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My first scooter - Aprilia

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by BELA, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Hi all, i finally decided to go and get a scooter, it arrived today but i was at work so i will start practising tomorrow. I have been going over all the noob tips for riding so i will be ready to go tomorrow...I think ill start in the quiet areas and back streets and then work my way out onto the main road..

  2. i have read through the nooby rider tips ect, but if anyone has specific scooter riding tips id be happy to hear them :)
  3. Congrats on getting on your first scoot ride Bela, hope you'll have a fun & safe ride like all of us here.
    Extra tips? hmm not much else that the rest of the folks here already covered & I only got general stuffs (it won't hurt though). Let's see, check oil, brakes, indicators, tyre pressures regularly (preferably before you ride). If your scoot's restricted, don't over-accelerate (it'll damage the engine - you can notice it when your engine start to produce a stalling like sound).

    Make sure you get a close-faced helmet (safer, unless you're a girl & don't want to mess your hair up) & proper gears (e.g.: gloves & jacket) if you can it'll help you with safety a lot more. Don't ever think that just because you're riding a scooter it's safe & just go out in shorts, shirt & thongs, if you do you're just waiting for a mess up to happen :) . All the best :grin:
  4. Thanks for that,

    I went out today in all the back streets couldnt get it pass 55 and going up a small hill went to 45, im fairly small so i am amazed how bigger people would ride them and still move.

    Luckily there is an Aprilia service centre down the road from me so i took it down to them to unrestrict, they are going to organise that for me..I had my dad at the front of me and my husband behind me in their cars trying to protect me cause i could only go 55 on a 70 road, although i did hit 60 down the hill.

    It was so much fun and i picked it up a lot quicker then i thought, im still a bit scared and i am trying to be as careful as i can. Its a bit scary but im just trying to take it easy and be safe.
  5. That's the 125 Mojito yeah? My girlfriend had one and they are a great scoot, but I'm concerned that you're only able to go 55kph :? I got hers up to 120 on the freeway EASILY.

    Don't be afraid to accelerate when it's new as there are two schools of thought on running engines in. It will be OK as long as you vary the revs and don't just peg the throttle constantly in the first 1000k's of riding.

    Be aware, that while Aprilias are superb machines, if you ever have the need for spares it will take AGES to get them. For some reason parts are not stocked in Aus.

    +1 to getting full gear and a closed face helmet.

    Best of luck and happy riding :grin:
  6. its restricted atm and it wont go any faster...i got it 60 down a hill max and i wasnt holding back...but they are unrestricting it today so hopefully that will help...
  7. As Mandala said, get full gear - proper jacket, proper gloves and a good helmet. Consider good pants as well. Makes no difference that you are only on a scooter - for all intents and purposes it's a motorbike and you will get hurt if you come off even at lowish speed.

    I'd strongly suggest you do a riders course too. They are great fun and your skills will improve out of sight. You learn a whole lot of things that would normally take years to realise otherwise. Just things like braking thru a corner, general cornering, swerving in an emergency, etc.
  9. It would have to be the 50cc if it is restricted to 50kph.
  10. Wonder if that lady's still here :)
    Have you de-restricted your scoot yet Bela? It'll help you a great deal once you've done it.
  11. how much is one of these scooters cost? I really like the looks of it and might consider getting one for my girlfriend
  12. The 50cc is $4000, the 125cc is $6000.
    'priller scooters are expensive but at least they are Italian.
  13. I bought an Aprilia Sr50 3 years ago, had it de-restricted so that I could safely negotiate and keep up with the traffic flow. I absolutely love it, great fun and cheap to run. Just love the aprilia, test rode a bu, jog and a peg, and they didn't get a look in against the Aprilia.:p