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My first road crash :(

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by UDLOSE, May 19, 2013.

  1. I was out on a mountain ride with a couple of mates- one P plater and another supposedly seasoned rider, who's actually a very good friend of mine buy I've only ever ridden with him 3 times in the past. The experienced rider was on a motard which he'd borrowed off a mate. He led the ride since we were on a road I'd never been on (he wrote his own bike off a couple of months ago). He was riding pretty poorly tbh and I wanted to pass him and leave him in my dust,I'm good at reading roads and we weren't going all that fast at all. The thing about this motard is the mirrors are for decoration only. He had pulled a gap because me and the P plater slowed down to look at the aftermath of a motorbike accident. I caught back up to the motard and as I entered a corner behind him I noticed he was slowing down, so I trail braked through the corner. Im looking ahead (past him) and could see the road was clear and opened up onto a tiny straight. As I'm exiting the corner I notice he's slowing even more so I dive of the brakes harder and I'm thinking "woh shit he doesn't know him behind him, he's slowing down to wait up for me." I thought ok this is gonna be a little close. Then to my absolute amazement he comes to a complete stop and puts his feet down. He's smack bang in the middle of the lane on the exit of a corner, stationary with his feet down. I was already on both brakes, I knew i was fcuked and screamed aaaaarrrrggggghhhh and slammed up the back of him with my back brake fully locked.. I hit him square in the back tyre and went flying over the handlebars, but luckily due to the fact that it was a corner the momentum threw me off into the side of the road with my bike following me. All sorts of shit went through my head when I realised I was flying through the air. I swore my head off at him and we picked the bikes up and I few cars stopped and gave us a hand.

    This guy is my mate but fcuk I'm pissed off. I gotta let it go but this is my vent fcuk fcuk fcuk!!!

    Long story short my R1 is fcuked, his motard is fine. I was trying to sell my bike so now I'm screwed. It won't be a write off.

    The reason why I'm so annoyed is it was such a stupid accident that didn't need to happen, I was lucky not to get hurt bad, if I was on the pace I'd probably have gone over the fence and off the cliff. As for my mate who just stopped without looking behind him properly, what if I was a car?

    In my mind the only reason I hit him was because I had no indication he was stopping. If he'd even pulled to the side of his lane or better yet pulled off the road and indicated instead of riding the brakes into his ass I'd have release my tail brake and just casually gone around him.. This was a narrow two lane mountain pass, you got no business stopping on it to wait up for your mates.. I'm used to riding with people who understand these simple things.

    In case anyone wonders why I avoid group rides like the plague this is why. I choose who I ride with very carefully for a number of reasons.

    Oh by the way I got it on video. I'll post it up down the track after insurance is sorted out and the dust between me and my mate has settled.
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  2. Sorry to hear of your prang but generally if you run into the back of someone you are considered to be at fault despite the circumstances. Still I know how you feel, bad luck about the bike, that's a pisser.
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  3. That sucks! Bugger.
  4. Sounds like a comedy of errors but I would suggest going to get checked out by a medico in the morning.
    Some injuries aren't always noticeable immediately. Your health is more important than resale of your bike.

    Good you have got this off your chest but look after number 1 first.
    What did 'your mate' say of his actions ?

    Second piece of advice. DO NOT post any footage of this on the net even after the insurance claims process has finished.
    Don't have anything that maybe used against you now or in the future be in be public domain.
    No good can come of it.

    Hope you are physically and mentally ok. Everything else is secondary.
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  5. sorry to hear bout your bike. good to hear your not hurt bad too. would love to see the video once things are all good. even though you would be legally responsible for the crash realistically your mate needs to learn a few things about roadcraft. dont matter what you ride/drive you must not stop at any part of the corner
  6. Bloody hell, he sounds like a complete tool. Glad you came out of it so well. Keep reminding yourself that bikes can be replaced. But bloody hell, what a complete tool.
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  7. Really pissed off to learn of this. However, I'm glad it didn't end up worse. You're one of the best-skilled riders in Sydney I know of, and that means a lot.

    Did he state why he stopped in the middle of the road without any proper warning?
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  8. Glad you're ok mate. But 1 MIIIIIIILION times this ^^^

    I hate group rides generally.

    Sounds like a completely weird thing to do by your mate.
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  9. I mainly ride by myself, and although I like the company of others for most things, I just don't get any enjoyment out of riding in a group and prefer to ride by myself. Too much stress and pressure for me. Maybe I'll find some like-minded riders one day who prefer to chill out and enjoy the ride (bad past experiences + crash). Your story just reinforces the unpredictable nature of people!
  10. What a shamozzle. Glad you're ok mate.
  11. I enjoy a good group ride.

    One hot tip in a group ride that includes people you don't normally ride with, is NEVER be lined up behind the rider ahead. Always have an offset or keep a good gap.
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  12. Nothing wrong with group riding it can be great fun but how you ride with a group of unknowns, how you ride with a group you know well and how you ride on your own has distinct differences.

    Glad you are ok.

  13. I used to ride harder solo but theres still plenty of dangers to that...........Im pretty weary of group rides nowdays. I prefer the coffee runs and hardly go on the mountains anymore.

    Marty hope your ok dude........get yourself checked out, we got a track day this Friday :).
  14. I dont understand.
    He was already stopped with his feet down--yes.
    So you were some way behind him then.
    Your story makes no sense when I re-read it.
    Seems like he stopped and you didnt have the ability to stop or avoid.
    You might need to explain it a little clearer because its confusing.
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  15. Sorry to hear this Marty... I'm not a huge fan of group rides and mainly do my more spirited runs with a select group of riders who I know their ability and are confident to ride with with. I especially hate large group rides where the ride ends up strung out over many kms where some feel the need to ride beyond their ability simply to stay with the pack.

    Hope all goes well and the bike (and you) fair well.
  16. Geez Marty, I never thought I'd be reading a post like this from you... I hope you're all good physically, and you'll be able to get your bike sorted ASAP..
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  17. A black R1 zipped past me on the Putty yesterday: I wish it HAD been you and I wasn't reading this :(.
    I agree with you about group rides, though, these days with my brother unable to ride any more, I do nearly all of my riding by myself.
    DO get a medical checkup, though, and I hope can get the bike sorted out quickly...
  18. I can't believe someone would stop in the middle of the lane for no reason on the exit of a corner.
    Please advise if he ever moves to Vic :)
  19. bugger. target fixation?
  20. @Blabbs Do you ever have anything nice to say? I don't think the OP gives a shit if you don't completely understand why he did what he did. Almost all of your posts lately are just negative.