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My first semi-proper off

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Jabba, Oct 14, 2014.

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    This Sunday just passed I had my first semi-proper off. I call it a "semi-proper" off since in the grand scheme of things is was pretty minor.

    It happened early Sunday morning. I was up early and decided to have a short ride down to Werribee South, along the beach/marina area in the early light and maybe take some photos. I headed off around 07:00 and it was lovely and brisk, sun was coming up and looked to like it was going to be a glorious day.

    I headed down past Werribee Zoo and the golf course on K Road and came up to a 90ish degree left hand bend. I was in no rush so I slowed down to take it nice and easy, began to turn in... Next thing I know, I'm on the deck and I can hear that horrible noise of a motorcycle sliding along bitumen. I think to myself "move, you're lying in the middle of the road." I couldn't. Pain in my left knee and the rest of me wouldn't get up off the ground. A few moments later and plenty of swearing got me up and limping my way over to where my bike was. I hit the kill switch and pick it up. Left hand fairing is broken up and smashed in, the mirror has snapped off (for the third time) and the indicator is gone and in pieces over the road.

    At this point I push it off the road and go pick up the bits and pieces thay have fallen off. I follow the scrape marks my bike left and notice a long patch of gravel in the centre of the road. I can see where I've slid on it. The gravel is really hard to see and I definitely didn't notice it coming up to the corner.

    Looking back on it now I know that my bike slid almost clean across the road, but me, I stopped pretty much in my lane still. That might explain the damage I did to my knee.

    After taking a few photos of the road and my bike (as you do), I put all the bits and bobs in my tank bag and checked over the bike to see if it's ridable. I decide it is and try to start it up. Nothing. Shit. Check the kill switch, still no go. Shit. I push it around to line it up for a kick start when I notice no neutral light. Odd, how can I push it around if it's not in neutral? Tap the gear lever up and down a bit, get my neutral light and fire it up. Thank fcuk for that, not sure how fast I could have hobbled to attempt a kick start.

    I make it home and pull it into the garage. Get off and start walking inside. My knee is really getting bad now. It was sore on the way home, but now it's hard to put weight on. It's around 08:00 and everyone is still asleep. The wife was in with our youngest feeding her and must have drifted off in there, so I grab an icepack and hop in bed. There's no bruising and not much swelling so I just lay there chilling out. Some time later the wife comes in and asks why the icepack. I explain and we check out my knee and it's a little more swollen, but not too bad. So I just continue chilling/sulking and eventually I drift off to sleep.

    Next thing it's around 15:00 and I'm woken up by massive sharp pain in my knee. I check it out and it has ballooned up to an enormous size and started turning funky colours. Wife says to get my shit together we are going to get it looked at. I get up, hop over to the loo to have a pee before we go, but it hurts too much and I can't pee! Then I start to feel dizzy. Then really fcuking dizzy. I sit down on the loo and wait for it to pass. It doesn't. It gets worse. Next thing I know the wife is in there freaking out because I am on the loo slumped against the wall unconscious. Only thing stopping me from falling flat on my face is the toilet roll thingo! I can't see much (it was like really bad TV reception), can't move and can't talk. 000 gets called, one of the neighbours is helping get me sorted, I puke on him (sorry Ben!) Ambos arrive and I'm starting to regain control of myself. Enough for a limp wave and moronic grin to all of the neighbours that had come out to see what I had done to myself this time.

    At the hospital I get wheeled in to the waiting room. I am ok in there watching Bathurst by myself for a bit, then it starts happening again. I can't call out to get the nurses attention, nothing comes out other than a mumble. I wheel myself what seems to be kilometres to where the nurse is and wave at her... Next thing I know there's people all around me, someone holding my head. Great unconscious again. A bed gets brought over and now I am magically laying in it. I get wheeled into a room somewhere and all this shit stuck on me and in me. WTF!? It's just a sore knee. Why am I loosing conciousness? (spoiler: we never really find out)

    My blood pressure is down to 95 on 65 or something like that, which is really low. I'm on a drip and have a munch on some salad and start to pick up. It's around 19:00, I get wheeled out to get an X-ray. On the way back I ask if we can stop for a wee break. This time I pee without passing out. Progress! I finish my salad and have some juice. Doc comes in and tells me there is no broken bones, but I should get a GP to write me a referal to get an MRI as he suspects ligament damage.

