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My first scammer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Banana Fred, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. Received this cheeky little number on Friday.

  2. Whats sailing got to do with anything, it didn't stop them send this email, derrr.

    Who says 'let me know if my offer is too low and il jack it up'.

    MOFO scammers everywhere these days.
  3. Thank god most scammers are still stupid.
  4. String him along for as long as you can. Keep us posted.
  5. did you take his money? I'd have taken his money
  6. Congratulations on your first scammer. :)

    I'm sure you're bursting with pride :grin:

    What name are you going give him??? :LOL:
  7. You should call yourself

    Pho Neeman

    "phony man" lol

    I'll think of some more than come to mind ahha
  8. Ivon Ahumpalot

    ("i wanna hump alot", from Austin Powers :LOL: )
  9. money first and then keep the bike to sell to someone honest
  10. thats new, paypal has never been used by scammers as security on that system is pretty high, plus he wants to pay the real listed cost albeit 50$ more. paypal will either take funds of his credit card or through a verified bank account. if he was sending a check for the money and more then the amount i would reject it out right. but this is new if he is a scammer. worth pursuing it. take the money and wait i guess.

    my 2 cents
  11. :p nice one.
    Give your name as Stu Pid
    Tell him you love sailing as well and ask him to meet you 100 nautical miles off the coast of Peru, you will have the bike with you as you love riding around your boat. Tell him there's a discount if his mother or sister are with him.
  12. As him to pay and say that you'll release the bike once the money is in your account. If you actually get the money then obviously it's not a scam.

    If you don't get the money then you haven't lost anything.
  13. what scam?

    If he ends up sailing away into the sunset with your bike on his boat, and your paypal account with no payment

    then post us your story about being scammed
  14. What happens if account the scammer has used is found to be a stolen account, and the money gets charged back?

    IMO i just wouldn't give any details to these types of scammers
  15. No - I should have made it clear you contact him, tell him you aren't using paypal and suggest another means of payment.
  16. Yes, a lot of people are not aware that if the buyer's credit card is found
    to be stolen, the money can be taken back from your paypal account
    (even if you have already spent it you will owe them). :shock: :mad:

    Paypal is NOT 100% safe. It is pretty good, but read the fine print
    and keep your wits about you. :eek:

    In this case, keeping your wits means not dealing with this idiot at all.
    Congratulations on your first scammer, and on recognising it!

    Who says "if my offer is too high, let me know and I will LOWER it"? :LOL:
  17. I like your line of thinking.
  18. Hehe... it's definitely a scam.

    Lol - Harry Paratestes, R. Sole, Wayne Kerr, Eric Tion ... :grin:

    I looked at it for a while and considered leading this dipshit on but got this response from bikesales:
    I confess that this scammer's offer to use PayPal had me stumped - how was he going to get anything out of me if he pays me directly?
    But what hotcam has said would nix that effort.
  19. Follow it up...

    Go www.419eater.com and they will give you all of the wonderful things you can do to string them along and keep yourself amused...

    one my favourites was the guy who used to insert random rants and swearing in the middle of a word because he had tourettes syndrome...

    I used to love inserting difficult to understand Australian slang...

    keep asking them personal questions about their sexual orientation... or call them a woman, because being African men, that is highly offensive... keep doing it until they assume the persona of a female... then change again...

    My baiting names were;
    Chris Skase, Lightning McQueen, and Alby Mangles...

    Alby Mangles likes sailing, so that would be a good alias...

  20. Just give him your bike already :LOL: