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My first road rage looney

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by OscarA, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Coming home from work the other night I had my first road rage incident which I was partly responsible for. :oops:
    I was in the left lane on a two lane road which becomes 3 lanes at a roundabout making me now in the middle lane.
    The far left lane ends on the other side of the roundabout and mergers back to two lanes.
    Well you guess it while in the roundabout some middle aged women in a 4wd passes me on the left then cuts me off as shes merges into my lane without regard. No biggie I see this stuff all the time so I go into the right lane and pass her.
    As we approach the next set of lights it's a similar situation to the roundabout where two lanes becomes 3, the far left for traffic turning left and shortly after the lights the road again becomes 2 lanes. Well here she goes again into the far left trying to get in front of everyone. I'm now thinking this bimbo has a serious problem where she believes she owns the road and everybody has to make way for her.
    So off we go her trying to jump in front of as many cars as she can and me in the right lane. About a 1KM up the road I need to turn left so as I get near my turn off I have a quick look and see that the 4wd is roughly 5-6 car lengths behind me in the left lane so I indicate and change lanes.
    Imaging my surprise (shouldn't of really been surprised) when I hear this car beeping me, I have a quick glance behind me and yeap she's right on my back wheel flashing her headlights and tooting.
    She owns the road so NO WAY she's going to let a bike get in front of her especially after all the effort she went through to get to where she is.
    Well I'm normally a very placid guy and not much gets me angry but having this bimbo tailgating me, flashing her lights and tooting really pissed me off especially after she cut me off earlier. Well I slowed it right down to piss her off for 100m as we approached the lights. We both turned left and I would have let it go but no, after turning left and taking off at normal speed she was still tailgating and flashing so I slowed right up again which really pissed her off.
    There she is flashing and tooting while I'm now doing 40km in a 70km zone while looking back giving her the finger.
    She suddenly floored it and overtook me so I take off after her trying to keep up (bloody 250) I was going to give her a mouthful if possible but no luck. The next set of light she turns right against a red arrow so that was my cue to pull my head in as this has quickly escalated and become dangerous.
    I went home feeling pissed of not so much with the lady but more with myself and my immature behavior.
    I'm on a bike, what was I thinking getting a crazy middle aged lady in a 4wd pissed of.

  2. Mirror kick i mean what!!!!!!!

    No one said that.

    But seriously; some people don't need to be on the road. She probably had to pick up little Timmy from soccer practice and then go get Mr. Very Important Person (her husband) his dinner from the 'market' and then go home and labour over it while watching reruns of Opera and snacking on a bag of chips to compensate for her poor sex life.

    Hope that makes you feel better. She was just jealous that her ass couldn't even think of fitting on a 250. :grin:
  3. Thanks for the laugh.
    She's a real menace but best I stay calm next time and let it go.
  4. She could have been drunk or on drugs, you don't know.

    Best to stay clear rather than taking a chance with your body/bike/life.

  5. 139db!!!!


    That's more important than leathers, that is.
  6. mine was on order a minute after that link was posted...