    Around 21:00, the swelling has gone down a fair bit. Doc says he is happy. I get some crutches, a big fcuk off Velcro splint thing on my leg, a box of pain killers and told I can go home.

    So now it's 04:30 Tuesday morning and I can't sleep. I've been thinking about the time I dropped my bike on tram tracks back in march (1st time I broke the mirror) and the time I dropped it while stopped on the side if the road last month and it landed on me (2nd time I broke the mirror). So I am typing this out in bed on my phone, hoping just getting it out of my system can help me feel like I should get back on the bike when I'm healed. I know I'm overreacting, I know there are people much, MUCH worse off than me, but my knee is many shades of purple and hurts, I've hated being on crutches since high school and I'm a big fcuking sook.

    That ended up being a lot longer than I thought.

    I crashed, hurt my knee, passed out on the toilet and now I'm sooking about it.

    Where I crashed.
    What I crashed on.
    What I crashed.
  2. Bugger. The bits that hit the road do turn an interesting colour. Thought about doing a riding course? You've dropped it a few too many times.
  3. fark dude hope there's not to much damage to your knee or your bike, get well soon
  4. Take it easy you'll mend, could have been worse as they say.
  5. you coped with the aftermath well. Hope you recover quickly & fully.
    I'm just learning to ride, and have been reading articles on best-practice technique. I'm wondering how one might approach that corner in a way that would have prevented the off - so we all might learn from it.
    Were you still braking as you entered the turn? Is that why the front dropped?
    What if, instead, you braked to a marker point before you started to turn in, then held on a little bit of throttle through the corner. Would that have led to more controllable slide? If the rear let go and you hit the deck anyway, would the injuries have been less?
    Have you any thoughts on how the off might have been avoided?
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  6. Mate, hope you get well real quick.
    Perhaps, when the adrenalin wears off after a spill, the pain hits you, then into shock..... this would explain, vomiting and passing out.
    Hope this is no major damage, and you are back riding soon.
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  7. Wow,

    Lucky, but unlucky! Trust the knee will heal up quickly and you're back to 'normal' very soon. Good write up. No problems with having a sook, but overall you could have been far worse. Stints in hospital after motorcycle/car accidents make you realize that no matter how bad you are, there is always someone in the next bed far worse off. My accident some years ago gave me a plate in my femur (and a bone graft off the hip) and a plate in my head, but next to me in hospital was bloke who was in for his 85th operation of his right leg, the last 3 being amputations. They tried to leave a stump on during the first two amputations so he could have prosthetic limb fitted, but gangrene set in and the 3rd amputation they took the lot. He was laughing and joking with me which makes you think; I had a bunged up leg that would be nearly as good as new in 6 months; he had no leg! Puts things into perspective!

    Bike doesn't look too bad. Good thing its a GS500, as tough as anything and after a few $ will be as good as new
  8. I can't believe it's nearly midday and no-one's torn a strip off you for your line yet. Netrider.................. not what it used to be!

    All the best jabba, hope your knee heals real quick. Bit of race tape, a new indicator and another mirror and off you go again.
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  9. Glad you are Ok Jabba, ask your MD about the low blood pressure, you should follow that up. Had you eaten prior to this ride? Low blood sugar can be a problem. Get well. (y)
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  10. Could have been delayed shock, after the adrenalin had well and truly worn off. In days of old people used to 'faint' all the time. Now it's 'lapsed into unconsciousness' and treated much more seriously.
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    Thanks guys. I was feeling pretty shitty last night and needed to get that out.

    I have been thinking about a course and been trying to get to the learner friendly rides, but time hasn't been on my side. That and getting my balls back off the wife for a pass... The first time I dropped the bike on tram tracks was a rookie move. I didn't know how to cross them in the wet, now I do so it's not a problem :) The second drop when I was stopped was a combination of fatigue after a bad night shift, noob clumsiness and stopping on a slight slope.

