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My first road bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Mr SMV, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. I bought my Aprilia SMV750 Dorsoduro new early last year. It's my first road bike after spending the first 25 odd years of my motorcycling life on dirt bikes.
    In the last 18 months I've spent a fair bit of time and money making it go better, handle better and look better.

  2. I didn't think you could make an Aprilia Dorsoduro look or go any better!
  3. Thanks mate, sounds like the words of an aprilia rider.
    I've spent around $2500-3000 on improvements and making
    her my own.
  4. love it...
    I'm really starting to get a soft spot for these and the hypermotards...
  5. Great looking bike there.

    With not much of a fender on the front wheel, I'd invest on a good radiator guard to help avoid something lifted up and flicked thru it..
    Can't seem to see one fitted from the photo..
  6. Very nice choice of bike you've got there.

    Vid with exhaust sound would be awesome!
  7. Thanks fellas. Joe the bike does have a small front hugger which is stock from the factory although I still fitted a "Radguard" radiator guard for some extra protection. A bit easier to see in this pic.

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  8. A great looking bike, well done of the tasteful mods :)
  9. nice choice Mr SMV..