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My first rolling burnout on the Thou (Vid)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Camel Salesman, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. This video was done in a industrial area on a private stretch of road. Having such a great shadow he decided to start teaching me how to do a few simple tricks. The one I decided to focus on was the rolling burn out.

    After listening to a lot of theory we moved onto the ZZR to put it to practice after I was confident on the 250 I jumped on the monsta.

    It's great fun

    P.S I did this mainly because I was putting on my new tyres....


    Sorry no upload to utube for obvious reasons

  2. Lol, private road!! :roll:
  3. I'm sure your neighbours are so happy to have you living there. I love a good burnout or whatever as much as the next guy but seriously dude, time and place. Suburban street at any time is neither.
  4. Do that in my 'private road' and I'll vaseline your tyres.
  5. Must have some interesting industrial estates over in the west, looks like a suburban area to me.

    Hmm so the police dont keep an eye on any other site but 'youtube' ?
    Interesting bit of information that is. :LOL:

    ps: I also moved this in here where it should be, next time a post in the wrong area will just be removed all together.
  6. OMG I'm speechless, that was just the most AWESOME rolling burnout I've seen.... I wish I was that cool :roll:
  7. u sound like a nice guy any time you are over in perth I will take you under my wing as my protege
  8. Seriously don't feed the troll. Just let his crap threads die.
  9. How am I trolling with this? I am sure many many of you have gone to a empty industrial road before for a photo-op doing some stunts, yeah?

    Who else can I show these things to then other riders who understand, so I posted here because I was excited and felt fulfilled.

    I guess i wont post up when I figure out how to wheelie...
  10. nice work, i am agree with others your location doesn't look ideal, and you probably could of found a empty street to do it in, but either way i love watching rolling burnouts.

    Nice effort
  11. People are free to enjoy the forum any way they want, provided they don't break the T&Cs. That aside, you wouldn't stand up and abuse somebody who told you bullshit stories in the pub, you'd laugh and ignore them. Anyone who lets their vicious streak out and starts browbeating on people - particularly when they might not fully understand what's going on - makes themselves look a lot worse than the ones they're trying to rail on IMO.
  12. Well, aside from all the Nanna stories of how your going to hell, it wasn't a bad job at the roller mate! :wink:
  13. Um
    Thats actually my bb.com account? Would you like me to prove that its my account by posting something?

    Seriously, why can't you accept that someone my age can do a stunt if they put their mind to it and give it effort?
  14. It is ok C.S.

    I believe you.

    Maybe other pax have forgotten how to do that stuff, or they never ever knew how to do it in the first place.
  15. Not bad for a beginner.
  16. lol anyone remember spada stunta? eveyone mocked his first tries too :p
  17. That wasn't too bad. But I rekon you could kick it up a notch by;

    Pulling a rolling burnout, then pop it on the back wheel and come to a halt with an Endo. All this with just a speedo on and thongs.

    But before anything happens it needs to be video'd!
  18. Nice one - stoppies next?
  19. Nah not happy with the stock brake pads at the moment.
  20. cops can actually book you on private roads too.