    I had finished braking, clutched out into 2nd and taken up neutral throttle and was just starting to tip into the corner. It was all by the book. The problem was my line. By the looks of the marks through the gravel, I have both tyres in it when it let got and went from under me. If I had of followed the start wide finish tight mantra, I most likely would have avoided the gravel. In the picture below, using elite graphic skills, I've tried to break down what happened. I'm still not sure if it was the front, back or both tyres that lost it in the gravel.


    And looking back the way I came
    rev crash.
    I'm feeling pretty bad about my long sook-post considering how much worse more people have it! I'm pretty sure I am going to keep my leg, so I count myself very fortunate :)

    LOL! it was a very poor line in hindsight like I said above. I haven't had a look at it since I put it away, so not sure on how bad it really is. I know the fairing brackets are pretty mashed in and bent. I might throw some cable ties at it too and she should be ok.

    I had 2 slices of toast before the ride and my blood sugar was tested at the hospital and was ok. I'm definitely going to ask about the low blood pressure. No one could tell me anything at the hopital.

    I have fainted once before when I was a kid and this was heaps different to then. It lasted quite a while and I had no control over my body and I was struggling to breathe at one stage. Adrenaline was definitely what got me home. Scary thing is, I can't remember the ride home at all. All I recall is trying to get it started after the crash and then I was at home with the vague idea that I had put it in the garage. Shit, I hope it's in the garage!
  12. I wont bust your balls on your line jabba - now you've held your hands up to it ;)

    Have to be honest and am guilty of tipping in too early myself when i'm not concentrating. That said there's a heap of crap nearside in both directions on that road - should have been a red flag.

    Do a training course, you're obviously keen - money well spent mate
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  13. Lol thanks mate. The gravel parking lot on the right hand side should have alerted me to potential gravel over the road. I just didn't see any. Maybe it was the morning light in my eyes or just being totally oblivious to my surroundings. It was totally avoidable.
  14. I'm certainly not claiming to diagnose what happened to you without any medical training.
    That description that you gave of your vision fading away like a poor TV reception just reminded me of a couple of episodes I've had over the years, for different reasons, when my blood pressure dropped dramatically. (And yes, passing out on the bog once!). I do know that low blood pressure can be the result of shock, but that's the limit of my knowledge. Hopefully it will not recur, and good luck with the leg.
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  15. ^^ This, well worthwhile. Also you have a golden opportunity to justify it with SWMBO,

    "I believe I need to get some professional tuition, this should help me be a better and safer rider and try and avoid road hazards better yada yada yada ..." O:)O:)O:)O:)
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  16. Sorry to hear about your off. I wouldn't call it a semi proper off, it really is a propper off. How is the knee coming along, is it healing well? Hope you heal up soon and get back on the bike. Get well soon. If you haven't already done so, get the knee and any other bits that got hurt looked at thoroughly. My brother had a bad elbow for about 8 weeks. The doctors kept telling him it was just tennis elbow and rest it. Eventually one doctor took a proper look and he had torn some tendons off the bone and it wasm't healing properly. After a cortizone shot, it has pretty much healed up properly now in just two weeks. So keep an eye on it and don't be scared to aske for a second opinion.
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  17. A good read...thanks for sharing it Jabba. It serves as a reminder to never let your guard down. Did you hit your head when you fell? I would get it all checked out. The knee i can understand but you shouldn't be feeling like.
    Get well soon.
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  18. @Jabba@Jabba - I reckon that qualifies as more than semi-proper (not that it's a credential anyone would wish for).

    It looks to me like, useful rule of thumb though 'start wide finish tight' is in general, it's a furphy in this case. That gravel might just as well have been in your wide line. The issue was not spotting and avoiding it. It's not clear from the pics how visible it would have been, as your scrape looks like it has dug things up a bit.

    Well done on getting home safely, even if you can't remember how! And best of luck with knee recovery.
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  19. Hey glad you are ok....hope your knee heals and your bike :)....best of luck
  20. Looks like a pretty dodgy corner.
    Did you have some form of knee protection?