons. Stick to your guns mate. I'd even think about ringing Suzuki head office up. If all else fails I'll buy the basket case off u for $5k just to help a fellow rider out ....
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  3. On a new bike that's pretty poor. I'd be pissed too. How hard is it to put a rag over the caliper? They must have changed plenty in their time.

    I'll give you $5.1k
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    Why not just take them up on their offer of a respray and say if it doesn't look as good as the front, then you'll demand a new rim? It's definitely not a warranty issue so Suzuki are well entitled to wash their hands of it I reckon.

    After the respray if you're still not happy with it and they wont play ball then you have the option of small claims court/VCAT for the cost of a new rim + fitting. It'll cost you $61.50 to lodge a dispute at VCAT if the value of your claim is less than $3,000.
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  5. Go the new rim but tell them to keep the old one but to have resprayed so they can use it the next time the fcuk it up.
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  6. A sloppy way to do a puncture repair. If they cannot get the wheel past the brake calipers without damaging it , then they should remove the calipers first.
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  7. Very poor workmanship. Which store ?
    It's nice that they admitted fault, but to then try and pass it off as 'routine wear & tear' is bs.
    I'd push them to replace the rim, and then to ensure that they didn't damage it again when they fit it.
  8. sounds like they need to get their machine fixed or stop the apprentices doing the tyre changes
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  9. Would accepting the sprayjob just make things worse though? Will they be able to just wash their hands of it also as they "fixed" it

    I am definatly considering making a claim at VCAT if they wont budge.

    I understand about Suzuki but you think they would at least put a little weight on them to help a customer.

    This was at the Ringwood Vic store
  10. Do not accept their bs paint job. You have the right to have the rim repaired to pre-incident condition, and whilst paint will likely cover the damage, the colour will be slightly different, the texture (peel) in the paint will look different to the other rim, and that is a tell tale sign of the bike having been repaired (think smashed) when you go to sell it.
    It is a brand new machine, and they should replace the rim to ensure the likeness with the factory paint on the other rim.

    Do not accept the painting of the rim on condition of you aren't happy that they will replace it unless you get that guarantee on writing, because they will Bork on you if it comes to it otherwise.
    Tell them that you will make a VCaT claim of they don't come to the party on a new rim without delay.
    I suggest telling Perry Morrisson of Suzuki Aus about how the shop tells customers it happens all the time and that it is considered unavoidable by them.
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  11. yep if it happens all the time then they need to do something about it. you definitely need to speak so someone higher up the food chain than the lads in service.
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  12. How does telling you "it happens all the time" justify their mistake? C'mon seriously, their service department needs a decent kick up the arse as it appears nothing has changed in the 3 years since I had an incident with them. Their service manager at the time was very blasé about overfilling oil on the first service and having it spew out over the back wheel!
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  13. Know your rights, the bike is a week old. By law you are entitled to a new wheel after all it was a new wheel. Stand up to them as they will attempt to bully you around.
    Learn the lesson and don't go back, if everyone stopped gong back there they would soon be out of business. Pay for monkeys and get peanuts.
    Happy to fit your tyre on the new wheel when you get it, and it wont get scratched in the fitting process !
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  14. By law, as I understand it, they are required to make good any damage. So painting to original condition would be OK under the law. It must be back to original condition though.

    If you have been offered restitution, in the form of painting, and refuse and take it to small claims, you may lose. There is no requirement to replace with new unless it is non-repairable.

    I would accept the painting option, but check the result in their workshop before taking delivery of the bike. Take pictures if you are not happy with the job. Only once they have tried and failed could you really argue legally for a new wheel.
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  15. If they are smart they would just paint both wheels, it would cost them bugger all
  16. Good luck getting it sorted. Thanks for letting us know. I will never use them now.
  17. When they replaced a tyre for me on my Nullarbor adventure, they broke the auto oiler nozzle. I didn't think to check it at the time, but I had to replace my chain by the time I got back to WA.


    The level of care is very low.
  18. plus they are gay
    not that there's anything wrong with that
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    Thats terrible! my first bike i had on my ls had the front wheel put on backwards and i hadnt been back since.

    Thanks mate, i will take this into consideration. Will be talking to a lawyer next week just to confirm this but sounds like the best option.

    I was worried if i left the bike at the shop they would just spray both wheels so they match, what a shit act that would be to do.