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My first road bike - XVS650 Classic

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Gobberwart, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Just got home from the dealership with my new baby. First road bike, and first time riding on the road (just over 10km LOL). Massive adrenalin rush, can't wait to get out there and get some more riding experience!!! Can't today but it won't be long :)

    2010 Yamaha XVS650A (Classic), just under 4000km on the clock. $7990 ride away.

    Sexy as balls :p



  2. Awesome awesome and did i mention awesome love the colour & chrome just gotta ditch the shield during summer
  3. They're a good bike, I wanted one but it was too cramped for me. Lucky you, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  4. Congrats!
    That bike is not my cup of tea but they sure look great.
  5. my balls arnt that sexy
  6. Niiiiice!
  7. congrats bro
  8. very nice bike, should have brought it to sat prac tday, always next week ;)
  9. Hoping to make it down to sat practice soon. Had some other stuff on today, and will be away next week, but will definitely bring it down as soon as I get the chance.
  10. NICE! Is Yamaha, IS GOOD! (y)
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  11. Sure is! I see you're riding a custom. Nice.

    I'm rapt with the bike too, it's exactly what I wanted. Glad I spent the extra bucks on the yammy instead of a hyosung, and definitely happy with the 650 over one of the smaller bikes. I almost wussed out and went for a 250 virago or intruder but it would've been way too small and dull.
  12. Trust me - ALL your decisions have been SPOT ON!

    I was thinking of something 250 as well but due to all the comments on NR, decided to get a 650. And am sure happy that I did!

    Ride Safe dude! A few of us Cruiserers now. When're you getting the Vance & Hines pipes now? :p
  13. Nice ride. Congrats.
  14. Hahaha they're going to have to wait a bit. So far the missus has been pretty good but my budget went from $7500 for bike and gear to $9500 once I settled on the vstar so I've gotta pull my head in for a bit or she might start to get a bit cranky.

    Maybe Christmas...
  15. Looks like one of mine-
  16. Now that is a sexy bike.
  17. There's a pair of elastic sided boots in the bag under the seat.
  18. Army boots-and spats
  19. Spats, now those I remember, especially cleaning the bloody things.